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Chardonnay ORIGINAL, Jasmine's UK Art Show, New Faces of Faery,

Hi everybody! Art news for today!

Firstly - the latest in my "Spirits of the Vine" series: "Chardonnay" original painting is now up at Downtown Disney's Pop Gallery Orlando! BIG Gallery Exclusive Limited Edition Canvases also available online HERE!

Secondly - I have a new original painting from my Faces of Faery series - Faces of Faery #198 - the original painting herself - is Up for auction on eBay HERE

And finally - for my fans & collectors living in the UK - Yes, I am coming back to England for a show next year!. I had so much fun last year, I will be returning again. So MARK YOUR CALENDARS and make plans early - I will be at the Avalon Faery Fayre in Glastonbury, England in 2013 on October 26th and 27th. Yes, that will be the Halloween/Samhain event in beautiful Glastonbury for next year (not this year). For details and other information about the festival, Click HERE

Coming to Dragon*Con? Only 15 days away! I now have the pricelist for my original paintings that will debut at the show. Titles, prices, measurements and text descriptions for all of my original paintings destined to debut at the Dragon*Con Art Show this year.

Would you like to see the list? It is available to the public upon request - It's easy, all you need to do is email me at JasmineToad@aol.com with the subject line Dragon*Con Originals and we will then email you a .PDF containing all of the information you need.
Click HERE to Send Mail
. More information about Dragon*Con is on my Dragon*Con event page HERE.

Also speaking of Dragon*Con (August 31-Sept. 3rd at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta) - I will be posting more work-in-progress photos on Facebook for more of the new original paintings that will debut. To keep up, be sure to follow at my Facebook HERE.

New Original Painting - "Spirits of the Vine: Chardonnay"

Acrylic painting on 8"x10" wood panel FRAMED 15"x17" $2400 EDIT: ORIGINAL PAINTING HAS BEEN SOLD

"Spirits of the Vine" is a new series of paintings inspired by wine, of course! This is the second installment- a beautiful nymph embodying the spirit of Chardonnay. She has a golden, velvety feel to her - much like the wine itself, and she is portrayed along side the famous white grapes with hints of high green and blush, with the white wine sparkling in a glass beside her. These original paintings & also the Limited Edition Canvases for all Spirits of the Vine paintings are available exclusively through Pop Gallery in Downtown Disney West Side® in Walt Disney World Resort® here in Florida. The Original painting itself has already been SOLD at the gallery, but she will be hanging there for a few more days if you'd like to view her in person!.

The next best thing of course are the magnificent 20"x16" BIG Gallery Wrapped Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvases. Gallery Exclusive canvases are WAY bigger than my usual canvases sold on my website on eBay and are exclusive to Pop Gallery. They will however ship WORLDWIDE - Call 407-827-8200 or email: popgallery.manager@me.com if you are interested in purchasing one of the Lt. Ed. Canvases or click here:

Limited Edition Gallery Canvases are HERE! (also check out "Merlot" at the same link)

Prefer a small glossy paper print? The 8"x10" open edition photo prints signed by ME on the back are up on eBay here (and for this week only, at the $9.99 price!):

Click HERE for Prints of "Spirits of the Vine: Chardonnay" SIGNED by me on the back!


New Original Painting - "Faces of Faery 198"

6"x6" Original Acrylic Painting on 2" Deep Gallery Cradled Masonite Panel ready to hang!)

The 198th installment in my Faces of Faery series - a series of works featuring portraits of faery creatures displaying a wide variety and diversity! "Faces of Faery 198" features a darling fairy girl with luminous rainbow hued eyes. Like all of my Faces of Faery paintings, she is a perfect square shape - 6"x6" - on 2" deep gallery cradled panel - the sides are painted glossy black, she is ready to hang on your wall immediately (hanger is already on there!) and does not need any framing. My own original acrylic painting, this is not a print but the actual painting herself! This original painting is up for auction on eBay with bidding starting at just ONE PENNY with no reserve, for an auction ending the evening of Friday, August 24th at 5:49pm Central Time and you can see her below:

"Faces of Faery #198" ORIGINAL PAINTING Auction is HERE

Prefer a print? 6"x6" open edition photo prints signed by ME on the back are up on eBay here (and for this week only, at the $9.99 price!):

Click HERE for Prints of "Faces of Faery 198" SIGNED by me on the back!

To see other SIGNED prints of the Faces of Faery series (nearly 200 to choose from) visit our Magical_Figurines , Jewelry & Print Shop on eBay:

Click HERE for Prints of "Faces of Faery" and much more at Magical_Figurines SIGNED by me on the back!
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