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"In the Abyss" New Original - also, Jasmine is on TWITTER

Hi Everybody! Over these next few days I will be busy working on updates to strangeling.com - adding nearly 40 new paintings - so start looking forward to new stuff, and pardon my dust in case anything looks odd during construction!

A couple of bits of news today - firstly - since you guys keep asking - YES I'm now officially on Twitter. My Twitter ID is JasmineToad and my husband Matt (some of you know him, and he's a funny & fun guy to follow) is up there under the ID MatthewBecket in case you want to follow either or both of us!

Here's me:

or Matt:

Other news today - I have a brand new BIG BEAUTIFUL original painting called "In the Abyss" - Hop right to "In the Abyss" featuring gorgeous deep sea critters and their lovely mermaid friend.


I've always been obsessed with the deep sea creatures - those in the abyssal and benthic zones - and I've featured them in several of my paintings. This piece in particular shows several varieties of Anglerfish / Lanternfish - as well as a Gulper Eel! Of course they're a little creepy, but I did my best to make them a little bit cute, too. Many abyssal zone critters have bioluminescent spots and lures which was a lot of fun to paint! And of course I've included a mermaid who lives amongst them. One of my favourites! My own original acrylic painting, painted on a wood/masonite panel, it is 18" high by 24" wide - an original acrylic painting on 2" deep cradled masonite panel - no framing needed - ready to hang! Bidding starts at just one penny, for a 10 day auction ending the evening of Thursday, January 19th at 6:12 PM Central Time - see her here:


This is the original BIG 24"x18" acrylic painting on 2" deep craded masonite, ready to HANG!


Looking for prints & posters of all sizes - from the very small, to the very large? You can buy them now for all budgets and even add framing or matting, up at Zazzle!

Prints & Posters of "In the Abyss" are HERE
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