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Jasmine's Website Update! 221 New Prints! Ninjas, Alice & more!

Hi Everybody! Great news for today - Strangeling.com has been updated!

I have added two hundred and twenty-one new paintings. Yes, 221 paintings that weren't there before. So if you haven't visited Strangeling.com for awhile, now is the time to go. Also - prints & canvases ordered through strangeling.com currently ship for FREE anywhere in the world!

Here is an overview of the most important updates:

*The Print Galleries here have all been updated with new paintings, all available as open edition prints and many now also as Lt. Ed. Canvases.

*I have finally created a "Faces of Faery Gallery" here for direct purchasing of Faces of Faery as Limited Edition Canvas Prints for only $75 each (and free shipping).

*All of the paintings from my "Alice Enchanted" show have been added as prints to the "Alice in Wonderland" Gallery here.

*The Collectibles gallery here has been updated with new products, actual individual photographs, and direct links for purchasing online.

*In particular, the "Ninja Dragon Clan" series of figurines here has been added with photos of the first three issues!

*The Merchandise Page here has been updated with many new links to products available online and elsewhere.

*My Appearances page here has been updated with upcoming art shows & conventions for 2012!

Hundreds of New Prints available at Strangeling.com

The Print Galleries here have all been updated with new paintings, all available as open edition prints and many now also as Lt. Ed. Canvases. All my new paintings are up there - if I've painted it, you can now order it!


The Faces of Faery Gallery is now open!All of my Faces of Faery paintings are now immediately available for sale at only $75 each as hand embellished Limited Edition Canvas prints. Each is hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & dated and numbered out of an edition of only 25 ever made (so get your favourites asap!). Each canvas is a 6"x6" square - they look really nice in groupings - and are automatically stretched on boards, ready to hang - a hanger on the back with no framing needed. And FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!


The Alice in Wonderland Gallery now features my long-awaited "Alice Enchanted" collection. All the new Alice paintings are available as open edition prints with FREE shipping. In additional, many are available as Lt. Ed. Canvas prints from strangeling.com or from Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney (and can be shipped anywhere in the world from Pop Gallery Orlando).

The Ninja Dragon Clan has arrived!

Yes - the fairy Ninjas have arrived! These gorgeous figurines are now in stock & shipping NOW from the Bradford Exchange / Hamilton Collection (they even can Express Ship them, too!). And I have created a special page showing photos of the actual Limited Edition figurines themselves up on my website HERE.
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