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back from florida...

oh my - we had a lovely time. our flight there was nice. i like flying Southwest Airlines - they seem a lot friendlier and laid back than other airlines. after arriving to the Orlando airport, we picked up our rental car - a wonderful Dodge Stratus. i only had to pay $26 in taxes (i was braced to drop a couple hundred on the "additional fees" so that was great!). we drove to our hotel in beautiful Celebration, Florida. we had a lovely room - well appointed and comfortable. it reminded me a little of the Pontchartrain Hotel in New Orleans where we stayed last year. after we checked in, we met with leasing agent Linda at the apartment complex. she was incredibly nice and helpful! she showed us around the model apartment - it is soooo much nicer than our current place! i'll update more later about the apartments (i have some pictures to share). any way, we loved it and Linda told us the necessary info we need to gather together to apply. we need paycheck stubs, a form for my dad to fill out, etc - we'll send that all in a month or so, along with a deposit. i have some pictures of Celebration i'll post up later as well.

later that evening we headed towards Downtown Disney (one of our favourite hangouts) and looked at the shops, got samples of chocolates at Ghiradelli, had a strawberry margarita by the water, all sorts of fun. later we went to Disney's Boardwalk resort and had greek salads and roasted vegetable pizza from Spoodles' counter service window. we ate outside by the water, and watched the nightlife. later when we got back to the hotel we went to the outdoor jacuzzi over the lake, which was very nice.

the next morning, we drove out east to Cocoa Beach (about an hour away). we rented boogie boards and had a blast surfing. the ocean was warm, and as far as we went out the water still only came up to my waist!!!! after that, we went to Disney World and checked in to the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds (this is our third time in a year to stay at the campgrounds there!). i have photos to share of the beautiful grounds and our tent site. there is so much wildlife in florida! while we were setting up the tent, i saw maybe 50 lizards, an armadillo, a black snake, frogs, cranes, herons, other birdies - it was crazy! we went to Downtown Disney again that evening, this time to their Rainforest Cafe (since we get 50% off - we got a great deal!). that will be where matt (and perhaps i'll go too) will transfer to after we move. i had cheese sticks and a Plant Sandwich (portabello mushroom on foccacia bread). fun times.

the next morning we went to the Magic Kingdom! we rode all of our favourites (some twice) without having to ever wait in line for very long at all. we had lunch at Cosmic Ray's Starshine Cafe - we had veggie burgers & fries. they had an awesome toppings bar, with assorted sauces, melted cheese, raw onions, sauteed onions, tomatoes, lettuce, sauteed mushrooms - very tasty. that evening we took the monorail to Disney's Polynesian Resort. it was absolutely beautiful, indoor waterfalls, palm trees, tiki gods, all sorts of stuff. we went to Wyland's gallery there as well. we ate at the "Kona Cafe" which was a lovely restaurant - i had some yummy spring rolls with exotic greens, matt had cheese ravioli in parmesan sauce with a Kona salad. we split banana creme brulee for dessert, which was unbelievably tasty. we also visited the lovely Grand Floridian resort where we saw some live music.

the next morning, we went to Epcot - we spent most of the morning in Future World, riding everything. we stopped at a bakery there where matt got a chocolate croissant and i had a piece of coconut flan. we then went to the World Showcase part of Epcot, where we went to the all-you-can-eat German Biergarten. we gorged on five different salads, spaztle noodles, a delicious cabbage dish, fried potatoes with sauteed onions, fresh baked pretzels, rolls, apple streudel with vanilla cream sauce, black forest cherry cake, pudding - all sorts of yum. we also went to the Sussigkeiten store and i bought some chocolate marzipan. after lunch at the Biergarten we took a boat to MGM studios (we had a hopper pass) for about an hour - we wanted to at least ride the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and the Rock'N'Roller Coaster. we than hopped back on the boat to Epcot, where we had a great time exploring the World Showcase pavillions. later that evening we had dinner in the Morocco pavillion, at the Tangierine Cafe, where i had a vegetarian platter (hummus, olive salad, bread, lentil salad, couscous, etc.) and matt had "the best veggie wrap he's ever had". after we left Epcot we headed over to Disney's Wilderness Lodge resort (a huge luxury resort not far from our campsite). we hung out there for awhile (it rained a lot at night during our trip, so we hung out in resorts up until bedtime where we slept in our tent) and ate snacks at a counter service restaurant there.

the next morning, we ate a quick breakfast at the Trail's End Buffet (at the campgrounds). our server was great - we left him an enormous tip (50%). we drove to the airport and we had to give back our precious car, and flew home. my mom picked us up and took us to Chili's (veggie quesadillas for me and bean burger for matt) before dropping us back home.

i'd better go now - i'm going to pick up Kachina to go to Aunt Jean's party. i'll update later with some photos!
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