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Jasmine's Back! Halloween stuff, Custom Painting Auction, ACEOs & #01 Canvases!

Hi everybody! Art news for today!

I am BACK home safe & sound from India - my family and I had an AMAZING time - what an exciting & inspiring place! I will post photos soon, and will no doubt be doing some new paintings inspired by my trip very soon! We are now catching up on emails, orders & shipping - thank you for your patience!

For now - I have a lot of fun art-related news for you today! Firstly - one of my CUSTOM ORIGINAL JASMINE PAINTINGS is up for auction! As part of my Faces of Faery series, this is your opportunity to have your very own original painting, customized to your specifications. The winner of the auction gets to tell me how to finish her, what colours, what theme - etc. - the auction starts at one penny HERE!

Secondly - the SALE prints for my new original Halloween/fall painting called "Autumn Kitties" are now up on Magical_Figurines - only $9.99 for the small prints, and $19.99 for the BIG prints - these are signed by me on the backside! Click HERE to see the sale prints of "Autumn Kitties" right now

Thirdly - my Strangeling Costumes line is now available in most Halloween stores around the country! They are even at the Spirit stores, and are popping up at Amazon (in case you don't see them in stores in your part of the world). To see them at Amazon, click HERE

Fourthly - I have an assortment of new ACEO Cards up on eBay - some are for auctions ending soon - click HERE to see the ACEO cards!

Fifthly - my sister-in-law Sarah has posted some new Halloween themed accessories featuring my artwork, including tiny Witch Hats! Visit her Etsy store - It's Fun to be a Girl - HERE to see the new stuff - she is making some super cute new things!

Sixthly - I have listed several new #01 Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvas prints up for auction on eBay - each is hand embellished in acrylic paints by me, signed & numbered #01/25 - the first canvas of each edition - Click HERE to see the new #01 Canvases - these are already stretched on boards with a hanger on the back - ready to hang on your wall immediately!

New Original CUSTOM Painting and "Autumn Kitties" SALE Prints!


6"x6" Acrylic on Panel

on eBay for auction HERE NOW

Yes it's true - whoever wins this auction will get their very own original painting, customized by me! Right now you can see the painting in her unfinished state. Whoever wins the auction will then get to tell me what sort of haircolour/hairstyle, eye colour, skintone, theme, wings/costume, jewelry/tattoos, whatever you'd like me to paint her as! I can also possibly fit in a small pet or background elements (size and position allowing). This is part of my Faces of Faery series, so she is 6x6" square in size - 2" deep gallery cradled masonite, with a hanger on the back so she is all ready to hang. She is up for auction starting at just one penny, ending the evening of October 12th at 6:00PM Central Time. See the original painting auction listing here:

Click HERE to see the original CUSTOM painting auction!

Now on SALE - my new "Autumn Kitties" painting! These are all signed on the back by me, and are available through our Magical_Figurines eBay store.

The 8x10" Prints of "Autumn Kitties" are only $9.99 - CLICK HERE

And the 12"x16" Prints of "Autumn Kitties" are only $19.99 - CLICK HERE

Strangeling Costumes, New ACEO Cards, and new #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas Prints!

Now in stores everywhere! Loads of the Halloween stores around the country (and even throughout the world) are now stocking my Strangeling Costumes line. Places like Spirit Halloween stores, Party City, even Walgreens, etc. - just about anywhere that sells Halloween costumes. Very exciting! These are mostly available in tween, teen and smaller adult sizes and are made by California Costumes. If you are unable to find them locally - simply Google Strangeling Costumes and you will find TONS of online stores around the world stocking them to ship through the mail. Each comes with a little choker necklace featuring the painting inspiring the costume too (super cute). Amazon even has a few of them up right now for sale here:

Click here to see SOME of the new costumes up at Amazon

Hundreds of other online stores stock them too with many many more costumes to choose from - just go to Google and search Strangeling Costumes


New ACEO Cards!

I have had a handful of new ACEO cards popping up over the past week. Some have a few days left, some just ended, others are ending very soon! Each is 2.5x3.5" (trading card sized) - tiny canvas prints - each hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & numbered #1/1 - I only make ONE EVER of each card, so they are truly one of a kind. Click HERE to see which ACEO cards are still available! - bidding on each starts at just one penny.


New #01 Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvases!

I have released the #01 canvases for many of my newest (and a few of my older pieces too!) paintings! Each of these is hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, dated, signed & numbered #01/25 as each one of these canvases is the FIRST of its edition of only 25 ever made. Since many collectors prefer the #01 (first) canvas, I auction these off to give everybody a chance at them, beginning each auction at a penny. Each of these canvases (varying in size depending on the image - be sure to check the individual auction listing for specifics) is already wrapped on boards with a hanger on the back, ready-to-hang - no framing needed! Click HERE to see which new #01 Limited Edition Canvases are still available! - some have a few days left (some may have already ended) and others will be ending any moment now!
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