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Tinker Bell and the Mermaids at WonderGround Gallery

"Tinker Bell and the Mermaids"

Original may still be AVAILABLE - call Disneyland's WonderGround Gallery (details below) if interested!

Original Framed 46"x34"  Acrylics on 36"x24" Panel  $12,00
Prints, postcards, fancy matted prints & merchandise are all available through Disney - ordering details are below.

Tinker Bell and the Mermaids ©Disney
36x24 Acrylic Painting on Panel $12,000 Original (it may be possibly be still available - if you are interested, call (714) 781-4565 - they open at 10:00am Pacific Time (ask to speak to a WonderGround Gallery staff member) - comes in a huge gorgeous ornate frame (46"x34" in size)!  Alternately you can call the Merchandise Guest Services number at 877-560-6477 (option 2) - they are happy to ship worldwide.

Prints & merchandise are Exclusively through Disney.  I do not sell them myself, I cannot.  You can buy prints, postcards, fancy matted prints, Limited Edition Canvases, merchandise, etc. starting from just $2.99 for postcard prints  - ONLY by doing one of the following things:

#1 Calling by telephone:  Guests can call the Merchandise Guest Services number at 877-560-6477 and can select Option 2 for Art and Collectibles which is the category that WonderGround merchandise falls under.   Let them know you want to order Jasmine Becket-Griffith's "Tinker Bell  and the Mermaids" artwork from WonderGround Gallery and they will let you know what is available.    YES they will ship WORLDWIDE.  They are not on the Disney website, or any other website, only by telephone, but they are happy to ship worldwide.

#2 The only other option for purchase is by visiting WonderGround Gallery in Anaheim, California at Disneyland's Downtown Disney District.  They are only at WonderGround Gallery in California, they are exclusive to that particular Disney Gallery and not at any of the other Disney locations, not in Florida, etc.  If you aren't able to visit the gallery at Disneyland, please use the telephone number and have it shipped =)
And again - no, I do not stock these myself, I cannot sell them myself, they are exclusive to the Disney Parks & Merchandise services and to WonderGround Gallery at Disneyland in California =)  I have seen some sellers who have purchased the items up at the Gallery and have since put them on eBay second-hand, so you might try there too, but I myself do not have any of these items for sale.
Tthis is my original acrylic painting featuring Disney's "Tinker Bell" and the Neverland Mermaids from the animated film "Peter Pan".  One of my favourite Disney characters - I just love Tinker Bell!  I love the jealousy that Tink shares with the Mermaids of Neverland Lagoon directed at Wendy due to their love for Peter Pan.... This is a very large and detailed painting, one of my best for sure!
This painting was commissioned & contracted by Disney for Disneyland's WonderGround and painted by me - Jasmine Becket-Griffith - ©Disney

"Myths and Mermaids" Previews Begin!

Be sure to follow me HERE on Facebook for sneak peeks & works-in-progress!

Over the next 5-6 weeks I will be working primarily on my "Myths and Mermaids" collection - new original paintings that will be debuting at my solo show "Myths and Mermaids" here at Disney World at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney on December 14-15th (click here for more details).

While these paintings will not be shown to the general public until the show opens, I will be posting sneak preview photos of them while still "in-progress" up at my Facebook (and possibly doing a bit of live painting from my streaming webcam here).  If you are interested in purchasing any of the original paintings you see me working on in advance, you can be alerted by the gallery once they are completed.  Either email popgallery@me.com or call 407-827-8200 and let them know you'd like to be on the Jasmine VIP List and you will have the opportunity to purchase the originals before the general public.

Work-in-progress painting of "Stranded" - original painting will be one of the many new pieces available through Pop Gallery as part of the Myths and Mermaids event.
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