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Custom Painting Auction, New Purse Designs, Art Stroll & ACEOs, from Jasmine!

Hi everybody! Art news for today! Lots of news!

#1 I have a CUSTOM PAINTING up for auction! Yes, one of my ever-popular Faces of Faery paintings is being sold "unfinished" up on eBay HERE, with bidding starting at a penny. The winner of the auction gets to tell me how to finish her - what colour hair, eyes, skintone, theme, details, maybe some wings or a small pet - whatever I can fit in there! And of course after I finish her, you get the actual original painting itself. Your chance to "direct" your own painting and be creative - I always have fun with these!

#2 HautTotes couture handbags has som NEW designs of mine up for order! These are brand new designs and if you pre-order any of these new ones you will get FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE, now through Feb. 11th. To see the new designs, Click HERE. My designs are near the top - just click on the image detail. You can select the title of the painting you'd like on the Designs tab on your top right. Only $59.99 for amazing handmade high-end quality handbags, you can even get them customized with other fun options too. To see all of my existing bags with HautTotes (some truly spectacular ones in there, Melissa does great work!) - Click HERE

This SATURDAY NIGHT is the Celebration Art & Wine Stroll - February 9th from 5pm-9pm. I will be there, of course! I'll have some new original paintings including some MINI paintings (first come, first served so come early if you want to snag a mini painting!), prints from $3, open edition signed canvases, Limited Edition Canvases, framed prints & more. Weather permitting I will have my easel set up and will be painting live! The Art Stroll takes place up & down Market Street here in Celebration, Florida and is sponsored by my local hangout the Imperium Wine Room (so they will have wine, sangria, etc. available too). Everybody is welcome - children, dogs, it's all completely free. I'd be happy to sign any prints, statues, whatever you want to bring with you from home or whatever you buy at the show. Click HERE for details about the Celebration Art & Wine Stroll. To see the newly updated events page at my Facebook to see what's coming up soon click HERE. Hope to see you there! Tons of local great artists!

#4 New ACEO Cards are on ending soon on eBay!! Ending tomorrow night, these are each hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed, dated & numbered #1/1 (because I only ever make ONE of each, ever). Some of these ACEO cards may be of paintings you have never seen before! Trading card sized, these are wonderful ways to collect one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Bidding starts at one penny here - HERE.

NEW CUSTOM Original Painting and New Purse/Handbag Designs at HautTotes

"Faces of Faery 208 - YOUR Custom Painting"

6"x6" Original Acrylic on Cradled Masonite Panel

Available on eBay HERE

It is a CUSTOM painting auction! The winning bidder will receive this original painting, customized to their specifications, but first they will get to tell me the following:

**Haircolour/Style (I can make it shorter, longer, curly, add bangs, whatever you'd like)
**Eye Colour, Makeup
**Skintone, Freckles, Tattoos
**Wings if you'd like me to fit some in
**I could potentially add a bit of ornamentation like paint in a butterfly or flowers in her hair, a small pet, pretty background, earrings, leaves, something along those lines. Please do keep in mind the size/shape limitations of the 6" image as shown, as it is a 6"x6" square panel.
**This also could make a wonderful gift - if you have a Jasmine Becket-Griffith fan in your life, this could be a great opportunity for them to get to choose their own elements to make it a completely original, special and individual gift!
***This is for the actual painting shown in the auction, NOT intended to be a specific portrait of anybody please (her facial features & shape are obviously already painted!) or anything like that. However you can most certainly tell me your eye/skin/hair colour and I can paint the fairy in the picture shown with those elements! Or to make things simple, you can also refer to other paintings I've done in the past (such as "I'd like her hair to look like Portrait of Ophelia, her wings to look like Starry Night Fairy, and her skintone like Faces of Faery #151, and a skeleton behind her like in "Shallow Grave") etc.
Available on eBay HERE


Pre-order and get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING until Feb. 11th

New Jasmine Becket-Griffith Designs


Couture HautTotes made by hand in the USA

Click HERE to see the new bags!

Many other types and styles of bags are already available HERE all featuring my artwork!

Not yet on Etsy? It's easy & free to signup. Just go to Etsy.com and go to Sign Up/Register at the top. Takes only a second. Once on Etsy you can also shop at my own personal Etsy store - Strangeling - HERE for artwork, jewelry, etc.


New ACEO Cards are ending tomorrow!

New ACEO Cards are on eBay!! These are each hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed, dated & numbered #1/1 (because I only ever make ONE of each, ever). Some of these ACEO cards may be of paintings you have never seen before! Trading card sized, measuring exactly 2.5"x3.5" these are thin canvas sheet giclees that will fit in any standard trading card frame or binder page (like those made for baseball cards, Pokemon cards, etc. since they are the same size). These are wonderful ways to collect one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Bidding starts at one penny each here - HERE. These are all up for auctions ending TOMORROW EVENING - Thursday, Februay 7, between 6:03 PM - 6:21 PM Central Time.

Little Mermaid's Potion ACEO (this was originally a mini painting for Pop Gallery, so you haven't seen her!

Puss in Boots ACEO

Portrait of Goldilocks ACEO

Geraniums ACEO

The Philosopher's Egg ACEO

Riding Hood's Eye ACEO (another mini from Pop Gallery you haven't seen!)

Tiny Princess in Distress ACEO (another mini from Pop Gallery you haven't seen!)
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