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New Winter Fairy Original Painting Available, Last Chance Divine Hand & Speak No Evil!

Bringing the winter snows.....

"Faces of Faery #215"

Original 6x6 Acrylics on Panel  AVAILABLE - for auction HERE
Limited Edition Canvases $75 are HERE
Signed Glossy Prints $9.99 are HERE
Faces of Faery #215

This fairy spirit of winter is bringing an early snow....

The #215th installment in my long-running "Faces of Faery" series.

The original painting is up for auction on eBay HERE, with bidding starting at just one penny to give everybody a chance.   The auction will end the evening of November 22nd. Click HERE for the auction and for additional photographs - she is all ready to hang, with 2" deep gallery style cradled black boards on the sides.

We also have Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvases - the same size as the original - 6"x6" - these are hand accented by me in acrylic paints, signed, numbered, dated, and the canvases are wrapped on wood with a hanger on the back so they are all ready to pop right up on your wall!

Only 25 of these Lt. Ed. Canvases are made - they are only $75 and are available HERE

Also, for open edition paper prints of the same size - we have Glossy Prints (signed on the back by me!) - on sale this week for only  $9.99 and they are right HERE

Browse through other Faces of Faery prints HERE
and also in my Etsy shop
Want hand embellished, Limited Edition canvas prints of my other Faces of Faery series? Worldwide shipping? Ready to hang, signed & dated by me?  Over two hundred different paintings in the series are all HERE
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Last Chance - now SOLD OUT

"Divine Hand"  and "Speak No Evil" #25/25 Lt. Ed. Canvases

The last ones EVER made, now sold out everywhere else!
Divine Hand is HERE & Speak No Evil is HERE
Now SOLD OUT - the very last hand embellished Limited Edition Canvases for both "Divine Hand" and her sister "Speak No Evil" - the #25/25 of each edition - are now up for auction on eBay.

Each 8"x10" canvas has been hand embellished by me (Jasmine) in acrylic paints, signed, dated & numbered #25 out of 25 - the last ones I will ever make.  They are wrapped on boards with a hanger on the back, ready to hang onto your wall.

To give everybody a chance, these are up for eBay auctions starting at just one penny.  No more will ever be made, so if you would like a Lt. Ed. Canvas of either of these (or both!) - here is your final opportunity!

"Divine Hand" #25/25 Lt. Ed. Canvas auction is

"Speak No Evil" #25/25 Lt. Ed. Canvas auction is HERE

We still have the signed open edition glossy photo paper prints too - you can purchase the set of both signed paper prints for only $20 on eBay HERE

Or individual signed paper prints ($13.99) for Divine Hand are HERE and for Speak No Evil are HERE

Upcoming Events

Fairy Mischief Release Party!

November 16th 2013: Orlando, Florida - Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney

A special one-night-only event - Jasmine will be at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida to host a "release party" for her new Fairy Mischief card game (for all ages). Click HERE for details.

Myths & Mermaids Solo Exhibition

December 14th & 15th 2013: Orlando, Florida - Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney

Jasmine's BIGGEST SHOW OF THE YEAR - her yearly solo show at Pop Gallery - "Myths & Mermaids" at Downtown Disney! A special two-night event - Jasmine's premier event of the year - "Myths & Mermaids" is an enormous themed exhibition of never-before-seen mermaid and mythological paintings! Details to come soon! Click HERE for details.
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