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Jasmine's Alice Enchanted - Come to Downtown Disney Tonight!

Hi everybody!

Just a reminder that my "Alice Enchanted" show begins tonight, so come on down to Downtown Disney!!

Pop Gallery will be posting photos and other updates prior & after the show on their Facebook here:

Pop Gallery Orlando's Facebook

They have even put out a notice with three of the highlighted paintings for you internet folks to see (lovely full previews of three big paintings) - just CLICK HERE to see! and will be unveiling more soon.

We will be dropping art off at the gallery throughout the day (there may be some hanging up already if you want to get a sneak peek, but we are bringing much more) - the show starts at 7:00 and I will be there promptly from 7:00pm until 10:00pm today and I'll be back tomorrow - Sunday from 5:00pm until 8:00pm as well. Please feel free to bring ANYTHING with you that you'd like autographed - prints, books, posters, shirts, statues, whatever - I'm happy to sign it.

Also - I will be bringing postcard prints of some of my Alice paintings that I'll be giving away free to everybody, and am happy to sign those too!

Pop Gallery is at Downtown Disney West Side - so park over on the "West Side" area by Cirque du Soleil, House of Blues, DisneyQuest, etc. Parking and admission is completely free.

The new paintings will be on display and will of course be for sale, and we will have a large assortment of canvas prints/giclees, limited editions hanging as well as mini paintings too! The Pop Gallery staff also has a catalogue of my work available on order (for pickup or worldwide delivery) in case you want something they don't have up hanging currently. You can also have any purchases from the show delivered to your home if you don't feel like carrying it around with you this weekend.

Children are very welcome - this is an all-ages show.

There is also a champagne bar (I highly recommend their sparkling sake!) for those of you over 21.

Generally the gallery doesn't allow cameras, but for this event you are welcome to take photos of me or my work, or get photos taken together with me, etc. =) Feel free to post photos up here on Facebook too - I'm usually so busy I don't get many photos myself at events, and I always appreciate seeing these things!

PS - the gallery also has a limited number of my 2012 Calendars and BOTH my first edition oracle decks (the Oracle of Shadows and Light and the Oracle of the Shapeshifters) currently in stock - I'm happy to sign those as well - they often are hard to find online since they're not technically released yet in the USA, so it's a great place to purchase them!

See you this weekend!!


For more details about the show, directions, rsvp, etc. CLICK HERE for the official Event page.

****You're Invited****

TONIGHT my Alice Enchanted show is at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney down here at Walt Disney World in Florida. For the gallery I have recorded a short little video "invitation" with some of the details (you can also see a snippet of one of the paintings in progress I'll be debuting at the show). Click HERE to watch the video. The show of course is today & tomorrow - Saturday December 17th from 7pm-10pm and Sunday December 18th from 5pm-8pm. I will be there both evenings to show off my paintings, sign/autograph stuff, chat about art, etc. The show will consist of new original paintings with an Alice in Wonderland theme as well as many other Alice gallery canvas prints I've done. I will also be giving away free signed postcard prints at this event, featuring some of the new paintings (so nobody goes home empty handed!). For more details about the show, directions, rsvp, etc. CLICK HERE for the official Event page.

*****Head's up - we're leaving town for the holidays!********

Just a quick reminder too - Matt & I are going to be LEAVING TOWN and NOT SHIPPING during the holidays as we will be out of state visiting family. Our last shipment will be Wednesday, December 21st. That means if you will be wanting anything shipped or have any new or unpaid orders from strangeling.com, Etsy, or eBay - you will need to get payment to us by Noon Eastern Time by Wednesday, December 21st. We will be returning home on January 3rd and shipping/processing will resume at that time.
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