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New "Merlot" Original, Huge EBAY SALE, ACEOs, The Last Sea Storm

Hi everybody! Lots of news for today! I have new original painting to show you - the first in a series called "Spirits of the Vine" - her name is "Merlot" and she's at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney.

Other big news - starting today through midnight on Saturday (overnight between Saturday & Sunday) we are running a huge eBay PRINT SALE! Yes - from now until Saturday at midnight, 8x10 prints are ALL $9.99 and 12x16 prints are ALL $19.99. And they are all signed by me personally on the back! There are over one thousand prints to choose from - Click HERE to see all of the SALE PRINTS. This sale is worldwide and the prices have automatically been lowered. You can combine as many as you like to save on shipping, too. All of my newest paintings (even Merlot, and also the Faces of Faery!) are already up & on sale, so grab them while you can, and save a ton!

Other news - a bunch of new ACEO card auctions are up now! Many are from paintings you have never seen before. Only one ACEO card of each painting will ever be made, so these are truly one of a kind. Click HERE to see all of the new ACEOs!

And finally - my "Sea Storm" painting is now sold out as canvas prints. As per usual, we have saved the #25/25 very last ever Limited Edition Canvas print - hand embellished in acrylic paints by me - and have put her up for auction. No more will ever be made. Click HERE for your Last Chance to own a Sea Storm Lt. Ed. Canvas.


"Spirits of the Vine: Merlot"

Acrylic painting on 8"x10" wood panel FRAMED 15"x17"

ORIGINAL PAINTING $2400 SOLD at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney

Click HERE for 16x20" Gallery Exclusive Limited Editions

"Spirits of the Vine" is a new series of paintings inspired by wine, of course! This first installment is a beautiful nymph embodying the spirit of Merlot. These original paintings & also the Limited Edition Canvases for all Spirits of the Vine paintings are available exclusively through Pop Gallery in Downtown Disney West Side® in Walt Disney World Resort® here in Florida. NOTE - the original painting of "Merlot" sold immediately upon arrival at the gallery. However prints & limited editions are still available! Click HERE for 16x20" Gallery Exclusive Limited Editions

And for the budget minded, I have SIGNED 8x10" glossy photo prints of Merlot on SALE for only $9.99 - click HERE for the 8x10 SALE Prints

Stay tuned for more installments of "Spirits of the Vine" available at Pop Gallery! You can follow Pop Gallery on Facebook HERE and visit their website HERE

HUGE EBAY SALE from now until Saturday at Midnight!

All SIGNED eBay Prints are now on Sale HERE

Yes, from now until midnight on Saturday - all of our eBay prints - signed by me on the back - are only $9.99 for small prints, $19.99 for large prints. No limit, there are over 1,000 prints to choose from. And yes - this also includes the Faces of Faery prints! We're happy to combine prints & send in one package to save you on shipping costs, and the sale applies to ALL countries worldwide. All of my most recent paintings are included in the sale - even my new Merlot, Butterflies and Bones, Flora and Fauna, and a thousand more. This is the best time to start your collection at a significant discount, and yes I sign each one on the back myself personally. The sale price is automatically applied, you don't need to use a coupon or anything!

Click HERE to browse through a thousand Sale prints on eBay!

And while you're at it, definitely check out all the other stuff in our Magical_Figurines eBay store. It's the only place you can get signed COA Figurines, lots of my jewelry and other unique collectibles, direct from my family.

New ACEOs and the LAST "Sea Storm" Canvas!

Yes, it's that time again - new ACEO cards are up for auction! ACEO Cards (Art Cards, Editions and Originals) are trading-card-sized (2.5x3.5") pieces of artwork created by artists for collectors to have a tiny alternative to taking up wallspace! They're also fun to trade, frame in tiny frames, keep in binders or scrapbooks, etc. My ACEO cards are very unique and highly sought after because I only make ONE for each painting. Basically these are tiny little canvas prints on real artist's canvas, which I have hand embellished with with a tiny paintbrush in acrylic paints, signed & numbered "1/1" (one out of one, because only one is made!). This week there are many paintings you have never seen before - many are from small originals I've sold at galleries and art shows and have never been seen on the internet. Also my newest painting such as "Merlot", "Tricksy Tuxedo Cat," "Poissons Volants" and more are featured as ACEO cards. Each ACEO card auction starts at just one penny and is up for a ten day auction ending the evening of Saturday, July 21st, from 6:00 PM - 6:24 PM Central Time.

Click HERE to see all of the new ACEO Cards together!

The LAST "Sea Storm" Lt. Ed. Canvas!

Yes, yet another Lt. Ed. Canvas is now sold out (these have been biting the dust a lot lately!!). Sigh! We are now sold out of my lovely "Sea Storm." As is tradition, I have saved the #25/25 very last hand embellished limited edition canvas ever made and am auctioning it off so that everybody can at least get one last chance at her. "Sea Storm" is a beautiful painting - a sad mermaid in a stormy sea as lightning crackles behind her - the canvas is gorgeous, 11"x14" - already wrapped on canvas stretcher boards, a hanger on the back so she's ready to pop onto your wall - hand embellished in acrylic paints by me, signed and numbered #25/25 - this is the very last in the edition to be made. I will never make another one.

The auction for the final "Sea Storm" Limited Edition Canvas will be ending the evening of Monday, July 16th at 6:00PM Central Time and you can see it below:

Click HERE to see the very last "Sea Storm" Lt. Ed. Canvas

Let this also be a reminder that the words "Limited Edition" really does mean LIMITED and that they do run out! Many of my Lt. Ed. Canvases have already sold out, and many more are almost all gone =( If you have a favourite that you've been keeping an eye on, it might be a good idea to be sure to snag it while it's still available. Currently running low (the "Endangered Species List" if you will....) are: "Captain Molly Morgan," "Three Witchy Sisters," "Off to See the Wizard," "Pink Lightning," "Belle of Bonaventure," and "Heart of Nails." Limited Edition Hand Embellished canvases can be found at strangeling.com HERE (just click on the individual pictures to see if the canvas is still available) as well as in my Strangeling eBay store HERE. In addition, oversized large format Gallery Exclusive Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvases are available at my gallery at Pop Gallery Orlando at Downtown Disney here in Florida (at the Walt Disney World Resort) for some exclusive paintings can be purchased in person at Disney World or also on their website HERE
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