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Hi everybody! I have two new original paintings: "Faces of Faery 194" and "My Albatross" to show you today. Both have been put up on eBay (looks like My Albatross already got the buy-it-now sale, but Faces of Faery 194 is up for auction!)

In addition, I have new ACEO cards up for sale too - a bunch of new ones - some are paintings you have never seen before! For you collectors, if you want to hop straight to the ACEO cards just click HERE

And yes - I have now officially started work on my paintings scheduled to debut at the Dragon*Con Art Show (August 31-Sept. 3 at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta). I've started posting preview work-in-progress photos and will continue to do so over the next couple of months up here at my Facebook so be sure to follow me up HERE!

"My Albatross"

"My Albatross"

Click HERE to see the Original Painting 8"x16"

Original Acrylic Painting on Masonite Panel - This painting is a nod to Samuel Taylor Coleridge's 1798 poem "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner". If you're wondering what's wrong with the bird, then go read the poem ;) The metaphor of having an albatross about one's neck is also a reference to having a heavy weight on your shoulders, extra psychological baggage that can seem like a curse - perhaps of your own making. Great excuse for a cool painting, too. Original acrylic painting by me, of course!

EDIT: This painting has been sold using eBay's Buy It Now feature, so it has already found it's new home. We do now have signed prints, the ACEO Card and posters are also available!

Signed 8"x16" prints are now on SALE on eBay - only $19.99 this week - Click HERE for signed prints of My Albatross

Posters of all sizes are also now available at Zazzle. Click HERE to see Posters of My Albatross on Zazzle


"Faces of Faery 194"

Click HERE to see the Original Painting 6"x6" - up for auction NOW

Original Acrylic Painting on Masonite Panel - 6"x6" and 2" deep - black glossy cradled wood sides - gallery style & ready-to-hang. Faces of Faery is my long running series of 6x6 square original paintings, each featuring different faery characters I have created. Since they are square and all the same size, they make great groupings! This one is the 194th painting in the Faces of Faery series and features a beautiful fairy with vibran iris flowers! Original acrylic painting by me, of course, and it is currently available up for auction on eBay - a ten day auction ending the evening of Saturday, July 7th at 5:16pm Central Time. Bidding for this original painting starts at just ONE PENNY! Click below:

"Faces of Faery #194 - the ORIGINAL PAINTING is available HERE

Signed 6"x6" prints are now on SALE on eBay - signed on the back by me - in our sister-store Magical_Figurines here: Click HERE for signed prints of Faces of Faery 194

To see my other CURRENTLY available original paintings (some for auction ending soon!) up at eBay, Click Here.


Yes, I finally have some new ACEO cards up at eBay! Some are from paintings you've never seen before, too! Each is a trading-card-sized 2.5"x3.5" one of a kind art card - a tiny canvas prints I have hand embellished in acrylic paint, signed, dated and numbered #1/1 - I only make ONE ACEO card ever for each painting, so they genuinely are one of a kind. A great way to collect art (you put them in tiny ACEO frames, or to save wallspace you can keep them in the same sort of binders people use to keep baseball or Pokemon cards in, they are the same size!), and since bidding on each one starts at just one penny - a very affordable way to start a collecttion! Each of these auctions is up for an auction ending the evening of Thursday, July 5th, from 6:00 PM - 6:27 PM Central Time.

My Click HERE to see all of the ACEO Cards together

Or individually:

"My Albatross" ACEO

"Flora" ACEO

"Fauna" ACEO

"Poissons Volants : Étude I" ACEO

"Poissons Volants : Étude II" ACEO

"Emerald Gaze" ACEO

"Microcosm: Triceratops" ACEO

"Faces of Faery 192" ACEO

"Thoughtful Little Flowers" ACEO

"Petit Rose" ACEO
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