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Book Signing TOMORROW! New Alice in a Dali Dress, Fairy Mischief in 4 Days!

Hi everybody! LOTS of art news for today!

#1 My book signing/release party is TOMORROW at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney in Florida! Tomorrow, April 13th (from 7-10pm) I will be at the gallery for my Book Signing Party (details are HERE ) come check out the new hardcover book - "Strangeling: The Art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith", and I'd be happy to sign it! Amber Logan and Kachina Glenn (my sisters, the other two authors of the book) will be there with me, so you can get it triple-signed by all three of us. Not local? You can also order by phone if you would like a copy shipped to you - in fact, if you ask them nicely, they can wait to ship your book until after Amber, Kachina & I sign it for you tomorrow. Just call them at (407)827-8200 and tell them you'd like Jasmine Becket-Griffith's new book, and that you'd like it signed . They can ship the book worldwide! (407)827-8200. We'll be giving away various trinkets, some snacks, free signed postcard prints, nobody will go away empty handed, and it's a free event.

#2 The Celebration Spring Art Festival is April 20-21! Here in downtown Celebration, Florida - right along Market Street - I'll be in my tent for both days (from 10:00am-5:00pm) Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21st. I'll be debuting a couple of new original paintings, I'll have mini paintings, Lt. Ed. and Open Edition Canvases, a selection of prints, and I'm happy to sign anything you'd like to bring. Click HERE to see the Event Page for the Celebration Spring Art Festival for more details!

#3 NEW PAINTING! "Alice in a Dali Dress" - the original acrylic painting has been sold, but we have signed prints on sale as well as the Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvases - Click HERE to see "Alice in a Dali Dress" prints & canvases!

#4 "Bleak Mourning" Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvases have sold out - I now have the final #25/25 "last chance ever" auction up for "Bleak Mourning," Click HERE for the #25 LAST Bleak Mourning on eBay. No more will ever be made.

#5 FOUR DAYS LEFT for the the new "Fairy Mischief" tabletop card game! Now with some extras added to help spur on their Kickstarter - T-shirts, options for international customers too, Bonus Cards for stretch goals, options for Retailers and more! They have also added some more videos and info for advanced gameplay (from ages 5 years old all the way up through grownups!). All featuring my artwork, of course! The gaming company "Fun to 11" has created a magnificent new game called "Fairy Mischief" and has licensed my artwork for the project. It has turned out amazing! Their company uses Kickstarter to fund & set up the pre-order system, so in order to guarantee that you get your copy of the game you need to CLICK HERE to go to their project page. The page is up for the next 4 days and you'll need to pledge a $35 amount to pre-order your game. Or $25 to snag a T-shirt. They also have some of their other games including Castle Dice and Miskatonic School for Girls. Just click the big green button at the top that says "Back this Project" and you can checkout through Amazon. Every little bit helps!

"Alice in a Dali Dress" and the LAST "Bleak Mourning"

"Alice in a Dali Dress"

14"x18" Original Acrylic on Panel $4200 SOLD

Lt. Ed. Canvases $125 are HERE

Prints & posters available - details below

"Alice in a Dali Dress" is the title - part of my sub-series called "Alice in Other Lands" which are paintings featuring Alice in a variety of unusual circumstances, thrown into settings inspired by my love of art history (be sure to check out the other installments honoring Bosch, Velázquez, Brueghel, da Vinci and more). This of course is a bit of a parody / homage to Spanish Surrealist (and fellow sometime Floridian artist) Salvador Dali! Here we have my Alice with nods to countless Dali references - her dress of course is a reference both to the 1937 fashion collaboration Dali did with Elsa Schiaparelli as well as "Les Diners De Gala Les Canibalismes De L'automne Lobster" piece he did a bit later. Other nods to Geopoliticus/Birth of the New Man, and of course melting clocks as in the 1931 masterpiece "Persistence of Memory." Dali himself was a big Alice fan, so the combination of the two works out well! My own original acrylic painting.

Prints SIGNED by me on the back are up at our StrangelingEmporium eBay store here:

8"x10" prints for $9.99

12"x16" prints for $19.99

She is also available in my Etsy shop as prints (also signed on the back by me!):

Strangeling on Etsy HERE

And the Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvases are in my Strangeling eBay store (or contact me directly at JasmineToad@aol.com - they are 11"x14", hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, are $125 and are numbered out of an edition of 25) here:

Limited Edition Canvases of "Alice in a Dali Dress"

Want the #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas? It is being auctioned off in my Strangeling eBay Store

#01 Lt. Ed. Canvas is HERE

Also - other posters & prints are in my Zazzle store - CLICK HERE

To see my other CURRENTLY available original paintings up at eBay, Click HERE

or my gallery - Pop Gallery Orlando at Downtown Disney at the Walt Disney World Resort (be sure to contact them and request to be put on the "Jasmine VIP List" so that they can contact you immediately when new original paintings are available!)

Jasmine at Pop Gallery

Call 407-827-8200 or email: popgallery.manager@me.com


#25 Last Chance Lt. Ed. Canvas Auction for "Bleak Mourning"

SO many of my Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvases have been selling out lately, and I don't want anybody to miss out! I now have the final #25/25 "last chance ever" auction up for "Bleak Mourning." Once this auction ends, no more of these Lt. Ed. canvases will ever ever ever be made. It is wrapped on boards, 11"x14" in size, ready to hang, hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed, dated, and numbered #25/25 ('cos it's the LAST ever made). I won't be making any more, this is a true "last chance" a Hand Embellished Lt. Ed. Canvas print!

Click HERE for the #25 LAST "Bleak Mourning" now on eBay.

Now - you can always get the signed paper prints, open edition canvases & posters that aren't embellished and aren't numbered - those are not being sold out. These are for the Hand Embellished Limited Edition canvases - the ones I actually go in myself and paint with acrylic details, etc. I only make 25 of each of these, and these are the last ones.


4 DAYS LEFT for "Fairy Mischief" - the new tabletop card game for girls!

For girls ages 5-12

Advanced Play for all ages (grownups too!)

Or get the T-Shirt - only $25 - help us raise funds even if you don't play games, the shirts are gorgeous!

Made by gaming company "Fun to 11" - they use Kickstarter to fund the project and take pre-orders, so to guarantee your Fairy Mischief, you need to Pre-Order HERE by clicking the big green button that says "Back this Project." A $35 pledge gets you the game, a $25 pledge gets you the T-shirt. Or just help them out with $1 - every little bit helps. The project page will only be there for the next FOUR so you will need to get your pre-order in that time frame. After clicking the green "Back this Project" button, choose which reward level you want (the $35 level is the one that buys the game) and payment is handled through Amazon. There are a lot of other pledge levels too - for multiple games, personalized cards, party packs, signed prints & more!
Each box comes with two 42-card decks (that is 84 cards in all!), 62 coloured gems in a deluxe pouch, dice, rules, two play mats, etc.

The game developers have posted several new videos about the game and about the project (including a short video of myself, ha!) - CLICK HERE to see the videos!

As is the case with new projects just leaving the ground, word-of-mouth is important - so if you know anybody else who loves games, faeries, cards, my artwork, or has little girls who want to get into gaming - definitely "Share" the good news! Or hey - just kick in $5 and you can get your name printed in the "thank you" section of the booklet, hehe. =) If you have questions about the game or the project or how the kickstarter page works, there is a blue "Ask a Question" button at the very bottom of THIS PAGE HERE and you can ask up there!
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