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New Poisonous Beauties, Fairytale Fabulous & Important vacation info

Hi everybody! Art news for today!

Firstly - a quick head's up - I am going to be traveling to India shortly for vacation. Since it's a family visit, my sisters, Matt, Chris, etc. are coming with me! This means that very soon several of our online operations will be going into "vacation mode". My "Strangeling" eBay and Etsy IDs as well as strangeling.com will be ceasing order processing starting this Sunday, September 23rd while we prepare to leave. This means that if you would like to order anything from us, or would like to pay for a recent order in time for us to ship out, please get payment to us by Noon Eastern Time on Sunday, September 23rd. Amber & Chris' "StrangelingJewelry" Etsy shop as well as their "Magical_Figurines" eBay store will be going into vacation mode sometime this week. We should be back home by October 9th and back to normal, shipping & processing orders. Please let me know if you have any questions. Zazzle and Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney will of course remain open & processing orders as usual while we are in India. Good news though - I will be listing a lot of new auctions up on eBay that will be running the length of my trip so stay tuned (and bookmark / check in my Strangeling eBay Store HERE ) while I'm gone - new artwork auctions will be magically popping up over the next couple of weeks still! The auction listings always are running (only the fixed price "store" listings disappear) - so feel free to bid as usual!

Secondly - I have a new painting in my "Poisionous Beauties" series - this one featuring "Hemlock!" The original painting herself debuted and SOLD at Dragon*Con, but signed prints are on sale HERE for the next few days!</a>

Thirdly - as is getting to be a yearly tradition, my big "solo show" of the year is in December. The official Promo Poster (featuring a brand new painting of mine called "Red Riding Hood's Picnic" is out and can be found at the bottom of this email as well as on the offficial event page. This year my show is called "Fairytale Fabulous" and will be at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney at the Walt Disney World resort here in Florida - I'll be there December 15th & 16th to debut my new collection of never-before-seen original paintings - all with a fabulous fairytale theme. Details about the Fairytale Fabulous show are on my Event Page HERE.

New "Poisonous Beauty" Painting: Hemlock

Poisonous Beauties VII: Hemlock

8x10" Acrylic on Panel

$1500 SOLD

The seventh installment in my Poisonous Beauties series - a series of works featuring portraits of faery creatures and various poisonous plants! #7 in this series features Hemlock! From Shakespeare to Socrates, hemlock has played an important role in literature and history. And besides being deadly poison, it's actually has some pretty little flowers too... The original painting debuted and was SOLD at the Dragon*Con Art Show in 2012, but prints and posters are now available! Click below for 8x10" glossy photo prints - signed on the back by ME - on sale for only $9.99:

Click HERE to see the signed Prints of "Poisonous Beauties VII: Hemlock"

Looking for posters or bigger sizes? She is also available from Zazzle:

Click HERE for Zazzle Posters of "Poisonous Beauties VII: Hemlock:"

Fairytale Fabulous - Jasmine's next solo show - Official Promo Poster

Yay! It's getting exciting - the official poster for my Fairytale Fabulous solo show is now out! Feel free to share it with any locals or other folks who might be in the Walt Disney World area on December 15th & 16th. For details all about the show, visit the official event page HERE

The painting featured on the poster is one of the pieces I will debut at the show - "Red Riding Hood's Picnic"

I will be posting work-in-progress photos & sneak peeks on my Facebook HERE throughout the next three months leading up to the show. Many of the pieces can be reserved ahead of time - if you are a collector interested the original paintings themselves you can call 407-827-8200 or email: popgallery.manager@me.com and request that you be put on the contact list for Jasmine Becket-Griffith originals.

All ages are welcome, it is completely free - no admission tickets needed, free parking (right at Downtown Disney West Side) - no dresscode - and there is a champagne bar in the gallery itself ;) I will be there in person both evenings!
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