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Arcimboldo Mermaid, Valentine Sale, Dragon Original, New #01 Canvases from Jasmine!

Hi everybody! Art news for today! Lots of news!

#1 My new original painting "Arcimboldo Mermaid" is finished! And she just might be my best yet! The original painting has already been sold, but I have the Limited Edition Canvases on eBay including the #01 tonight as well as other numbers HERE, and SALE prints of her are up on eBay HERE, and she's also on Zazzle HERE!

#2 VALENTINE'S SALE Today & Tomorrow ONLY (Wednesday and Thursday) our Magical_Figurines store on eBay is running a sale on ALL jewelry as well as all Valentine's themed signed prints! click HERE to see everything that is on sale!.

#3 New #01 Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvases are on eBay!! These are each hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed, dated & numbered #01/25 the very first canvas in their edition. Some new Faces of Faery as well as "The Philosopher's Egg," and also the new "Arcimboldo Mermaid" are up there (or will be by tonight around 6pm Central Time) - each is already wrapped on boards & ready-to-hang. Bidding starts at one penny here - HERE.

#4 "Dragon d'Arc-en-Ciel" ORIGINAL Painting is up for re-sale on eBay now! A great buy-it-now price - this is the original Dragon d'Arc-en-ciel itself - not a print. I can confirm that this is indeed the authentic original being re-sold by the original collector. A great painting of mine from about six years back (2007) featuring a rainbow winged dragon - very lovely! Click HERE to see the original painting for sale!

My upcoming art show Events Page on Facebook has been updated recently! And I can now CONFIRM that the next Celebration Art & Wine Stroll will be on February 9th. To see the newly updated events page at my Facebook, click HERE. The Feb. 9th Celebration Art & Wine Stroll details are now up there too - a fun, free event - I'll have my big tent filled with art and be there all evening here in Downtown Celebration, Florida!

"Arcimboldo Mermaid" NEW Original Painting and "Dragon d'Arc-En-Ciel" Original for Re-Sale

"Arcimboldo Mermaid"

44"x32" Framed Original Acrylic on Panel

$10,000 SOLD

Lt. Ed. Canvases $125 are HERE

Prints & posters available below

Probably my favourite mermaid so far! Also the largest and most complex I've painted so far too. The title is sort of an inside joke and refers to Giuseppe Arcimboldo - an Italian painter from about 500 years ago who painted a lot of "hidden picture" paintings. And obviously, there are a lot of hidden pictures in this painting - the mermaid's tail is made up completely out of sea creatures - sting rays, sand dollars, sharks, octopus, dolphins, abalone, seahorses, pearls, shells, oysters, lobsters, shrimps, eel, fish and loads more. The more you look at this the more you will see! I think this might have been the most fun I've ever had on a painting, and I plan on doing some similar hidden picture style pieces in the future. The original acrylic painting is SOLD, prints and Limited Edition canvases are available online (and large open edition canvases are also available at Downtown Disney's Pop Gallery at Walt Disney World). Details are below.

Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvases will be popping up soon in my Strangeling eBay store (or contact me directly at JasmineToad@aol.com - they are 11"x16", hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, are $125 and are numbered out of an edition of 25, they already come wrapped on boards & ready to hang):

Arcimboldo Mermaid $125 Lt. Ed. Hand Embellished Canvas Prints are HERE

Want the #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas? It will be auctioned off starting at 6:00PM Central Time on January 23rd for a ten day auction in my Strangeling eBay Store here:

#01/25 The FIRST Lt. Ed. Canvas of Arcimboldo Mermaid Auction

Prefer a paper print? Signed open edition glossy photo paper prints are up on eBay below:

Prints SIGNED by me on the back are up at our Magical_Figurines eBay store here:

"Arcimboldo Mermaid" 10.75"x7.25" prints are only $9.99 HERE

"Arcimboldo Mermaid" 18"x12" prints are only $19.99 HERE

Signed paper prints are also up on Etsy HERE

Big Posters & other types of prints are available from Zazzle too - "Arcimboldo Mermaid" Posters on Zazzle

Want to watch a video showing me painting "Arcimboldo Mermaid"? Several hours of me painting her as a live streaming event are up at my LiveStream page here:

Jasmine's Livestream Channel is HERE (click on the Arcimboldo Mermaid event)


"Dragon d'Arc-en-Ciel" Original Painting up for Re-Sale on eBay!

Circa 2007

20"x16" Acrylic on Canvas

A great buy-it-now price - this is the original Dragon d'Arc-en-ciel itself - not a print. I can confirm that this is indeed the authentic original being re-sold by the original collector. A great painting of mine from about six years back (2007) featuring a rainbow winged dragon - very lovely! Click HERE to see the original painting for sale on eBay! Again, this is not my auction listing but I have authenticated the collector and can happily guarantee that this is the original painting itself, not a print or a knockoff, but the real thing =)


VALENTINE SALE! Also new #01 Canvases up for auction!

TODAY & TOMORROW ONLY! (January 23 & 24) is our yearly Valentine's Day Sale at our Magical_Figurines store on eBay. This year it means that ALL JEWELRY as well as all of our Valentine themed prints (all signed by me, Jasmine!) are on sale.

You can see the updated gallery Click HERE to hop directly to the SALE items. Be sure to also check out all the wonderful regular priced items at Magical_Figurines HERE - statues, figurines, one of a kind items, signed by me (the artist), etc. Magical_Figurines is run by my sister Amber and her husband (my assistant Chris) so you can be certain everything comes directly from me, signed by me, authentic and often rare or hard-to-find items. They run loads of "penny auctions" and add new stuff every day, so be sure to bookmark them.

Looking for more handmade Valentine's Day gifts? Check out my sister-in-law Sarah's Etsy Store featuring other jewelry & accessories with my artwork HERE at It's Fun To Be a Girl


New #01 Canvases up for auction!
It's time again for another batch of new #01 Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvas prints to go up for auction! Each is the FIRST in their edition, numbered #01 of 25. Lately I've been having Lt. Ed. Canvases sell out within a year or even sometimes a few months, so it's a great idea to grab one if you see one you like, because they are only around for a short while. Since collectors often prefer the #01 in an edition, I put these all up for auction. I hand embellish each one myself in acrylic paints, sign, date & number them #01/25. All of these are wrapped on boards, ready-to-hang, a hanger already on the back. That means when you open up your package in the mail you can immediately stick it up on your wall - no framing needed. Each is up for a penny auction below:

Click HERE to see the new #01 Canvases

Please note: "Arcimboldo Mermaid" is being autolisted at 6:00PM Central time tonight so she may not be up there yet. Just check back later!

You can find other Limited Editions in my Strangeling eBay store HERE as well as my website (in the gallery section) HERE and giant Pop Gallery Exclusive Lt. Ed. Canvases on their website HERE (as well as in person at our gallery at Downtown Disney in Disney World)
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