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New ACEOs, Originals, New Jasmine Paints LIVE, FaerieCon Info....

Hi everybody! Art news for today!

Firstly - to all of my friends up in the Northeast - hope you guys are all doing okay with the storm! We've been thinking about you! As Floridians, we know how awful hurricanes can be, and our thoughts are with you.

I've spoken with the FaerieCon directors and so far everything still seems on track for FaerieCon at Baltimore's Hunt Valley Inn - the weather should be settled down and things getting back to normal, and hopefully everybody will be in a mood to escape, relax, and have some fun! I'll be there at my big double booth all three days - November 9th-11th - it will be my only show in the Northeast area this year, so if you live nearby- this is your chance to come out & meet me & see tons of my artwork! To RSVP or for further details, directions, etc. visit my FaerieCon Event Page HERE or FaerieCon's Official Website Here.

Secondly - more in public events - I have been invited back for another "Jasmine Paints LIVE" event at Pop Gallery on November 16th at Downtown Disney! So if you'd like to come back again & watch me work on a new painting, or if you missed the last one - definitely come by! I'll set up my easel around 6pm and will be working on a new painting that will later debut at my Fairytale Fabulous show in December. I had a wonderful time showing my technique and discussing art with you guys last time and hope to see you again November 16th. This time I will also be bringing some mini original paintings as well as 8x10 prints for sale at the gallery, since you all were asking about those last time!

Thirdly -new ACEO cards! Yay! I have a few new ACEO cards - "Saraswati Playing Veena," "Autumn Kitties," and "Poisonous Beauties VII: Hemlock" are all up for a special auction ending in three days Click HERE to see the new ACEOs..

And finally, I know many of you have been keeping an eye on my new works-in-progress up at my Facebook. And yes, I have been taking "reservations" for the paintings that will be debuting at my upcoming shows. And yes, the original paintings do get snapped up very quickly. For those of you who are new to collecting my originals or who have been repeatedly thwarted at trying to snag one before it is sold, I have written up some information about how to reserve an original painting and you can find this info at the bottom of this update!

Another quck note - the Magical_Figurines store run by my sister Amber and her husband Chris is currently in "vacation mode" because they are on vacation with their children =) They'll be back after the weekend.

New ACEOs!

Three new ACEO cards! Each one of these is 2.5"x3.5" (the size of a trading card or baseball card) and is truly one of a kind. Each is a canvas print that has been hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed, dated and numbered "#1/1" since I only ever make ONE of each, ever. These are up for super-short auctions ending the evening of Friday, November 2nd, between 6:00 PM - 6:06 PM Central Time (I wanted to make sure I could mail these to the winners before I leave for FaerieCon). You can see them together below - each auction starts at just ONE PENNY:

Click HERE to see the new ACEO cards!

Or individually:

Saraswati Playing Veena ACEO

Autumn Kitties ACEO

Poisonous Beauties VII : Hemlock ACEO

How to reserve an ORIGINAL painting after having seen a "work-in-progress" photo!

I am writing this post as a mass response to those sad or grumpy people who have been wanting to reserve original paintings but have been disappointed at "missing out"! Hopefully this will explain my policies and help a bit!

For many of my upcoming shows (right now for example FaerieCon and my Fairytale Fabulous shows) I post work-in-progress photos online on my Facebook, my Twitter and my Instagram (under the name Strangeling) . As soon as I have posted a work-in-progress photo online, collectors are then welcome to "reserve" the original painting for purchase. It is important whenever I post a photo to READ the accompanying text.

That text will tell you several important things:

Which show the painting is destined for - for example it will say "this painting will be hung at FaerieCon" or "this painting will be hung at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney", etc.

Who may pre-reserve the painting - for example with a painting going to a Pop Gallery show, ANYBODY IN THE WORLD can reserve the painting. However for a painting being hung at FaerieCon, only collectors attending the actual show may reserve the painting (however I can always take "backup" names for when I get back home if the painting does not sell.

How to reserve the painting - the most important part of all. For shows like FaerieCon or MegaCon, etc. the text accompanying the photograph of the work-in-progress will instruct you to email me at JasmineToad@aol.com . However shows like Fairytale Fabulous are run by Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney, and in those cases the text accompanying the photograph of the work-in-progress will instruct you to call or email the Gallery directly (not email me). For this reason, it is very important to read the text. Calling the gallery for a MegaCon painting won't help, and emailing me about a Gallery painting won't help. Sending a twitter or Facebook message is not the same as emailing me as I may not see that message for days or even weeks.

Emailed inquiries to reserve an original painting are taken in the order in which they are received, purely "first come first served". It is incredibly important to send the email or make the phonecall ASAP. For example with Queen of Bees (the work-in-progress I previewed last night) we had two emails within thirty seconds of the photo being posted, so we had to look at the timestamp to see who was first in line. By the end of the evening there were half a dozen other collectors. I apologize to anybody who misses out, but it is really the only way I can figure out how to handle things at this time. It is a tricky business to try to make things available to everybody without pricing people out or making people upset, and I promise I am doing my best. Rest assured, I have no plans to ever stop painting - so there will always be more paintings in the works - enough to go around =)

Another way to get on the inside track for advance notice of original paintings available (those destined for Gallery events such as Fairytale Fabulous at least) is to call Pop Gallery at (407)827-8200 and tell them that you would like to be on the advance notice list for new Jasmine Becket-Griffith Original Paintings. They can take down your phone number or email address and can let you know as new pieces become available through Pop Gallery, even before the general public does.
And of course - there is always eBay. About once a week I try to put up at least one small original painting HERE in my eBay store. Typically these are auctions that run for a whole 10 days, with bidding starting at a penny. This way everybody has a chance and is not limited by timing or time zones or anything like that, other than the amount you're willing to bid of course ;)
If anybody has any questions, please email me at JasmineToad@aol.com =) And before you ask - yes, all of the work-in-progress photos you see up at my Facebook have already been sold as of October 29th. However I will be posting more soon, possibly even later this evening! Enjoy!
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