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New Original Painting, #01Auctions & Gallery UPDATE for Faces of Faery!

Hi everybody! I have new original painting to show you: "Faces of Faery 195"
- a brand new 6"x6" original painting up for auction on eBay HERE.

In addition, I have the auctions up for my new #01 Hand Embellished Canvas Prints for many of my most recent paintings including "Butterflies and Bones," "My Albatross," "Poisonous Beauties V," "A Safe Harbor," and others - #01 Canvas eBay auctions starting at just one penny HERE.

And in other news - I have UPDATED the Faces of Faery Gallery at my Strangeling.com website. What does this mean? It means that you can now directly order any & all of my Faces of Faery paintings as Limited Edition, 6x6" Canvas Prints Hand Embellished by ME in acrylic paints, at only $75.00 each with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. Yes, these are already wrapped on boards with a hanger on the back so they are immediately ready-to-hang. All of my Faces of Faery canvases are up now - even my newest ones - click HERE to see the updated Gallery, and get free shipping on as many Faces of Faery canvases as you want!

"Faces of Faery #195" ORIGINAL PAINTING and new Faces of Faery Canvas Gallery Update!

"Faces of Faery #195"

Click HERE to see the Original Painting 6"x6"

Original Acrylic Painting on Masonite Panel - the 195th installment in my Faces of Faery series! This beautiful fairy is in a moment of contemplation, maybe a little sad, perhaps a little wistful! Original acrylic painting by me, of course, and like all of my Faces of Faery she is 6"x6" an original acrylic painting on a 2"deep cradled masonite panel. There is a hanger on the back so she is ready-to-hang! Up for auction on eBay, this original painting begins the bidding at just one penny, the auction ends the evening of Tuesday, July 17th at 5:01PM Central Time. Click below for details, photos, or to place a bid:

Faces of Faery 195 ORIGINAL PAINTING is HERE

Signed 6"x6" prints are now on SALE on eBay - only $9.99 this week - signed on the back by me Click HERE for 6"x6" signed photo prints of Faces of Faery 195

The next best thing to the original painting itself are my Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvas prints! The same exact size, on a canvas stretched on wooden boards also with a hanger on the back (ready to hang!) - these are limited to only 25 ever made and are only $75.00 (and currently have a FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE promo at strangeling.com). I have already posted these Canvas prints for Faces of Faery 195 for sale HERE

"Faces of Faery" Gallery is now UPDATED

In fact, ALL of my Faces of Faery series are now available for direct order through my strangeling.com website HERE. Nearly two hundred to choose from, including my newest! All are 6"x6" square and are great to hang together as groupings, choosing ones you feel represent yourself or your loved ones, picking your favourites based on colour or theme - these are so much fun and easy to collect. At only $75.00 each these are a wonderful and affordable way to start your collection - each is hand embellished in acrylic paints by me! They are also signed & dated, numbered out of 25 (only 25 of each is EVER made). And since they are already wrapped on boards & ready to hang they require no framing, just open up the package and pop it right on your wall - you just need a single nail. They also make great gifts and don't take up much wall space, I adore them. And yes Strangeling.com is currently offering FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE with no limit.

Click HERE to see all of the $75.00 Faces of Faery Hand Painted Lt. Ed. Canvas Prints

New #01 Canvas Prints up for Auction

Speaking of Canvas prints - as most of you know, the most coveted canvas in a Limited Edition is always the #01 canvas. Because of this and because so many of you guys specifically collect the #01 of each edition, I always put these up for auctions starting at a penny to give everybody a chance at them. This week I have many of my newest paintings up for auction as the #01 Canvas in their edition! These very first editions are each of course hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed, dated, and numbered #01/25. Each also comes already wrapped on wood boards with a hanger on the back, ready to hang with no framing needed (or you can always frame them yourself too, either way works great!), is up for auction with the bidding starting at just one penny. These #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas print auctions are ending the evening of Monday, July 16th at 6:03pm - 6:21 pm Central Time - click below to see them all:

NEW #01 Lt. Ed. Hand Embellished Canvas Auctions are all HERE

Or individually:

"A Safe Harbor" 8x16" #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas

"My Albatross" 8x16" #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas

"Butterflies and Bones" 11x14" #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas

"Poisonous Beauties V: Datura" 8x10" #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas

"Faces of Faery 186" 6x6" (featuring a DJ fairy with a mic) #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas

"Faces of Faery 165" 6x6" (featuring hummingbirds) #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas

"Faces of Faery 93" 6x6" (featuring a tropical treefrog) #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas
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