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FaerieCon Seattle Starts Friday! Trilobites, New ACEO Cards & Important Ordering info from Jasmine

FaerieCon West is this weekend!

February 21-23rd, 2014 Seattle, Washington

Friday, Saturday & Sunday at DoubleTree by Hilton Seattle Airport
I will be a guest at 2014 FaerieCon WEST - her new FaerieCon West Event Page is up on Facebook HERE with more details about the show!   For directions, hours & other FaerieCon West news visit the official site HERE

I will be there all day, every day at booth #06 with as much artwork as I can bring with me from Florida!  Stop by & say hi =)  I will also be bringing some of my "Tiny Treasures" originals - details on that HERE (come early for those!).  The show opens at noon on Friday!

PLEASE NOTE:  As Jasmine & Matt are both away at FaerieCon, shipping on Strangeling eBay store items, ACEOs, original paintings & Limited Edition Canvas prints will be delayed until they return on February 25th.  All other items will ship as usual, please bid on auctions, etc. as per usual - just expect a few days' delay on shipping and emails from Jasmine & Matt directly.


Original Acrylic Painting 16"x8" $3300 AVAILABLE (will be at FaerieCon!)

Trilobites Signed Glossy Prints & Lt. Ed. Canvases & Original Painting are all HERE
16"x8" Acrylic Painting - AVAILBLE - either in person at FaerieCon this weekend, or on eBay here, or at Strangeling.com here

Signed Prints and Lt. Ed. Canvases are here , we ship worldwide

This painting features one of my favourite creatures - trilobites! I collect their fossils, and enjoy painting pictures of them. Prehistoric creatures of the sea, no longer with us, but beautiful nonetheless (think of them as ancient horseshoe crabs). This beauty loves them too! Perhaps she's a little sad about all the world's creatures that are now extinct..... This painting is for another oracle deck project, a deck that will be all water-themed, being written by my two sisters Kachina Glenn and Amber Logan & being published by Blue Angel Publishing. I love this piece, be sure to look for it in my upcoming Water themed Oracle deck.

The original painting herself is 16" high by 8" wide and is on a 2" deep birch cradled masonite panel (sides painted glossy black, gallery-style) - with a hanger on the back, all ready to hang on your wall. She is priced at $3300 - and can be purchased directly from me by emailing me at JasmineToad@aol.com - or if you prefer purchasing the original painting via eBay, it is in my eBay store here

Limited Edition Canvas prints are available directly from me and are at Strangeling.com - 16x8", $125, hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & numbered out of 25 ever made, wrapped on wooden boards & ready-to-hang.  You can order the Limited Edition Canvas prints by using the Fine Art Prints drop down menu and choosing the Lt. Ed. Canvas option at strangeling.com here

Prefer eBay?  The #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas is on eBay here or you can buy other numbers in the edition directly for $125 also on eBay here

Signed paper prints are up on Strangeling.com here (just select the glossy paper option under Fine Art Prints dropdown box)

And are also in our StrangelingEmporium store on eBay here and our Etsy Store

Want larger sizes?  You can get posters from Zazzle right here

For other, AVAILABLE Original Paintings, visit my Originals page here

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New ACEO Cards!

Each is ONE of a kind, only ONE ever made.

2.5"x3.5" Trading card sized canvas prints, hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, numbered #1/1 - bidding starts at just one penny each - click HERE to see
Yes, I have another new batch!  Several of these are from miniature paintings (from Pop Gallery, Dragon*Con, etc.) that you may never have seen before.  A fabulous way to collect art - particularly if you are budget-minded or lacking in wallspace - these ACEO Cards (an acronym for Art Cards, Editions & Originals) are sold directly by me - the artist!  Each one is 2.5"x3.5" - the size of a baseball card, a tiny canvas giclee I have hand accented in paint, signed, dated & numbered #1 of 1 - because I only ever make one ACEO of each painting, ever.  Truly one of a kind. Each card is up for an auction starting at just one penny on eBay, ending the evening of Tuesday, February 25th at around 6:00pm Central Time.  We are more than happy to ship these worldwide and we will be home in plenty of time to ship these to you with no delay!

Click HERE to bid, see bigger pictures, or for more information.
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