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Jasmine's Vacation Info, Steampunk, New Facebook for Strangeling Art Emporium

Hi everybody! Art news for today!

#1 We are getting ready to LEAVE TOWN for London! It is our 16th anniversary, and we are celebrating it with a short vacation. We leave in a couple of days, and since Matt & I will be away from home that means that Strangeling.com and our Strangeling eBay store will be in Vacation Mode. If you have any unpaid orders or want to place a new order you would like shipped before we leave, please have payment sent to us by Noon Eastern Time on Sunday, February 24th. Otherwise, all shipping will resume upon our return on March 6th. I will still be running a bunch of auctions at my Strangeling eBay store while we are gone - new Lt. Ed. Canvases, new ACEO cards, etc. - they will be popping up throughout our trip on eBay HERE in my Strangeling store! so be sure to bookmark it and see all the new stuff popping up each day around 7pm Eastern Time. Please note that my "fixed price" store items in our Strangeling store will "disappear" while we are gone, and will reappear magically when we come back, but our auction format listings will run as normal (and won't end until we get back home, to ship as per usual). StrangelingEmporium, Strangeling on Etsy, and Strangeling on Zazzle as well as Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney will all remain open & functioning as usual.

#2 I have a new Faces of Faery to show you - the result of the Custom Painting Auction! You may remember the custom painting auction I listed a couple of weeks ago - the winner got to tell me how to finish the painting to their specifications, and now it's all complete! They had great ideas! The original painting itself obviously sold, but we have prints up on eBay in my sister's StrangelingEmporium store HERE ! Signed by me on the back! I've also added the Hand Embellished, Limited Edition Canvas Prints up on my website HERE for only $75.

#3 My sister Amber & her husband Chris (ie StrangelingEmporium / Magical_Figurines) is now on Facebook! They have their own separate Facebook page - just Click HERE to check it out! Amber & Chris are my assistants and run our Midwest shipping center, are in charge of our StrangelingEmporium and Etsy stores, and also do many art shows, conventions & local events in the Midwest area (and will be the caretakers at my new house at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival this fall!). Definitely check out and "Like" their Facebook page to keep updated on their eBay listings at StrangelingEmporium on eBay, upcoming events, behind-the-scenes photographs (keep an eye out for my niece Willow and nephew Fox - their two helpers!), rare Jasmine Becket-Griffith merchandise, figurines, jewelry & more (and they are happy to ship internationally!).

Upcoming shows in Florida! I will be spending the next several weeks preparing new original paintings for my shows coming up in March. Today I will be posting a new work-in-progress pic called "Absinthe Butterflies" which will debut at MegaCon - stay tuned at my Facebook - I will be posting work-in-progress pics as well as doing some more live webcam broadcasts in the coming month to preview some of the paintings debuting at the shows. My next live event will be MegaCon - March 15-17th at Orlando's Orange County Convention Center - for details, visit my MegaCon Event Page HERE. I'll be at MegaCon in my usual giant art booth with loads of stuff. Then shortly after that - on March 21st at Orlando's CityArts I will be at the opening for a group show called "What Big Eyes You Have" featuring a couple of new original paintings from myself as well as work (all with big eyes!) from Margaret Keane, Yosuke Ueno, Michael Banks, Lisa Petrucci & many more wonderful artists. Definitely come by - it is free & will be a great show- details are on the What Big Eyes You Have EVENT PAGE HERE. For both of these shows we are happy to pre-reserve paintings, so stay tuned for sneak peeks at my Facebook to get a head start!

"Faces of Faery 208" NEW ORIGINAL PAINTING!

"Faces of Faery 208"

6"x6" Original Acrylic on 2" Deep Cradled Masonite Panel

Original Painting is SOLD (Was the result of a custom painting auction)

Sale Prints on eBay HERE

You may remember the custom painting auction I listed a couple of weeks ago - the winner got to tell me how to finish the painting to their specifications, and now it's all complete! They had great ideas - somewhat of a steampunk feel with mechanical dragonflies & butterflies. I definitely plan on offering more custom painting auction opportunities in the future too, so keep an eye out!

The original painting itself obviously sold, but we have prints up - they are 6x6" glossy paper prints with my signature on the back:

6x6" signed prints on eBay in my sister's StrangelingEmporium store HERE !

And yes, she (along with all of my other Faces of Faery) are available on my strangeling.com website as Hand Embellished, Limited Edition Canvas Prints, 6x6" square and wrapped on boards, ready to hang - only $75 each with free worldwide shipping

Faces of Faery Lt. Ed. Canvases are HERE.

Please note - orders placed from strangeling.com after noon EST on Sunday will not ship until we return from London on March 6th. Orders from StrangelingEmporium on eBay however will ship normally as usual!

Where to order Jasmine's Art while on she's on Vacation

While we are on vacation - you will notice that my personal Strangeling eBay Store Fixed Price Listings have magically disappeared! Don't worry, they will magically reappear upon my return, March 6th. My actual auction format listings in my Strangeling eBay store however will be up & running as always, they don't end until after we get back home from London, so there will be no delay in shipping. In fact, new auctions will be popping up every day around 7pm Eastern Time while we are gone! click HERE to check them out

Strangeling.com website orders will also be in limbo until we come back home. You can still place orders up there but they won't ship until we are back.

In the meantime - my assistants Chris & Amber still have their eBay store "StrangelingEmporium" open - chock full of my collectibles, statues, prints & more - CLICK HERE to see.
Strangeling Emporium now has their own Facebook, too - Click HERE to check it out!

Our Etsy store also will remain open and shipping as usual, full of signed prints and gorgeous handmade jewelry - CLICK HERE to visit Strangeling on Etsy

And for those of you looking for Posters, Prints, shirts, mugs, stickers, and thousands of other products - those will remain available through my Zazzle Store HERE - Zazzle stays open while I'm on vacation, and they ship prints within 24 hours.

Also be sure to check out Matt's sister Sarah's Etsy store - she makes accessories featuring my artwork at "It's Fun to be a Girl" : Click HERE to visit "It's Fun to Be A Girl"

And finally - for original paintings, Limited Edition Exclusive Canvas prints, Signed Open Edition Canvas prints & more, you local folks can always hop over to Downtown Disney to visit my work at Pop Gallery Orlando. You can also order from them via email & telephone - their website is: popgalleryorlando.com

Be sure to follow the new Strangeling Art Emporium Facebook!!
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