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New Faces of Faery ORIGINAL, ACEOs, Important Dragon*Con Info

Hi everybody! Art news for today!

Firstly - I have a new original painting from my Faces of Faery series - Faces of Faery #199 - the original painting herself - is Up for auction on eBay HERE

Secondly - my batch of ACEO cards for this week ends TONIGHT. See them HERE (just scroll down past the "Jasmine's-on-vacation-disclaimer"). I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to let you guys know about them earlier, it has been an incredibly busy week for us getting ready for Dragon*Con of course. After these ACEO cards end tonight I will be also listing some brand new ones, so even if you miss out on this batch the link should still work so you can see the even newer ones!

And finally - as you know, we're getting ready to leave for my Art Show at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. This means that my eBay store, my Etsy store, and my Strangeling.com website are now in vacation mode. On eBay and Etsy that means all of my store items have magically disappeared. Don't worry, they will magically reappear when we return home from Atlanta. For any current orders or auctions that are already placed or will be placed today (for example the ACEO card auctions ending tonight at eBay) - orders must be paid by NOON EST on Monday, August 27th to make our last shipment before we leave town. Otherwise all other orders will ship upon our return home, Tuesday September 4th. Please feel free to bid as usual on eBay auctions while we're gone though, because all the new stuff won't even end until we're back home - so no delays! While we are out of town, please feel free to purchase your prints from my sister's eBay store here: Magical_Figurines or also at my Zazzle store HERE - they will remain open while we are out of town.

Coming to Dragon*Con? Only 5 days away! Here is a bit of info - I am in the SAME SPOT I was in last year - so when you enter the Grand Hall West at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, my booth will be in your FAR LEFT CORNER. All the way on the back wall, all the way to your left hand side. I am in the Art Show itself (not the Comics/Pop Art show, not the Artist Alley, but the actual Art Show in Grand Hall West). The art show will open promptly at 1:00pm on Friday, August 31st. I strongly suggest waiting in line early, as the Dragon*Con Staff are anticipating a big rush at the beginning. When the show first opens up, please note that only Dragon*Con Staff may remove the bid sheets and paintings from the walls to purchase, I cannot do this, you cannot do this, you need a staff member (there are loads of them around) to remove the bid sheet for you in order to claim/purchase your painting. I now have the pricelist for my original paintings that will debut at the show. More information about Dragon*Con is on my Dragon*Con event page HERE.

Also speaking of Dragon*Con - I will be posting even more work-in-progress photos on Facebook for more of the new original paintings that will debut. To keep up, be sure to follow at my Facebook HERE.

New Original Painting - "Faces of Faery 199"

6"x6" Original Acrylic Painting on 2" Deep Gallery Cradled Masonite Panel ready to hang!)

The 199th installment in my Faces of Faery series - a series of works featuring portraits of faery creatures displaying a wide variety and diversity! "Faces of Faery 198" features an angelic fairy creature in front of a stunning sunset, with feathery wings - very lighthearted and lovely! Like all of my Faces of Faery paintings, she is a perfect square shape - 6"x6" - on 2" deep gallery cradled panel - the sides are painted glossy black, she is ready to hang on your wall immediately (hanger is already on there!) and does not need any framing. My own original acrylic painting, this is not a print but the actual painting herself! This original painting is up for auction on eBay with bidding starting at just ONE PENNY with no reserve, for an auction ending the evening of Monday, September 3rd at 5:15pm Central Time PLEASE NOTE: we will be returning home from Dragon*Con right after the auction ends so there will be NO DELAY in shipping, please bid as usual! and you can see her below:

"Faces of Faery #199" ORIGINAL PAINTING Auction is HERE

Prefer a print? 6"x6" open edition photo prints signed by ME on the back are up on eBay here (and for this week only, at the $9.99 price!):

Click HERE for Prints of "Faces of Faery 199" SIGNED by me on the back!

To see other SIGNED prints of the Faces of Faery series (nearly 200 to choose from) visit our Magical_Figurines , Jewelry & Print Shop on eBay:

Click HERE for Prints of "Faces of Faery" and much more at Magical_Figurines SIGNED by me on the back!

New ACEO Cards! Ending tonight, and more popping up later!

New ACEO Cards! Ending tonight, and more popping up later!

Click here to see all of the new ACEO Cards!

I've got several new ACEO cards up for auction, ending tonight! Again, I apologize I didn't find the time to send out the mailing list about them when I first listed them, it has simply been a madhouse around here getting everything ready for Dragon*Con. So it's a little late notice, but these are all ending this evening - 6:00 PM - 6:09 PM Central Time. And if you can get payment to us before Noon on Monday, that means we can ship them out before we even leave for Dragon*Con - huzzah! Each ACEO card is 2.5"x3.5" in size (the same size as a baseball card or a Pokemon card) - is a tiny canvas giclee hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed, dated and numbered "1/1" meaning I only ever make ONE of each, ever. Truly one of a kind. There are four up now, and as soon as they end there will be four more other paintings popping up to take their place (these subsequent auctions will be at the same link below, so if you miss the ones ending tonight you can see the new brand new ones instead)!:

Psssst - you will need to scroll down past the "Jasmine-is-out-of-town" disclaimer!

Click here to see all of the new ACEO Cards!
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