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Queen of Bees, Eye Study, TOMORROW Jasmine Paints LIVE at Downtown Disney!

Hi everybody! Art news for today!

#1 Vampire Deck News! Good news for those of you who were just asking about this - Lucy Cavendish and I are now settling in on picking the final lineup for my upcoming Vampire themed Oracle Deck. Yay! I'm going through some pictures now and the publishers may even have me add some new paintings just for the deck - it is getting exciting! I will keep you all updated! Yay!!!

#2 TOMORROW, Friday November 16th, I will be painting LIVE at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney here at Disney World in Florida starting at 6pm. As some of you now know, the painting I will be working on will be the latest in my art history series "Alice in Other Lands" - this one featuring Alice in a Bouguereau-inspired fairytale scene with various Princesses, etc. This is a free event, just me & my easel at Downtown Disney - come & watch me paint! Pop Gallery has created an Event Page for "Jasmine Paints LIVE" HERE. I will also be bringing a selection of signed 8x10 paper prints, perhaps a few MINI PAINTINGS, etc. but mostly I'll just be painting. This new Bouguereau/Alice painting when finished will be making her debut at my upcoming Fairytale Fabulous show (December 15-16th at Pop Gallery - details HERE)

#3 I have a brand new painting - "Queen of Bees" to show you! The original herself debuted & sold at FaerieCon but I have signed prints up at Etsy, SALE prints on eBay HERE, the #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas for her up for auction HERE, and also posters at ZazzleHERE. Details can be found below in this update.

#4 Another new ORIGINAL painting is now up for auction on eBay HERE - one of my "Eye Studies" - this is "Eye Study II" and it is an actual original painting, framed & ready to hang, with bidding starting at just a penny!

#5 We have added EVEN MORE jewelry & artwork to my Strangeling Etsy Store! In fact, we have now combined/absorbed the previous StrangelingJewelry Etsy store, so now you just have to go to one place - my user ID Strangeling. This means you can find all of my new jewelry, dogtag pendants, fine art prints (signed by me on the back) and you can even now find Faces of Faery prints on Etsy - all in my usual Strangeling Etsy Shop. Click HERE to see the new Strangeling Etsy Store!

"Eye Study II" - a New Original Painting For Auction

Eye Study II

10"x9" FRAMED Acrylic on Panel

On eBay Now!

What is an "eye study"? Often when developing new characters or ideas, particularly when going for a more realistic look, I paint small/miniature pieces trying out new ideas or refining old ideas. Since of course I am known for painting eyes, I practice painting eyes a lot. Often (as in this case) I look at mirrors or at the eyes of friends & family members, paint a small study of them, and then might reference them later for future, full-sized paintings. My husband Matt suggested that fans and collectors might want these tiny paintings, so he has cut this one down & framed it in an AMAZING ornate frame that really makes it "pop"!

This original painting is up for auction on eBay! The listing will end the evening of Saturday, November 24th at 6pm Central Time and bidding starts at just ONE PENNY - the auction, details & many more photos can be found below:

Click HERE for the Original Painting Auction of "Eye Study II"

"Queen of Bees" - a New Original Painting

Queen of Bees

16"x20" Acrylic on Panel

$4000 SOLD

"Queen of Bees" - one of my special debut paintings for FaerieCon 2012. The original itself sold at the show but I have prints & posters available! There is a slightly sinister feel to this Rococo style portrait of a beautiful queen and her bees. There are a lot of little bee details in here as well as historical portraiture references - she is wearing a replica of a Minoan bee pendant from ancient Crete, Napoleon's "Bee with Laurels" imagery, a lot of fun stuff packed in here. I also love the bees themselves - you can even see some honeycombs peeking out from underneath her skirts! This is my own original acrylic painting.

Prints SIGNED by me on the back are up at our Magical_Figurines eBay store here (on sale this week from only $9.99!)

8x10 prints of Queen of Bees are HERE

12x16 prints of Queen of Bees are HERE

Prefer Etsy? She is now available in my Etsy shop as prints (also signed on the back by me!):

Strangeling's Etsy Store

And the #01 Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvas is up for auction HERE

Also - other posters & prints of "Queen of Bees" in all sizes can be found at Zazzle:

Click HERE for Zazzle Posters & Prints of "Queen of Bees"
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