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New Originals - Poissons Volants, Faces of Faery, LAST Heart of Nails Canvas, etc.

Hi everybody! Lots of new art & good news today!!

Firstly - my new Poissons Volants painting is finished! I think she is my favourite so far, and features the beautiful Black Moor goldfish. I can't wait to show you! Lt. Ed. Canvases are now at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney, and signed glossy prints are on SALE this week on eBay.

Secondly - my new Faces of Faery 196 original painting is now up for auction on eBay HERE!

And finally - we lay another one to rest- the LAST "Heart of Nails" Limited Edition Canvas Print is now up for auction. No more will ever be made. Click here for the auction of the #25/25 Heart of Nails.

Coming to Dragon*Con? I now have the pricelist for my original paintings that will debut at the show. Titles, prices, measurements and text descriptions for all of my original paintings destined to debut at the Dragon*Con Art Show this year.

Would you like to see the list? It is available to the public upon request - It's easy, all you need to do is email me at JasmineToad@aol.com with the subject line Dragon*Con Originals and we will then email you a .PDF containing all of the information you need.

"Poissons Volants: Poissons Les Yeux Globuleux"

Original Acrylic Painting $6500 (HAS ALREADY BEEN SOLD)

Gallery Exclusive 20"x24" Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvases (NOW AVAILABLE at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney) $695

Small Open Edition photo prints on eBay $9.99 HERE and Large Open Edition photo prints on eBay $19.99 HERE

Part of my "Poissons Volants" series ("Flying Fish)" - combining my love with sea creatures and Rococo era portraiture - " Les Yeux Globuleux" (the pop eyed fish known in English as the Black Moor goldfish) is a stunning baroque portrait of a lady in a beautiful dress standing in a misty forest landscape surrounded by flying black moor goldfish. I had a black moor goldfish when I was growing up, they really are special little creatures.

The original painting has been sold, but Limited Ediion Canvases are now available at Pop Gallery Orlando at Downtown Disney at the Walt Disney World Resort. The Lt. Ed. Canvases are full sized 24"x20" canvases, thick gallery wrapped & ready to hang - hand embellished by me, numbered out of 42 and are the next best thing to the original! Limited Edition Canvases are available in person at the gallery, or by calling 407-827-8200 or emailing popgallery.manager@me.com -

And for those of you looking for paper prints, the open edition glossy photo prints (signed be ME on the back!) are on SALE this week up on eBay in my sister's Magical_Figurines eBay store.

Small Open Edition photo prints on eBay $9.99 HERE and Large Open Edition photo prints on eBay $19.99 HERE

New Original "Faces of Faery #196" Painting for auction on eBay!

A new original painting! From my Faces of Faery series, this is the 196th piece in the collection. Like all of my Faces of Faery original paintings, she is a 6"x6" square painting - original acrylics on 2" deep cradled masonite panel - all ready to hang! A darker, more gothic take on the world of faery - this gloomy girl has a skeleton friend. This is the original painting itself - not a print - the actual original painting, and she is up for auction on eBay ending on this Friday, July 27th at 5:23PM Central Time. Bidding starts at just ONE PENNY and you can see her here:

Click HERE to see the original painting of "Faces of Faery 196" up for auction!.

Prefer a print? 6"x6" open edition photo prints signed by ME on the back are up on eBay here:

Click HERE for Prints of Faces of Faery 196


The LAST "Heart of Nails" Limited Edition Canvas EVER

Lately my Limited Edition Canvases have been selling out so quickly, and now one of my favourites is now gone (sniff!). This is the LAST of the "Heart of Nails" Lt. Ed. Canvases. She is sold out on my website and on eBay and now and there the final #25 of 25 is now up for auction on eBay to give everybody one last chance at her. (Also - for those of you coming to Dragon*Con - the Dragon*Con Art Show has reserved the #21/25 canvas, so you folks in Atlanta might get a chance to snag her!). But for the rest of the world, this #25 is the last one, and I will not be making any more of them. She is hand embellished in acrylic paints by me, signed & numbered #25/25, wrapped on stretcher boards & ready to hang. Her eBay auction also starts at just one penny and ends the evening of Tuesday, July 31st at 6:00pm Central Time and you can see her below:

Click here for the LAST "Heart of Nails" Lt. Ed Hand Embellished Canvas

Let this also be a reminder that the words "Limited Edition" really does mean LIMITED and that they do run out! Many of my Lt. Ed. Canvases have already sold out, and many more are almost all gone =( If you have a favourite that you've been keeping an eye on, it might be a good idea to be sure to snag it while it's still available. Currently running low (the "Endangered Species List" if you will....) are: "Captain Molly Morgan," "Three Witchy Sisters," "Off to See the Wizard," "Pink Lightning," "Belle of Bonaventure," "Ruby Moon," "The Scarecrow," "A Ferret and His Fairy," "Absinthe Mermaid," "Loup-Garou: Blanche Neige," as well as most of my early Zodiac series. Limited Edition Hand Embellished canvases can be found at strangeling.com HERE (just click on the individual pictures to see if the canvas is still available) as well as in my eBay store HERE (just click on the Limited Edition Canvases section). In addition, oversized large format Gallery Exclusive Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvases are available at my gallery at Pop Gallery Orlando at Downtown Disney here in Florida (at the Walt Disney World Resort) for some exclusive paintings can be purchased in person at Disney World or also on their website HERE

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