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New Originals, Jasmine Video, ACEOs, Custom Painting....

Loads of news to tell you about today! Firstly - it is just ONE WEEK until my Alice Enchanted show next weekend at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney down here at Walt Disney World in Florida. For the gallery I have recorded a short little video "invitation" with some of the details (you can also see a snippet of one of the paintings in progress I'll be debuting at the show). Click HERE to watch the video. The show of course is Saturday December 17th from 7pm-10pm and Sunday December 18th from 5pm-8pm. I will be there both evenings to show off my paintings, sign/autograph stuff, chat about art, etc. The show will consist of new original paintings with an Alice in Wonderland theme as well as many other Alice gallery canvas prints I've done. I will also be giving away free signed postcard prints at this event, featuring some of the new paintings (so nobody goes home empty handed!). For more details about the show, directions, rsvp, etc. CLICK HERE for the official Event page.

Today I have a brand new CUSTOM original painting up for auction - a Faces of Faery original painting - the winner gets to tell me how to finish the painting (colours, etc.). In addition today I have the lovely "Occulto Orbis" painting to show you (the companion piece to Occulta Cordis) - posters & prints available now!
And finally - new ACEO cards are up for auction! Only one of each ever made. Bidding on everything starts at just one penny, of course!

New CUSTOM Painting Auction! Also - introducing "Occulto Orbis"

First off is the new original painting - a CUSTOM Faces of Faery - this is the 181st in the series. The winning bidder will receive the painting in the photos, but first they will get to tell me the following: **Haircolour/Style (I can make it shorter, curly, add bangs, whatever you'd like) **Eye Colour, Makeup **Skintone, Freckles, Tattoos **Wings if you'd like me to fit some in (note the size & placement of the face on the panel, it'd be a hint of them or very small ones). Maybe you'd like me to customize it to resemble a friend or family member - perhaps include their favourite flowers, or a small pet).

**I could potentially add a bit of ornamentation like paint in a butterfly or flowers in her hair, earrings, leaves, something along those lines. Faces of Faery all feature beautiful faery-inspired creatures, and she is no exception. This big eyed beauty is to be painted just for you! After the auction ends, I will email you and YOU will tell ME how to finish her! It is on GALLERY STYLE CRADLED MASONITE - 6"x6" in size (like all Faces of Faery) - Matt has added a hanger on the back, so it is READY TO HANG! No frame needed! She's up on eBay starting at ONE PENNY for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Monday, December 19th at 6:00 PM Central Time and you can see her below:



The other new painting - this is another one I debuted at the Sarasota Medieval Fair but was sold at the show is my new "Occulto Orbis". Here is how she looked with her frame - the original painting - Occulto Orbis - Occulto Orbis - Latin for "Secret Orb" - inspired by medieval and renaissance icon images of saints, this beauty holds an ornate Globus Cruciger (cross-bearing orb), with a keyhole lock..... My own original acrylic painting, painted on a wood/masonite panel with frame made by my husband Matt.. Again - this one is SOLD but I do already have prints & posters of her available below - she makes for a BEAUTIFUL print:

Posters and Prints of "Occulto Orbis" are HERE

NEW ACEO Cards are up on eBay NOW!

Next up on eBay - each starting at just one penny - my new ACEO Cards! For more information on what ACEO cards are, please refer to the auction =) Basically they are tiny one of a kind canvas prints made from my original paintings that I have hand embellished in acrylic paints, signed, dated, and numbered #1/1. And yes - that means I only ever make ONE ACEO card of each, truly one of a kind! There are SIX new ACEO cards up on eBay now - Angel at Glastonbury Abbey, Tail of Mossy Gold, Faces of Faery 180, Occulta Cordis, Occulto Orbis, and Poisonous Beauties 1: Belladonna! The ACEO cards are up for 10 day auctions also ending the evening of Tuesday, December 13th 6:00 PM - 6:15 PM Central Time. Click below to see them all!

Click HERE to see all of the new ACEO Cards up on eBay!
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