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New Faces of Faery, Mini Original Auction, Canvas Sale & Website Overhaul News!

Coming Soon:  The new strangeling.com will launch at the end of this week!

We have been working all year on completely overhauling and re-doing my website, and we're nearly complete.  It will be all-new, with a fantastic layout, easy navigation and daily updates.  Loads of new options, new artwork & new functions will be up there - and best of all, just in time for a huge Black Friday-Cyber Monday SALE.  Keep your eye out at http://www.strangeling.com for the re-launch - it is going to be great!

Wisteria and Butterflies.....

"Faces of Faery #212"

Original 6x6 Acrylics on Panel  SOLD (Custom painting)
Limited Edition Canvases $75 are HERE
Signed Glossy Prints $9.99 are HERE
Faces of Faery #212

The end result of one of my "custom painting" auctions....

The #212th installment in my long-running "Faces of Faery" series.

Though the original painting was sold to the commissioning collector, we do have Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvases - the same size as the original - 6"x6" - these are hand accented by me in acrylic paints, signed, numbered, dated, and the canvases are wrapped on wood with a hanger on the back so they are all ready to pop right up on your wall!

Only 25 of these Lt. Ed. Canvases are made - they are only $75 and are available HERE

Also, for open edition paper prints of the same size - we have Glossy Prints (signed on the back by me!) - on sale this week for only  $9.99 and they are right HERE
Browse through other Faces of Faery prints HERE
and also in my Etsy shop
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Other New Originals

"Hiding Behind a Butterfly" MINI PAINTING

Original 2.5"x3.5" Acrylics on Panel  - 10"x10.5" Framed - original painting is HERE
"Hiding Behind a Butterfly"
An original miniature painting is up for auction on eBay! Click HERE to see, bidding starts at just one penny and the auction ends Saturday, November 30th at 5:00pm Eastern Time.

Mostly this month I am working on new original paintings to debut at my "Myths and Mermaids" Show!  Above are some of the many "works-in-progress" sneak previews you can see this month at my Facebook Fanpage HERE.  Not on Facebook?  You can also keep up with my sneak previews on my Twitter and on my Instagram.

My Myths and Mermaids solo show is being held at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney here at Walt Disney World in Florida.  It will be held over the course of two evenings - Saturday, December 14th from 7pm-10pm and Sunday, December 15th from 5pm-8pm, and I will be debuting many new original paintings along the themes of Mermaids, the Sea, and classic Mythology.  It's a free event and I'll be there in person both days - details can be found on the Event Page HERE.

If you are interested in purchasing original paintings from the event, please be sure to get on Pop Gallery's "Jasmine VIP List".  If you are on the list, you will be contacted by the gallery (email or telephone, let them know) when the original paintings are available to collectors before the show.  This is your opportunity to have a chance to snag the paintings before they go out to the general public!  You can get on the "Jasmine VIP List" by calling Pop Gallery at 407-827-8200  or emailingPopGallery@me.com

There have already been a lot of inquiries for the original paintings debuting at the show, and the gallery may be setting up a lottery-style purchase option for paintings that have received multiple inquiries.  Get in early and get your name on the contact list so you don't miss out!

Lt. Ed. Canvases....on sale!

Continuing this week - throughout the holiday shopping season we'll be running daily "penny auctions" for some of my most popular Lt. Ed. Canvas prints!

Every day many new auctions will pop up in my Strangeling eBay store HERE, so check back every evening around 6:00pm EST.

Each one of these are Limited Edition (only 25 ever made) canvas giclees, made by me in my own home.  I take my acrylic paints and handpaint special details, highlights & embellishments on each one as well as signing, numbering & dating them in paint & on the back.

My Lt. Ed. Canvases come "ready-to-hang" - they are already wrapped on wooden boards with a hanger on the backside, with glossy black sides, so they can immediately be hung up onto the wall, no framing needed (although they also look great framed too!).  Since they are ready-to-hang as soon as they are opened, they make wonderful gifts.

Throughout the holiday shopping season we will be putting up several Lt. Ed. Canvas prints for "penny auctions" - starting at literally just one penny, to give everybody a chance.  This could be an opportunity to save a great deal and possibly to scoop up some fabulous gifts for your loved ones!  We're always happy to combine multiple purchases into one package to save you a lot of money on shipping too.  These sales will be run daily from my Strangeling eBay store - click HERE to see what is already up for auction.  Keep an eye out too for a few higher end items including small original paintings & rarities.

Be sure also to bookmark our sister store StrangelingEmporium HERE for additional "penny auctions" of canvas prints, framed prints, rare figurines, original dolls, handmade jewelry, unique merchandise & more!
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