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Jasmine is in Italy! New Microcosm, New Fish, MORE ACEOs, SALE, & more!

Hi everybody! LOTS of art news for today!

Firstly - thank you ALL who came out to see us at the Spectrum Fantastic Art LIVE show last weekend - we had an amazing show! We sold all of my original paintings, but I'll have prints of them very soon online to show you!

#1 Jasmine & Matt are OUT OF TOWN, in Europe! All paid orders have now been shipped. All new orders will be processed & shipped after their return on June 3rd. "Fixed Price" (store items) on eBay have temporarily disappeared, but they will reappear when they return. In the meantime, Jasmine will be posting new special "penny auctions" every night this week - new canvas prints, ACEOs and even a new original painting, click HERE and check back every evening to see what's new! Jasmine & Matt will be back home in plenty of time to ship these special auctions, so please feel free to bid as usual!

#2 Live near Milan, Italy? Come & meet Jasmine this weekend! I will be at the Malpensa Airport Sheraton on both Saturday & Sunday (the 25th & 26th) at I Pasticci di Molly's booth - signing autographs to celebrate the launch of the new book - "Molly & Jasmine" at the Cake Design Festival! The new book will be there, and you can get it signed by us both =) Featuring detailed tutorials both of how I painting my paintings (complete steps from start to finish!) as well as step-by-step tutorials of how Molly creates her cakes & sugar paste sculptures based on my artwork. (Don't worry, it will also be available for the rest of the world soon, stay tuned!). For details about the festival Click HERE

#3 "Jeweled Fish: Silver and Gold" a NEW Original painting is up for auction on eBay! I ran out of time before the Spectrum show to finish this one (got swept up in some other paintings!), so she's going up on eBay instead =) It's been so long since I've done a penny-auction for a full-sized framed original painting - I figured I'd let everybody get a chance at her! Measuring 13x11" in a lovely oval frame, the first of a new series - bidding starts at just one penny, Click HERE to bid on the original "Jeweled Fish: Silver and Gold" And we'll be back from Europe in time to ship her out to you with no delay, so please feel free to bid with confidence! =)

#4 "Microcosm: Sea Monsters" another new original painting! The latest installment in my Microcosms series, this original debuted at the Spectrum show and has already sold. Good news though - we have the signed prints up on SALE at eBay, the #01 Canvas is up for auction as well, and so is the ACEO card! Click HERE to see the new Microcosm: Sea Monsters on eBay!

#5 New ACEO Cards! I have been very busy indeed, working on lots of little one-of-a-kind ACEO cards. Many of these are for paintings you have never seen before, and bidding starts at just one penny each! They will be popping up every day this week, so around 6:00pm Central Time each evening be sure to check out this link (bookmark it!) for new ACEO CardsClick HERE for the ACEO Cards

#6 Memorial Day Weekend SALE at StrangelingEmporium Yep, even though Matt & I are gone, my sister Amber & her husband Chris still have their store open & running as usual! Even better - they will be running a massive SALE on all of our big 12x16 prints - only $19.99 for big signed prints all day Friday, Saturday & Sunday in the StrangelingEmporium eBay Store HERE! Again - mark your calendars - all day Friday, all day Saturday & all day Sunday (until midnight) you can get any large signed print for only $19.99. You can combine them to save a bunch on shipping costs too!

Two New Original Paintings from Jasmine!

"Jeweled Fish: Silver and Gold"

Original is up for a "penny auction" on eBay HERE

Framed 13"x11" Original Acrylic painting on panel

A lot of my eBay regulars have been asking me to put up another penny auction for a full-sized original, so now here is your chance! Fish have always been one of my favourite things to paint, and I'm exploring this further with my new "Jeweled Fish" series featuring mermaids and fishies with ornate decorative elements (fancy fish!). This first piece, "Silver and Gold" shows goldfish decorated with ornate silver adornments - a striking contrast - with of course one of my liquid-eyed maidens. This is my own original acrylic painting. The original is FRAMED - in a delicate oval with an antiqued silvery finish - the frame measuring 13" high on the outside (10" interior) and 11" wide on the outside (8" interior). Originally I had intended this piece to debut at Spectrum, but since I didn't finish in time - the eBay crowd can get a chance at this one!

Click HERE to see (and bid on) the original painting herself!

Prints & posters will be available after I come back home from Europe. This auction will end right before I come back home, so feel free to bid as usual - there should be no delay in shipping =)


Microcosm: Sea Monsters

16"x20" Original Acrylic on Panel $5000 SOLD

Prints & canvases on eBay HERE

"Microcosm: Sea Monsters" is the fourth painting in my Microcosms series - delving into the theme of Alchemical microcosms - miniature life and worlds created in glass jars or beakers. This installment features a beautiful girl painted in a very classical style, based on my niece Eleanor - holding a raging sea filled with historically inspired sea monsters! (I love the old antique maps with sea monsters lurking in the outskirts). This painting debuted and sold at Spectrum Fantastic Art LIVE, but prints & posters are now available! My own original acrylic painting.

Prints SIGNED by me on the back will be up at our StrangelingEmporium eBay store (remains open & shipping even while we're out of town!):

$9.99 for 8x10 prints here

and $19.99 for 12x16 prints here

She is also available in my Etsy shop as prints (also signed on the back by me!):

Strangeling on Etsy is HERE

Want the #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas? Hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, it is the next best thing to the original. It is being auctioned off in my Strangeling eBay Store here

Also the ACEO card (I only make one, ever!) is up for auction here!

Also - other posters & prints are in my Zazzle store here

You can see the other Microcosms in the series, and even get whole sets of all four prints together (only $40) on eBay HERE



2.5"x3.5" - each is trading card sized

Each tiny canvas print is hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & numbered #1/1 - only ONE of each is ever made

Perfect way to start an art collection, or great for those of us who are running out of wallspace!

Some are from paintings never before shown to the public!

Bidding starts at just one penny each and auctions will be listed EVERY NIGHT so come & check back each evening & see what's new- click HERE to see all of the new ACEO cards up so far!
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