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New Originals - Butterfly Chariot, Lamia, Faces of Faery, Canvases, more!

Hi everybody! Art news for today!

Lots of art news this time - so much stuff to show you =)

Firstly - one of the new original paintings that debuted at Dragon*Con has been acquired by Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney at Disney World here in Florida! "Butterfly Chariot" is her name - one of the largest pieces I have ever painted - the original (and big exclusive Lt. Ed. canvases too!) is for sale by the gallery in person or call 407-827-8200 or email: popgallery.manager@me.com (they will ship worldwide). Prints are already up for sale too - details below in this newsletter!

Secondly - another one of the new original paintings that debuted at Dragon*Con to show you (it was sold at the show, sorry folks) - "Lamia" - prints are already up for sale too for this one - details below!

Thirdly, my Faces of Faery Limited Edition Canvases gallery on my website has been updated with all the newest Faces of Faery! Click HERE to see! Each is 6"x6" square, hand embellished by me, wrapped on boards & ready to hang, $75 and will ship FREE WORLDWIDE.

Fourthly - new #01 Limited Edition Canvases are up for auction for many of my newest paintings - click HERE to see the new #01 Lt. Ed. Canvases.

And fifthly (is that a word?) - HautTotes has a ton of my new designer bags/purses up for sale! Click HERE to see them all - these are custom made by hand in the USA, and if you use coupon code JASMINE2012
(expires Wednesday the 19th) for FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.

I will be sending out more mailing list updates this week to show off some of the other great paintings that debuted at the show (I'm sorry they're pretty much all sold, but I will definitely have prints) as well as some brand new pieces I'll be working on this month, so stay tuned!

"Butterfly Chariot" and "Lamia" New Original Paintings

Now at Downtown Disney's POP Gallery "Butterfly Chariot"

Acrylic painting on wood panel FRAMED 44"x32"


One of the largest pieces I have ever painted, this painting features a beautiful fairy girl flying over a distant landscape - riding on a chariot pulled through the air by magical butterflies. The colours in this one are so pretty! The original painting made her debut at Dragon*Con 2012 and has been aquired by Pop Gallery in Downtown Disney West Side® in Walt Disney World Resort® here in Florida. She is in a lovely golden frame and if you are interested in purchasing the ORIGINAL painting herself, you can purchase her from Pop Gallery - Call 407-827-8200 or email: popgallery.manager@me.com

HUGE 30"x20" Hand Embelllished Limited Edition Gallery Wrapped Canvases are available in person at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney or also by phone, email & website (they ship WORLDWIDE) for $975 each by calling 407-827-8200 or emailing popgallery.manager@me.com - online here (it might not be up there yet but will be shortly!).

Signed open edition glossy photo paper prints are up on eBay on SALE this week, too!

Small prints signed by me on the back are only $9.99 HERE

Large 18x12" prints signed by me on the back are only $19.99 HERE



16"x20" Original Acrylic Painting on Masonite Panel $3800 SOLD

The #01 First Hand Embellished 11"x14" Limited Edition Canvas is up for auction HERE (the next best thing to the original, which sold at the show).

The mythological Lamia - a female creature with serpentine aspects - a dark and moody interpretation of this Greek legendary beast. This original piece debuted & was sold at the Dragon*Con Art Show in 2012, but prints & posters are now available. My own original acrylic painting.

The original has already sold, but the prints are on SALE for $9.99 this week only - signed on the back by me - here:

Click HERE for 8x10" prints of "Lamia"

And the larger 12"x16" prints are on sale for $19.99 this week only - signed on the back by me - here:

Click HERE for 12x16" prints of "Lamia"

Prefer a big poster print? "Lamia" prints and posters (from 6 inches up to 6 feet, your choice) are going up on Zazzle any minute now - all sorts of sizes:

Click HERE for Zazzle prints & giant Posters of "Lamia" at Zazzle.com

"Faces of Faery" Canvas Gallery UPDATED & New #01 Limited Edition Canvases up for Auction

Yay! I have updated my "Faces of Faery" Gallery up at Strangeling.com - huzzah! This means that now ALL of my Faces of Faery are currently available as 6"x6" square Limited Edition Canvas prints. Each one comes wrapped on boards, hanger on back, ready-to-hang. I have hand embellished each one in acrylic paints with my paintbrush, signed, dated & numbered them - only 25 of each is ever made. Perfect little squares, they are great to hang in small little nooks & crannies or to group several together in a mass arrangement. I love them! Even my newest Faces of Faery are now up there, and shipping is FREE WORLDWIDE - only $75 each for as many as you would like.

Click HERE to see the new updated Faces of Faery Gallery!


New #01 Limited Edition Canvases up for Auction

Now on eBay I have released the #01 Canvas prints (each is the first of their edition, numbered #01/25) for many of my new paintings. Each canvas is wrapped on boards with a hanger on the back - ready to hang on your wall immediately. Each one is hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & dated & numbered #01/25. "Unicorn's Ghost," "Lamia," "Circe and the Swine," "Poisonous Beauties VI: Fly Agaric," new Faces of Faery - many to choose from, each is the #01 of 25. Bidding on each starts at just one penny to give everybody a chance to snag the #01! The eBay auctions run until Sunday, September 16th at 6:00pm - 6:18 pm Central Time.

Click HERE to see all of the new #01 Limited Edition Canvas prints!


New Jasmine Designer Handbags at HautTotes

HautTotes now has some new amazing custom sewn high-end designer bags featuring my paintings (of course!). Right now too they are running a great promo for FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING if you simply use the coupon code JASMINE2012 during checkout. These are custom made by hand, right here in the USA - very high quality bags and very unique. They have some Halloween ones up now too!

Click HERE to see my new bags up at HautTotes!
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