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Vampire Original, Hair Bows, Faces of Faery CANVASES, more!

Several items of news for you today! Firstly - a brand new original painting is available - a darling little Vampire girl - a 6x6" original painting up for sale on eBay now, bidding at a penny! Other news - my sister-in-law Sarah has begun to sell my official line of boutique bows and hair accessories up on Etsy - she's made them for our family for a long time and now is able to offer them to the rest of the world!

Also today -big news- after much prodding I have decided to release the #01 Hand Embellished Lt. Ed. Canvases for my Faces of Faery series - they (along with "Skeleton Magic") are up on eBay - I decided to start off with several of the Halloween themed ones - 'tis the season after all - and each is up for auction starting at a PENNY. These Faces of Faery canvas prints will come automatically wrapped on stretcher boards with a hanger on the back - 6"x6" squares just like the originals!!

New Vampire Original Painting - and New Hair Bows & Accessories!

The new original painting - number ONE HUNDRED and SEVENTY-FIVE (the one hundred-seventy-fifth painting in my series called "Faces of Faery". This is an ORIGINAL PAINTING (not a print of any kind). This is the 175th in the series. Faces of Faery all feature beautiful faery-inspired creatures, and she is no exception. This piece has an adorable little vampire girl - such soulful eyes - and a hint of blood at her pointy teeth..... This is the ORIGINAL ACRYLIC PAINTING - like all in my Faces of Faery series she is 6"x6" - an original acrylic painting on 2" deep cradled masonite panel - no framing needed - ready to hang! Bidding starts at just one penny, for a 10 day auction ending the evening of Wednesday, October 19th at 5:35 PM Central Time- see her here:

"Faces of Faery 175" ORIGINAL PAINTING is HERE

Open edition photo prints (signed by me on the back) will pop up soon in my assistant's Magical_Figurines Store on eBay Here

Next up - Boutique Hair Bows & Accessories!! I'm very excited about these! Firstly, let me introduce a new member of the team - my sister-in-law Sarah. Sarah is Matt's sister - I've known her since she was just a little girl! She has always been crafty, sewing, making all kinds of beautiful things - especially for other family members (in particular her daughter, my niece Cielo). As a rather grass-roots endeavour a long time in the making, Sarah has now opened up an Etsy store HERE to introduce one of my latest lines of merchandise - her handcrafted boutique bows, hair & other accessories - featuring my artwork of course! We've started with a line of unique bows - these are completely made by hand by Sarah herself (not store-bought, not mass-produced) and she puts a lot of work into them, topping them off with small reproductions of my paintings - they are so cute! Great for adults or children (over the age of three) alike. She just opened up shop and the bows are literally selling out very quickly, so definitely check them out asap:

Jasmine's Accessories at Sarah's Etsy Store are HERE

Sarah's store is called "It's Fun to be a Girl" and be sure to click the "ADD TO FAVORITES" link or bookmark her shop because we are developing a lot of new bows, bottlecap jewelry, other accessories that will be available soon! New to Etsy? You need to discover Etsy! It's a wonderful website full of artists and artisans who sell their own handmade creations - just go to Etsy.com to sign up - it's free and only takes a second.

"Faces of Faery" are now going to be available to the public as Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvas Prints!

New #01 Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvases...introducing Faces of Faery as canvas prints!

Since so many of you guys have been bugging me (no worries, it was something I meant to do but just hadn't gotten around to it yet) - YES I am now going to offer Faces of Faery in the Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvas print format. I've of course offered these upon demand over the years but had reserved the #01 canvases, holding them back for their public debut - and now is the time! There are of course many in the series, so I'm just starting with a few at a time. Since it is that time of year I've decided to start off with some of the more Halloween-y pieces.

Just like all my other Limited Edition canvas prints I offer online, these are each an edition of only 25 ever made, hand embellished by myself in acrylic paints, signed, dated, and numbered. The primary difference is that my Faces of Faery Lt. Ed. Canvases are a bit smaller - exactly the same 6"x6" square size as the original paintings themselves. Also with my Faces of Faery Lt. Ed. Canvases I will be automatically be offering them already wrapped on stretcher boards with a hanger on the back (with Faces of Faery canvases you won't have to ask - they will automatically be sold wrapped on the boards and with the hanger - about 1" deep profile). Each is the #01/25 first print of the edition, hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & numbered. Since Faces of Faery are all the exact same shape & size (6"x6" square) they are incredibly well suited to hanging in groupings - I've seen people do groupings of nine for example to make a larger square (looks very contemporary) or three in a row, or making them line the top of a door or a room - the decoration possibilities are endless with such a fun size & shape. This first batch of #01s is up on eBay now - each for a 10 day auction ending the evening of Tuesday, October 18th at 6:00 PM - 6:24 PM Central Time Click below to see them all!

Click HERE to see all of the new #01 Hand Embellished Limited Edition Faces of Faery Canvas Prints up on eBay!

In addition to the selection of Faces of Faery #01 Canvas Prints, I have also listed the #01 Lt. Ed. Hand Embellished Canvas Print for my new "Skeleton Magic" painting - she is 11"x14" and can be shipped either rolled up loose, or else wrapped upon stretcher boards with a hanger upon request - your preference - same size and free of charge.

"Skeleton Magic" 11x14" #01 Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvas Print is HERE

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