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New Originals - Halloween, Koi Poissons Volants, ACEOs

Hi everybody! Art news for today!

Firstly - a new original painting from my Poissons Volants series - "Poissons Volants: Le Bassin des Carpes" featuring a koi poind with flying koi fish! I actually debuted this piece at the Dragon*Con Art Show, and she sold there at the show, but prints are now up on SALE in our Magical_Figurines eBay store HERE (signed by me on the back!).

Secondly - it's getting to be that time of year, and I've got a new original Faces of Faery painting up for auction on eBay with a Halloween candy theme! Original Painting Auction is HERE.

Thirdly - new ACEO cards! Yay! Some of these are from paintings you have never seen before! Up for a special 5-day auction, only one of each one is ever made, and bidding starts at just a penny the new ACEO cards can all be seen together HERE.

In other news - as is getting to be a yearly tradition, my big "solo show" of the year is in December. This year my show is called "Fairytale Fabulous" and will be at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney at the Walt Disney World resort here in Florida - I'll be there December 15th & 16th to debut my new collection of never-before-seen original paintings - all with a fabulous fairytale theme. Details about the Fairytale Fabulous show are on my Event Page HERE.

I'm starting my paintings today and will be painting steadily up until the show itself (in fact, you might expect some surprise appearances of me painting "live" at Downtown Disney in the interim period). For those of you online - I will be starting to show sneak-peek "work in progress" photos while I'm working on the Fairytale Fabulous paintings! To keep up, follow me on my Facebook HERE or on my Twitter HERE or my Instagram under the name Strangeling - you may see the first sneak peek later today!

"Poissons Volants: Le Bassin des Carpes" and a Halloween "Faces of Faery 200" New Original Paintings

Poissons Volants: Le Bassin des Carpes

Original Painting $4200 SOLD at Dragon*Con

16"x20" Acrylic on Panel

Part of my "Poissons Volants" series ("Flying Fish)" - combining my love with sea creatures and Rococo era portraiture - we have "Le Bassin des Carpes". Translating as "The Koi Pond" this painting features a beautiful maiden near a decorative pond as the koi fish rise magically into the air with butterfly wings. Love this one! I think the koi just want kisses! The original painting debuted and was SOLD at the Dragon*Con Art Show in 2012, but prints and posters are now available!

Small 8x10" Poissons Volants: Le Bassin des Carpes prints signed by me on the back are only $9.99 HERE

Large 12x16" Poissons Volants: Le Bassin des Carpes prints signed by me on the back are only $19.99 HERE

If you are looking for posters and other prints ranging in size from 6 inches to 6 feet, Zazzle has "Poissons Volants: Le Bassin des Carpes" prints & posters for sale here:

Poissons Volants: Le Bassin des Carpes on Zazzle are HERE


"Faces of Faery #200"

6"x6 Original Acrylic Painting on Masonite Panel

I'm celebrating an early Halloween with the 200th installment in my ever-popular Faces of Faery series. I can't believe I've painted 200 in this series alone, wow! #200 features a lovely gothling with some candy corn, Halloween candy and one of those plastic pumpkin trick-or-treat buckets I always used to have. I'm feeling in the Halloween spirit early this year! This is the ORIGINAL painting itself - 6x6" square - acrylic painting on 2" deep cradled masonite - sides painted black, gallery style - ready-to-hang right on your wall immediately. She is up for auction on eBay with bidding starting at just one penny! The auction ends the evening of Tuesday, September 25th at 7:34PM Central time and you can see her below:

Click HERE for the "Faces of Faery 200" ORIGINAL PAINTING auction!

Prefer a print? "Faces of Faery #200" prints - also 6x6" - these are on glossy photo paper and are signed on the back by me - are up for sale on eBay here for only $9.99 this week:

Click HERE for the "Faces of Faery 200" signed PRINTS for $9.99!

Like my Faces of Faery series? You can get hand embellished limited edition canvas prints of the entire collection for $75 each (free shipping) now HERE on my website.

You can also find them all as signed glossy photo prints in our Magical_Figurines store (my sister's store) on eBay HERE.


New ACEO cards are up! Some of my newest paintings, some paintings too that you have never seen before! Each ACEO card is 2.5"x3.5" in size (like a baseball card or a Pokemon card) - a trading card sized canvas print - hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed, dated and numbered "#1/1" - meaning I only ever make ONE of each, ever. Truly one of a kind. A great way to start a collection (or continue a collection without taking up wallspace, lol). These are adorable, this week I have Princess with a Maine Coon Cat, Miniature Rainbow Dragon, Witchy Sisters: The Pet, Poissons Volants: Le Bassin des Carpes, Faces of Faery #199, Miniature Green Eye and Butterfly Chariot all up for auction. Bidding on each starts at just ONE PENNY and these special 5-day auctions end the evening of Sunday, September 23rd at 6:00pm-6:18pm Central time and you can see them below:

Click HERE to see all the new ACEO cards!!
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