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Dragon*Con & KC RenFest News, Amanda Palmer Tarot Deck LIVE, ACEO Cards

Jasmine's September Art Shows!

We're back from our family camping trip!  Had a fantastic time =)  We're now catching up on orders & emails & shipping that piled up while we were gone, give us a few days to get back in gear - thank you for your patience.

This update will fill you in on my upcoming shows, the new Amanda Palmer Tarot project, and my new ACEO cards (ending tonight!).

I'm now getting ready for my two big September events - both start on Labor Day weekend.  Be sure to check out my Facebook throughout the upcoming weeks to see special sneak previews & works-in-progress for the pieces I'll debut at these shows.

Dragon*Con Art Show

August 30th - September 2nd: Hyatt Regency, Atlanta, GA
This is one of my biggest shows of the year!  If you would like to request my PDF file containing text descriptions, prices, purchasing details, etc. for my original paintings that will debut at the Dragon*Con Art show - you will need to email me at JasmineToad@aol.com with the subject line "DRAGON*CON ORIGINALS REQUEST".  I will then email you a file with all the details about the art show & what I'll be bringing!  I will attend the Dragon*Con Art Show in PERSON EVERY DAY for this event.   More Information Here

Kansas City Renaissance Festival

August 31st - October 13th, Weekends, Labor Day & Columbus Day: Bonner Springs, KS

The KC Renfest also begins Labor Day Weekend.  As I will be obviously at Dragon*Con in Atlanta this weekend, I will not be at the Renfest in person for the first weekend.  Amber & Chris (my sister & her husband who work as my assistants) will be there to open the show instead!  I will however be hurriedly driving to the event in time to make it for the second weekend.  I will be at the KC Renfest IN PERSON for the following weekends :

September 7th & 8th
September 14th & 15th
October 5th & 6th

My gallery will still be open all of the other weekends too, but it will be Amber & Chris running the show on those other weekends.  I will just be there in person on Sept. 7, 8, 14, 15 and Oct. 5 & 6 in case you want to say hi to me in person or want anything autographed, etc.   We have renovated the previous building that used to be Nene Thomas' house, in spot #251 - and it will now be a permanent fixture at the KC Renaissance Festival.

More Information Here

Amanda Palmer Tarot now LIVE

The Amanda Palmer Tarot project is LIVE! - we've already met our publishing goal (doubled it, in fact) - so you can hop right in and start ordering decks. Here is the the official project page-
CLICK HERE to pre-order the deck & see all the details!
Just want the artwork?  8"x10 Signed  Prints are  $13.99 HERE and 12x16s are  $29.99 HERE

Lt. Ed. Canvases $125 Available HERE

This deck of course features my painting of Amanda as "The Fool" Card and 77 other cards by other talented folks! Read the "Pledges" on the right hand side of that page very carefully to see what level you would like to purchase. The actual deck purchase is at the $45 level. Lesser amounts are available for the PDF version of the deck, higher amounts will get you multiple decks, and other goodies. All of the info should be up on the link above, so read carefully! Any questions? Go to the page above, scroll down, and click the "ASK A QUESTION" button (please do not post questions here at Facebook that are aimed at the publishers or Amanda or Kickstarter, etc.).
This is a fabulous deck and features the work of 78 of us artists, all AFP fans, and has been created with AFP approval.
You can preorder until September 4th, and here is that link again:
CLICK HERE to pre-order the deck & see all the details!

And finally today - we have some new ACEO cards ENDING TONIGHT!

Also now up for "penny auctions" are my new ACEO cards as shown above!  A wonderful way to start an art collection (or a great alternative for those of us without much wallspace) - I only make ONE single card for each painting.  They measure precisely 2.5"x3.5" (baseball card sized) and are tiny trading card sized pieces of artwork.  Printed on canvas and then hand embellished by myself with acrylic paints, signed & numbered "1/1" - meaning I only ever make ONE of each, ever, these are truly unique.  Many of these may be from paintings of mine you have never seen before!  Each auction starts at a penny and you can see all of them together by clicking HERE.  These auctions end TONIGHT (August 11st) so act fast!

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