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4 New Alice Paintings, Art Show PHOTOS, Vacation Info

Thank you ALL who came out to my "Alice Enchanted" show at Downtown Disney this weekend. You guys are AMAZING. The show was our best yet, nearly a complete sell-out, and so much fun - my face hurts still from smiling! I have more gallery shows planned for the coming year, so I will definitely invite you all back!

For those of you who weren't able to make it to the show, or for those of you who want to perhaps see photos of yourself and re-live the experiece - Pop Gallery has put hundreds of photos from the event up on their Facebook. Two albums full! Click HERE to see the first batch of photos from the gallery show and Click HERE to see the second batch!

Now - as I mentioned - just about ALL of the paintings have been sold. I have one of the little mini paintings left, hehe, so I have put her up on eBay HERE. Luckily I took scans of each and every painting, so over the next few weeks (particularly after we're back from the holidays) I will be putting up prints, posters, canvas prints, etc. for the Alice Enchanted collection. In January the prints will all be on my website (there were a lot of paintings....). Many of the Gallery Exclusive large format Limited Edition Canvas prints are now available at Pop Gallery as well!

Tonight I have four of the paintings to show you, and already have prints & posters up at Zazzle for them too - yay!

******PLEASE READ As you may have noticed from the various vacation notifications and "we're leaving" messages online, Matt & I are getting ready to leave town to go visit family over the holidays. Our LAST shipment before we leave is tomorrow so we will need payments by NOON Eastern Time Tomorrow (Wednesday, December 21st) if you want your order shipped before we leave. Otherwise we are NOT shipping anything out until we return on January 3rd. All the websites, eBay, Etsy stores, etc. are going to remain up & functioning as usual - you can still buy stuff - we will still email you & everything like that - but we cannot SHIP your orders until after we are home, January 3rd. And yes, it is now too late for any kind of guaranteed Christmas deliveries.

The last little Alice painting....

Yes - I have only one little painting left over to put up on eBay! You guys at the gallery show cleaned me out! But at least we still have this one - "Two White Rabbits" - a lovely framed ORIGINAL miniature painting! Those of you who attended the Downtown Disney event last weekend were able to see her in person as part of my "Alice Enchanted" show - this piece features a cute little Alice hiding behind not just one, but TWO white rabbits! She is already framed - her frame measures 8" wide by 7" high. (the panel itself is around 2.75"x3.5"). She can be hung on the wall by the sawtooth hanger on the back - ready to display! Bidding starts at just one penny, for a 10 day auction ending the evening of Tuesday, December 29th at 6:00 PM Central Time - see her here:


"Alice in a Bosch Wonderland", "White Rabbit Resurrected," and "Cheshire Clock" - prints now available!

One of the new paintings that debuted at the Alice Enchanted show - "Alice in a Bosch Wonderland" - this painting is part of my "Alice in Other Lands" sub-series containing countless homages & parodies of master paintings throughout the centuries. This one primarily focuses on Hieronymus Bosch with Alice (looking very sweet, based a bit on my niece Eleanor) - standing amongst many of Bosch's fantastical and wonderful creatures. I had a lot of fun with this one.
Again - this one SOLD at the show, but I do already have prints & posters of her available below - she makes for a BEAUTIFUL print:

Posters and Prints of "Alice in a Bosch Wonderland" are HERE


Another one of the new paintings that debuted at the Alice Enchanted show - "Cheshire Clock" - this painting celebrates one of my favourite characters - the Cheshire Cat! Cozying up in front of what looks like an antique clock, this was originally on an oval shaped panel. .Again - the original is SOLD, but I do already have prints & posters of him available below:

Posters and Prints of "Cheshire Clock" are HERE


Yet another one of the new paintings that debuted at the Alice Enchanted show - "White Rabbit Resurrected" - this painting is a decidedly darker take on Alice - with a goth-ed out Alice holding one of my "resurrected" skulls - of a white rabbit (of course!).this was originally on an oval shaped panel Again - the original is SOLD, but I do already have prints & posters of him available below:

Posters and Prints of "White Rabbit Resurrected" are HERE

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