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Watch Jasmine Paint LIVE! New #01 Canvases, Free FaerieCon Tickets....

Hi everybody! Art news for today!

Firstly - tomorrow (Friday) is the first of a new type of event we are calling "Jasmine Paints LIVE". What on earth is this? Basically it means I'm swapping my studio for the night with Pop Gallery, so I will be painting "live" at Downtown Disney in person! Nothing fancy, just me & my easel, paints, and whatever painting I happen to be working on that evening. Tomorrow I think I will be working on one of my fairytale paintings destined to debut at my Fairytale Fabulous show in December, for example. This is a free event, free parking, everybody is welcome to come by and say hi, ask questions, or just hang around and watch me paint for a few minutes or a few hours. More information is below in this update.

Secondly - I have some FaerieCon tickets to give away! I only have a few left, but if you get back to me quickly I *might* still have some available. You must email me at JasmineToad@aol.com (don't just reply to this email, that is the wrong email address) with the subject line "FaerieCon Passes". In the body of the email, tell me your address I should mail them to, as well as how many tickets you need (up to six per email). Please note - these tickets are single day passes good for Friday the November 9th OR Sunday the 11th of November (but NOT Saturday, sorry!). Again, I have a very limited supply and may have run out by the time this update is sent, so I apologize in advance if there are none left. FaerieCon is in Baltimore at the Hunt Valley Inn and I will be there in person each day at my huge booth of art.

Thirdly - I have a bunch of new #01 Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvas prints up for auction! Each is hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed and numbered #01/25 (the first in the edition), dated, wrapped on boards & ready to hang. Click HERE to see them all!

Fourthly - if anybody is curious about my trip to India and wants to see photos of me & my family on our adventure - I have created a public photo album with a couple hundred photos! Click HERE to see Jasmine's India Photos

And finally, I'll be posting a lot of new works-in-progress as well as photos from Jasmine Paints LIVE for both FaerieCon and my Fairytale Fabulous shows very soon up at my Facebook!

Watch Jasmine Paint LIVE!

When?: The first Jasmine Paints LIVE will be tomorrow evening - Friday, October 19th - starting at around 6:00PM when I set up my easel. I will paint for several hours, up until I get to a good stopping point or if I finish a painting, or if the gallery closes (it closes at Midnight, but I will probably be done before then!). We are hoping to do more "Jasmine Paints LIVE" events in the future - keep an eye on Pop Gallery's Facebook HERE to stay tuned! If you're not able to come out tomorrow night - don't worry, there will be more Jasmine Paints LIVE soon!

Where?: Jasmine will be painting at Pop Gallery Orlando which is located at Downtown Disney® West Side at the Walt Disney World Resort® in Florida. Pop Gallery is right next door to the AMC theatres, across from House of Blues and Wolfgang Puck's. West Side is the area with DisneyQuest & Cirque du Soleil, etc. 1504 E. Buena Vista Dr., Lake Buena Vista, FL is the address, and (407) 827-8200 is the phone number.

What?: Jasmine Paints LIVE is an intimate event - not an art show or a sales event or anything like that really, but rather an opportunity to just watch Jasmine as she works. Jasmine's usual studio is in her home in Celebration, Florida right across the street so basically on these special nights she will just be setting up her easel & will paint at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney instead! Jasmine will just be sitting quietly in the corner working and you are welcome to hang out and watch, whether for a few minutes or a few hours - feel free to just check in, go see a movie or have dinner, check back on her progress, etc. You are also welcome to ask Jasmine questions and she really does not mind people looking over her shoulder while she works - so don't be shy!

Who can come?: Everybody is welcome! Come as you are, all ages are encouraged. Pop Gallery has a champagne bar too (but you must be 21+ to drink) and sodas, etc. are also available.

How much does it cost?: Jasmine Paints LIVE is completely free. There is no admission needed, no park tickets required and even parking is FREE. Of course there are Jasmine paintings, prints, merchandise, canvases etc. as always at the gallery, and the painting Jasmine will be working on will be eventually for sale at her Fairytale Fabulous event in December, but no purchases are necessary and everybody is welcome just to hang out as long as you'd like!

New #01 Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvas Prints!

Yay! New #01 Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvas prints are up for auction! Each auction runs for 10 days, ending the evening of Saturday, October 27th between 6:00pm-6:18pm Central Time and bidding starts at just one penny. Each is hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed and numbered #01/25 (the first in the edition), dated, wrapped on boards & ready to hang. Click HERE to see them all!

Or click below to see them individually:

"Autumn Kitties" #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas 11"x14"

Faces of Faery 64 #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas 6"x6" (angel with blue streaked hair)

Faces of Faery 4 #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas 6"x6" (blue toned Hindu goddess)

Faces of Faery 169 #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas 6"x6" (beautiful girl with her Wolf)

Faces of Faery 36 #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas 6"x6" (Wicked Witch & Flying Monkey from Oz)

Faces of Faery 68 #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas 6"x6" (Haitian angel painted originally for Haiti Relief charity)

Faces of Faery 183 #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas 6"x6" (Steampunk fairy!)
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