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New Original NINJA Fairy, Absinthe Mermaid ORIGINAL, other Paintings for Sale....

Hi Everybody!

We are back from our vacation, had a wonderful time! All orders placed/paid while we were gone are now being shipped out today. We are still catching up on emails that piled up, thank you for your patience.

This is an exciting email update today as it is chock-full of ORIGINAL PAINTINGS for sale - one brand new, and others that are up for sale by collectors in the secondary market (that I can happily vouch are indeed authentic

"Taki" - the Ice Ninja Fairy from my Dragon Ninja Clan collection is now featured as a portrait in my Faces of Faery original painting series - she is SO cute. Click HERE to see the new Ninja Fairy Painting

Secondly - as a courtesy I am passing on the listing information for several of my past masterpieces that have resurfaced for sale on the secondary market. Three of my very best ORIGINAL paintings - "Absinthe Mermaid," "A Certain Slant of Light," and "Diana in the Forest" ORIGINALS are all up for sale by the original collectors right now on eBay. These are not my listings but I can definitely confirm that these are indeed the actual original paintings, 100% authentic, and being re-sold by the original collectors."Absinthe Mermaid" is HERE, and "A Certain Slant of Light" is HERE , and "Diana in the Forest" is HERE

Other news - did you know that you can see my works-in-progress while I paint? Several times throughout the day, I post photographs of my paintings in progress. There are three ways to see these work-in-progress photos (depending on what social network you prefer!):

Facebook - this is my primary platform. Click HERE to follow me on Facebook as I post throughout the day!

Instagram! My name is Strangeling on Instagram. Those of you with iPhones/iPads/etc. can use the Instagram Photo App to keep up with the photos of my works in progress (well as random other photos from my studio, my life in general, etc.). Simply search Strangeling on Instagram if you have installed the (FREE) app on your device from the App store.

Twitter! Yes, I'm on Twitter and my work-in-progress photos post there too! My name is JasmineToad on Twitter Click HERE to see my Twitter Page.

Today, for example, I will be starting a new painting called "Dark Dragonling" and will be showing my progress while I paint - check it out!

NEW Original Painting featuring "Taki: Ice Ninja Fairy"!

"Faces of Faery 187" Original Painting up for Auction NOW

6x6" Original Acrylic Painting on Masonite Panel

The 187th installment in my Faces of Faery portrait series (all square format original paintings exploring the world of faery!) - this beautiful painting features Taki, the Ice Ninja Fairy! You may have seen my Dragon Ninja Clan figurine collection from the Bradford Exchange - (what, you haven't? Click HERE to find out more about my figurine collection featuring the Dragon Ninja Clan as fairy statues!).
You can see the new painting with all the lovely detail photos below. This is the ORIGINAL ACRYLIC PAINTING and it measures 6"x6" square on 2" deep cradled masonite - sides painted black - ready-to-hang! Bidding starts at ONE PENNY for this framed original painting - she is up for a 10 day auction ending at 7:49 PM Central Time on Tuesday, March 20 here:

Click here to see "Faces of Faery 187: Taki" - the Original Painting

Prefer a print? My sister Amber & her husband (my assistant Chris) just put up the prints for sale in their Magical_Figurines eBay Store. The prints are the same size as the original - 6"x6" and are SIGNED by me on the back!

Click HERE to see prints of Faces of Faery 187: Taki the Ice Ninja

And again - figurines of Taki and all of her Dragon Ninja Clan sisters are available from the Hamilton Collection/Bradford Exchange! To see photos or to purchase the statues, read more about them, etc. CLICK HERE.

Original Jasmine Becket-Griffith Masterpieces in the Secondary Market

Sometimes my collectors decide to update, refresh, or rearrange their collections or need to sell a painting of mine, and as a courtesy I am happy to authenticate these and provide the links to where these original paintings are for sale! Even though these are not my listings, I can guarantee that these are indeed the actual original paintings being sold on the secondary market to the public by the original purchasers. This week there are three of my all-time favourite paintings up for resale (what a great idea for a tax refund!):

Absinthe Mermaid - this is the ORIGINAL 24"x18" acrylic painting itself! Ready to hang, on 2" deep cradled masonite. Gorgeous! Click HERE to see the eBay listing for the ORIGINAL Absinthe Mermaid painting for sale. The seller is also including one of my 2012 Calendars featuring Absinthe Mermaid as a bonus (the calendar is OUT OF PRINT and is truly a collectors item and is completely sold out everywhere in the world).

A Certain Slant of Light - this is the ORIGINAL FRAMED 24"x18". One of my best - she appears on the cover of my Portfolio III book. The delicate golden frame is beautiful on this original painting. This is definitely the original painting itself and I can happily authenticate this.

Click HERE to see the eBay listing for the ORIGINAL A Certain Slant of Light FRAMED Painting

Diana in the Forest - this is the ORIGINAL FRAMED 33"x29" (BIG!!). Another one of my best - and the frame on this one is one of the coolest frames ever - a very unique arch shape. Again - this is absolutely the original painting itself being sold by the original collector and I can happily authenticate this.

Click HERE to see the eBay listing for the ORIGINAL Diana in the Forest FRAMED Painting
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