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New Originals, New Etsy, FaerieCon Info, New #01s....

Hi everybody! Art news for today!

Firstly - we are on our way to FaerieCon now! This means that my "Strangeling" eBay store is in Vacation Mode. There are new auctions up & running as normal, but the fixed price listings have "disappeared" while we're out of town. Guess what? Surprise "penny auctions" will be popping up every evening this week - check them out HERE - each night one or two more pieces of artwork will magically appear, so definitely bookmark it. All existing paid eBay orders have now been shipped, all new ones or new payments will be processed & shipped upon our return. Also with Strangeling.com - you can place orders but they will not ship until after we get back home on Nov. 13th

Coming to FaerieCon? I'll be there at my big double booth in the lower level of Baltimore's Hunt Valley Inn all three days - November 9th-11th - it will be my only show in the Northeast area this year, so if you live nearby- this is your chance to come out & meet me & see tons of my artwork! To RSVP or for further details, directions, etc. visit my FaerieCon Event Page HERE or FaerieCon's Official Website Here.

Secondly - TWO new original paintings are up for auction on eBay!. The first is a wintry themed Faces of Faery original HERE. The other is a new framed original mini painting called "Little Dark Eyed Fae" and you can see her HERE.

Thirdly - we have revamped the Strangeling Etsy Store! In fact, we have now combined/absorbed the previous StrangelingJewelry Etsy store, so now you just have to go to one place - my user ID Strangeling. This means you can find all of my new jewelry, dogtag pendants, fine art prints (signed by me on the back) and you can even now find Faces of Faery prints on Etsy - all in my usual Strangeling Etsy Shop. Click HERE to see the new Strangeling Etsy Store! And even better - it will stay open and keep shipping all throughout FaerieCon since my sister Amber is handling the shipping. So even though I'll be at FaerieCon, my Strangeling Etsy Store will remain open & running as usual - yay!!

And for those of you who would like to experience FaerieCon vicariously through me & Matt - you can follow my Twitter pics HERE and Matt's Twitter HERE - we will both no doubt be posting photos from the event throughout. We're also on Instagram - I'm Strangeling there and Matt is MatthewBecket.

New Original Paintings

Okay, so it doesn't really snow here in Florida. But I'm feeling wintry so I thought I'd paint this new winter cutie! The 203rd painting in my "Faces of Faery" series, this big eyed beauty is surrounded by snowflakes as she watches them fall from the sky. This is an original painting, 6"x6" in size, acrylic on 2" deep cradled masonite panel - ready to hang on your wall! This original painting is up for auction ending the evening of Monday, November 12th at 5:00pm Central Time (I'll be back home from FaerieCon right after that, so bid with confidence I'll be able to ship her out immediately!). And yes - bidding starts at literally ONE PENNY - click below to see her::

Click HERE to see the Faces of Faery 203 ORIGINAL Painting!!

Prefer a Print? They are up on SALE on eBay for only $9.99 and are signed in person by myself on the backside:

Faces of Faery 203 Signed Prints are HERE

And did I mention? If you are a person who prefers Etsy, we now have ALL the Faces of Faery prints up in my Strangeling Etsy Store:

Click here to see the newly renovated Strangeling Etsy store!


I have another new original painting up for auction on eBay tonight too - "Little Dark Eyed Fae" - she is an original painting, already framed she is 9"x10" in size, acrylic on a petite 2.75"x3.5" masonite panel - ready to hang on your wall! A miniature character painting of mine, this features a beautiful dark eyed fairy girl. The frame is lovely, 2" deep, resin, with an antiqued finish. This original painting is up for auction ending the evening of Thursday, November 15th at 5:42pm Central Time(I'll be back home from FaerieCon by then, so bid with confidence I'll be able to ship her out immediately!). And yes - bidding starts at literally ONE PENNY - click below to see her::

Click HERE to see the "Little Dark Eyed Fae" ORIGINAL Painting!!

Surprise "Penny Auctions" Popping up all week on eBay - new #01 Canvases!

Each night this week (starting a couple of days ago, so there are already some popping up there now!!) I am running surprise "Penny Auctions" for new #01 Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvas prints. Of particular excitement - the #01 Lt. Ed. Canvases for some of the brand new secret paintings I've done for FaerieCon will be popping up once the show opens Friday night, too, "Queen of Bees," "Lily," "Castor Bean," etc. Others this week will include "Saraswati Playing Veena," "Faces of Faery," and more! All you gotta do is visit my eBay store each evening (usually around 6pm Central Time) and a new auction will pop up, each will be hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & numbered #01/25, and bidding will start at a penny.

Click HERE to visit my eBay store - be sure to bookmark it and check back to see what's new each evening this week! (And just scroll down past the "Jasmine's gone away!" notification, hehe).
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