Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Back to painting =)

Daddy & Robin came and worked for a while in the bathroom. Daddy rebuilt the wall behind the tiles and it needs to dry for a while before he can put the tiles back on. We were all in awe of what a crap-tacular job the apartment people had done installing the shower in the first place. The tiles were very crooked and falling off to begin with, lol. I have a feeling that if Daddy wasn't fixing it they would have just rented it out to the next tenants without blinking (they're not very in to fixing things around here...).

We've worked out a way for us to go on a short vacation with Daddy & Robin when they come down in a couple of weeks! They're going to arrive with some of our boxes of stuff to drop off and then pick us up for about 3 days while we go with them down to the Florida Keys! I'm very excited and happy that we figured out a way to work in a short vacation with them before Matt has to go back to work. We are going to rent a little house on Key Largo by the beach and then we might spend a day in Key West. I'm glad my dad is going to get to show us around since they like the Keys so much! Matt and I haven't traveled through Florida much, so it will be exciting to see the rest of the state south of the Disney area, lol. Three days will be perfect since that is about as long as we like to leave the kitties by themselves (they have a gravity-fed food dispenser and we'll leave them lots of water). Anything longer than that we would put them in a kennel or have somebody check in on them. Of course, since we'll see them the day we leave and the day we get back they probably won't even notice.

Also there will be a few days in between the time we move in and the time that Daddy & Robin will come visit so that should give us plenty of time to get unpacked, get our driver's licenses and bank accounts ready, theme park passes purchased, paintings painted, etc. Yay!

Ok! I'm going back to painting now - the webcam is ready!
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