Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


Let me see - Matt is at his mother's house right now - he's giving her our old van =)

I can't even begin to think about how much I have to do today - whew! This is one of the few days/evenings off Matt will have before we move (he's picking up shifts to help make up for the time he will have to spend training once he transfers)so we have to cram a lot into today!

First off I need to arrange for hookups of cable (internet and TV), phones, etc. for our new place. Conversely, we need to start notifying our current companies that we are leaving here and need things disconnected. I need to also burn a bunch of data to some CDs in case (heaven forbid) Something Terrible should happen to my computer on the way to Florida. There are some files I just cannot live without and it's been a little while since I have backed up a lot of my high-res art files, etc.

Also on the agenda for today - packing, starting to clean up the apartment so it is presentable upon our departure. We can't get our deposit back since we are ending the lease early (luckily that's the only penalty since it is technically a "job transfer" for Matt which waives a lot of responsibility) but I still want the place to look pretty nice. We'll probably pack up a lot of the kitchen stuff and just exist on quick-fix foods and bean burritos until we move, lol.

I also need to buy some things for Amber's wedding shower today, go to the Post Office, art supply store, and perhaps a book store so I can look for a street map of the Orlando area. I generally rely on the internet to find my way around places (Mapquest mostly), but since there might be a couple of computer-less days we'll need to see some maps on paper. As soon as we arrive we'll have to find a grocery store, a Target or Kmart or something, furniture store, etc.

OK - I'd better go!
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