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LAST Anglerfish! New fish painting, Jasmine's 2013 Calendar, Spectrum Show THIS WEEKEND in Kansas C

Good news for today! Firstly - the Spectrum Fantastic Art LIVE show is in Kansas City this weekend - come & see me and 200 of the best artists in the world, all fantasy/scifi/horror/good stuff
Secondly - a new picture to show you - "Poissons Volants: Etude II" is an original painting of mine that I debuted at the Celebration art show - the original has sold but I have prints & posters available now HERE!

Thirdly - my 2013 Calendars are now for sale by the publishers! Yay! Get yours before it sells out like it did last year, hehe. These *just* came out, so they are only up at the publishers' website right now HERE (it currently only ships in the US). Not to worry though, over the next few months it will be released by their international, UK, Australia, etc. distributors and will be in stores, Amazon, online shops, etc. worldwide very soon.

And finally - the very LAST - #25/25 - "Anglerfish Submarine" Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvas is now up for auction. Yes, this is the last Lt. Ed. Canvas of Anglerfish Submarine I will ever make. It is now completely sold out online, and this is the final #25 of 25 ever made. It's up for auction on eBay here details are below.

Mostly this past week I've been working on pieces for my upcoming art show - it will be the Spectrum Fantastic Art LIVE show in Kansas City, MO on May 18th-20th - it will be my very first Midwest show (as an adult at least - I'm from KC originally and did some shows there when I was a kid, including one at the same Bartle Hall over 20 years ago!!), so this will finally be a chance to meet some of my midwest fans & collectors. It will be a phenomenal art show with 200 of the world's best fantasy & scifi artists - I will be bringing lots of paintings & prints with me! Details about the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live event are HERE

To see a list of my other upcoming shows for 2012 visit My Appearances & Shows Page HERE

Don't worry, Florida folks - I'll be back soon! June 9th & 10th I'll be doing an unveiling event for "Flora and Fauna" at Pop Gallery at the Walt Disney World Resort's Downtown Disney - two new masterpieces will debut and I will be there both evenings! Details about my "Flora and Fauna" event at Pop Gallery are HERE

I have been posting Work-in-Progress photos while I paint up at Facebook! Follow along with me while I work and show my painting techniques anad give early peeks of the new paintings before they are made public - click below to check out my Facebook page:

Jasmine is on Facebook! Follow for sneak previews, contests & more!

"Poissons Volants: Étude II" - New Original Painting and "Anglerfish Submarine" #25/25 LAST Lt.Ed. Canvas Auction"

Poissons Volants: Étude II

ORIGINAL Acrylic Painting on Panel is SOLD

Prints & Posters are available HERE

Part of my "Poissons Volants" series ("Flying Fish)" - combining my love with sea creatures and Rococo era portraiture - "Étude II" (Study #2) is a study of a beautiful butterfly winged bluegill / sunperch sort of fish! The bright colours of the winged fish really "pop" against the subtle pastels of the setting. The original painting debuted and sold at the Celebration Spring Art Festival, but prints & posters are still available. The original painting itself debuted & sold at the Celebration Spring Art Festival, but prints & posters are now available here at Zazzle:

"Poissons Volants: Étude II" Prints & Posters

"Anglerfish Submarine" #25/25 LAST Lt.Ed. Canvas Auction

Yes, this is the VERY LAST Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvas print of "Anglerfish Submarine". He's now completely sold out online, I will not make any more. I only made 25 of these and this is the LAST one. Hand embellished in acrylic paints by me, signed & dated, numbered #25/25, measuring about 11x14" - we are happy to wrap on stretcher boards & add a hanger for free - to give everybody one last chance tat him he's up on eBay starting at ONE PENNY for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Thursday, May 24th 6:00PM Central Time and you can see him below:

"Anglerfish Submarine" The LAST Lt. Ed. Canvas!

Let this also be a reminder that the words "Limited Edition" really does mean LIMITED and that they do run out! Many of my Lt. Ed. Canvases have already sold out, and many more are almost all gone =( If you have a favourite that you've been keeping an eye on, it might be a good idea to be sure to snag it while it's still available. Currently running low (the "Endangered Species List" if you will....) are:

"Captain Molly Morgan," "Three Witchy Sisters," "Off to See the Wizard," "Pink Lightning," "Alice in a Dali Dream," "Belle of Bonaventure," "Heart of Nails," and "Sea Storm".

Sea Storm in fact has sold out on my website and there is only ONE left before the #25 goes to auction, this is the #24 Lt. Ed. Canvas of Sea Storm HERE on eBay
(the last normal priced one before the last one goes to auction.). Limited Edition Hand Embellished canvases can be found at strangeling.com HERE (just click on the individual pictures to see if the canvas is still available) as well as in my eBay store HERE (just click on the Limited Edition Canvases section). In addition, oversized large format Gallery Exclusive Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvases are available at my gallery at Pop Gallery Orlando at Downtown Disney here in Florida (at the Walt Disney World Resort) for some exclusive paintings can be purchased in person at Disney World or also on their website HERE

Jasmine's 2013 Calendar! Also - SPECTRUM is this weekend in Kansas City!

Yes!! My 2013 Calendar is now up on the publishers' website! Huzzah! Get it early before it sells out (some of you may recall what happened last year....ahem.) This has JUST been released by the publishers yesterday, which means that right now it is only up on their website (where you can purchase it NOW if you live in the USA). Not to worry though, shortly the calendars will be shipping to all the stores & distribution centers around the world, Canada, Australia, UK distributors - these will be available soon all over the world, in stores, online, Amazon, etc. Florida folks - the Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney here at Disney World will be stocking it soon too, so you can pick one up in person!. Only $13.95 - this is a top quality professionally published calendar made by Brushdance (they make awesome calendars!) - measuring 12"x12" - featuring twelve paintings of mine in a beautiful layout with fun/snarky/inspirational quotes too. Click HERE to see my 2013 calendar!

And also - new this year - we have created a POCKET CALENDAR as well! Only $7.95 - this is a small 5"x3.5" pocket calendar that can fit into your purse, desk, backpack, or theoretically your....pocket. Also from Brushdance these are now up on their website:

Jasmine's 2013 POCKET Calendar

SPECTRUM is this weekend in Kansas City!

I will be at the Spectrum Fantastic Art LIVE show in Kansas City, MO at Bartle Hall on May 18th-20th! It will be a phenomenal art show with 200 of the world's best fantasy & scifi artists - I will be bringing lots of paintings & prints with me! Details about the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live event are HERE and you can visit their own website here: Spectrum Fantastic Art Live's OFFICIAL Website.

The show starts this Friday! The Registration Area is above 14th Street & Wyandotte and opens up at 12 Noon on Friday, May 18th. The show itself opens at 3:00pm to the public! The hours are 3:00pm-6:30pm on Friday, 10:00am-7:00pm on Saturday, and 10:00am-4:00pm on Sunday.

To see the list of all the artists who are going to be there, click HERE!

I will be there all day, every day in my booth (my booth number is #808) - I have a 10x10 booth filled with never-before-seen original paintings, Lt. Ed. Canvas prints, giclees, photo prints, books & oracle card decks. I'll be happy to sign / autograph anything you want - whether you buy it at the show or bring it with you from home! I'm also happy to pose for pictures, chat about art, etc. Should be an awesome show! And yes, we happily accept cash or credit cards (visa, mastercard, discover, american express).
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