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Princess with a Ragdoll Cat, Owlyn Dolls, ACEOs, Last Chance on Lily and Voodoo in Blue

"Princess with a Ragdoll Cat"

Original 16x20 Acrylic on Panel $4800 SOLD
Lt. Ed. Canvases $125 HERE
8x10 signed paper prints HERE & 12x16 signed paper prints HERE

From my "Princesses with Cats" series, this painting is a Rococo portrait style piece featuring a princess sitting daintily on a sofa holding a Ragdoll cat (beautiful cats, and so very fluffy!).  All cats are beautiful, and I think of each cat I see as being royalty (female cats are called "queens", you know!).  The original piece is sold, but prints, canvases & posters are available.  This is my own original acrylic painting.
Prints SIGNED by me on the back are up at our StrangelingEmporium eBay store here (and on SALE today!):
8x10 signed paper prints HERE & 12x16 signed paper prints HERE
She is also available in my Etsy shop as prints (also signed on the back by me!):
And the Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvases are in my Strangeling eBay store (or contact me directly at JasmineToad@aol.com - they are 11"x14", hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, are $125 and are numbered out of an edition of 25) Click HERE to see the Lt. Ed. Canvas Prints!
The #01 very FIRST canvas in the edition is up for auction right HERE
Also - other posters & prints are in my Zazzle store HERE

You can now buy the set of ALL FOUR in the Princess with Cats series!

Only $40 for the set of four 8x10 prints - all signed by me! Click HERE

and only $80 for the set of four 12x16 prints - also all signed by me! Click HERE

Last Chance #25/25 SOLD OUT Lt. Ed. Canvas prints now for auction!

The final, last-ever-made "Lily" and "Voodoo in Blue" Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvas Prints are #25/25 - no more LE Canvases of these will be made, this is your last chance.

Each is 11x14, already stretched on boards with a hanger on the back - ready-to-hang!

Each is #25/25 and the final auction on each starts at just one penny with no reserve.  This is your absolute last chance for a Lt. Ed. Canvas of these paintings, no more will ever be made.  Each is hand embellished by myself in acrylic paints.

Lily #25/25 is HERE and Voodoo in Blue #25/25 is HERE

Let this be a reminder that Limited Edition really DOES mean Limited - once they are gone, they are gone forever. Click HERE to see all of the other Limited Editions I still have available - if you have a favourite, be sure to grab it while they are still in stock.

Owlyn Cloth Dolls in stock NOW!

$35 each - My handmade Owlyn cloth dolls are in stock now, but are selling out by the minute.  I apologize in advance if they are already sold out by the time this update is released!

Each Owlyn doll is made by hand - either by my sister-in-law Sarah or my mother, Julie.  Hand crafted and with "detachable" wings (so she can be a dollie or a fairy!) - you can now begin purchasing these Owlyn dolls in my Etsy store HERE .  Yes, these sell out VERY quickly, within minutes.  Since each is made by hand they take quite a while to make, so they are only available as a first-com, first-served basis.  If we have already sold out on Etsy, just bookmark or Favourite our store - https://www.etsy.com/shop/strangeling - Etsy ID:  Strangeling  - I promise we will be adding more as we keep sewing!

Enjoy sewing yourself?  You can also buy a kit to sew your very own Owlyn doll HERE- my friend Selina in Australia sells kits of my DIY dolls.

More dolls are in the works - new characters too!

New ACEO Cards!

Truly one-of-a-kind, only one of each card EVER made!

Each ACEO is handmade by me, measuring 2.5"x3.5" - tiny trading card sized canvas prints that I have hand embellished in acrylic paints, signed, dated, numbered #1/1 (because I only make ONE ACEO card for each painting!).

All of my ACEO cards are up for auctions starting at just one penny each!
Click HERE to see them all!
They are a fabulous way to start an art collection, or to add to an existing collection once you are running out of wallspace ;)

KC Renfest Continues this weekend

Jasmine will NOT be there this weekend but will return in person October 5 & 6th!

The Jasmine Becket-Griffith Art Gallery is booth #251

Amber & Chris (my sister & her husband, of StrangelingEmporium) will be running my booth this weekend while I travel back home to Florida.   Lots of my artwork is there though in my stead!  And now - we have my new "Owlyn" cloth dolls here too!   I will return for one more weekend - October 5 & 6th.

Details can be found on my Facebook Event Page HERE

or about the Festival in general at http://www.kcrenfest.com

Our house is shown above - a two story half-timbered Tudor style house with the Jasmine Becket-Griffith logo above the door, and Jasmine art out in the front yard.  The booth number is #251 on Westover Way (previously this was Nene Thomas' house, so if you have been to the Festival before you will find it!).

Jasmine will attend in person:

October 5 & 6th

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