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2 MORE New Alice Paintings & New ACEO Cards!

Hi Everybody! Happy New Year! 2012 is going to bring some very exciting things - I'm very much looking forward to it. We're now back home in Florida after our holidays up north - all orders have now shipped or are shipping out this morning.

A couple of bits of news today - firstly - YES - I am confirmed for 2012 FaerieCon EAST in Baltimore this November 9th-11th! So those of you up in the Northeast - that will be my closest show in that region this year - mark your calendars for Nov. 9-11 - I'll have a huge 20 foot booth full of art. More info to follow!

Other news today - I have a couple more of the new paintings from my "Alice Enchanted" collection to show you! "Alice Down a Dali Rabbit Hole" and "Alice's Tea Party"! The original paintings themselves of course were SOLD at the Downtown Disney event, but prints are available!

In addition tonight I have the new batch of ACEO Cards featuring a special 4-Card-Set from my "Alice and the Frog Footman" multipaneled painting (yes - the winning collector gets ALL four cards from the painting, only one set ever made), as well as ACEO card auctions for "Tea Party Treats" "Alice Down a Dali Rabbit Hole" and "White Rabbit Resurrected" and "Alice's Tea Party." Each 2.5x3.5" card is one of a kind (only ONE of each ACEO card ever made) and bidding starts at a penny each. Click HERE to jump straight to the ACEO Cards!

"Alice Down a Dali Rabbit Hole" and "Alice's Tea Party"

Those of you were at the Downtown Disney event the other weekend got a chance to see this one in person as it was displayed in my "Alice Enchanted" show! Another painting in my "Alice in Other Lands" series (which explores the works of master artists from the past centuries) with a Salvador Dali theme - Alice is falling down this surrealistic rabbit hole filled with melting clocks, Dali-esque still lifes, big creepy Dali hands, geometric anomalies and watermelons. The original painting itself of course SOLD at the show, but the open edition poster/prints will be available shortly (in a week or so) from strangeling.com, and also Pop Gallery Orlando at Downtown Disney West Side here in Florida has the Exclusive on the Limited Edtion Canvases - they are full sized 36" canvases, hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, and are the next best thing to the original. These Limited Editions are the same size as the original paintings with the deep gallery wrap profile, and Pop Gallery will ship them anywhere in the world - Limited Edition Canvases are available in person at the gallery - at Downtown Disney West Side. If you're not local, simply call 407-827-8200 or email popgallery.manager@me.com and let them know you're interested in one of the exclusive "Alice Down a Dali Rabbit Hole" Limited Edition Canvases from Jasmine. Again - if you are looking for regular open edition photo/paper prints - I will be adding those to my strangeling.com website in early/mid-January.

And now introducing another piece from the Alice Enchanted collection - this piece is called "Alice's Tea Party" - this painting shows a thoughtful (or bored?) Alice with a very sweet, dreamy look about her. Originally on an oval shaped panel, the original painting itself SOLD at the show, but I do have prints & posters up NOW at Zazzle here:

Prints & Posters of "Alice's Tea Party" are HERE NOW

And with "Alice's Tea Party" - I will also be adding limited edition canvas and open edition fine art prints to my strangeling.com website in early/mid-January (I'm doing a massive website update with over 40 new paintings this month)!

Both of these new pieces are up as one-of-a-kind 2.5x3.5" ACEO cards tonight too - see below!

NEW ACEO Cards are up on eBay NOW!

New ACEO Cards

Next up on eBay - each starting at just one penny - my new ACEO Cards! For more information on what ACEO cards are, please refer to the auction =) Basically they are tiny one of a kind canvas prints made from my original paintings that I have hand embellished in acrylic paints, signed, dated, and numbered #1/1. And yes - that means I only ever make ONE ACEO card of each, truly one of a kind! There are many new ACEO cards up on eBay - most notable is a special Four Card Set from my "Alice and the Footman" painting (four different cards, one for each element in the painting), as well as separate auctions for "Tea Party Treats" "Alice Down a Dali Rabbit Hole" and "White Rabbit Resurrected" and "Alice's Tea Party." The ACEO cards are up for 10 day auctions also ending the evening of Saturday, January 14th 6:00 PM - 6:12 PM Central Time. Click below to see them all!

Click HERE to see all of the new ACEO Cards up on eBay!

Or individually, click below:

"Alice and the Frog Footman" Set of FOUR ACEO Cards! Only ONE set ever made!

"Tea Party Treats" ACEO

"Alice Down a Dali Rabbit Hole" ACEO

"White Rabbit Resurrected" ACEO

"Alice's Tea Party" ACEO

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