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Steampunk Statues: Mechanical Dragon Fairies, Saturday's Art Show ....

A very exciting update today - I'm introducing my new steampunk Mechanical Dragon Fairies! This is a brand new collection of figurines starting with my two new characters Victoria and Spindle (her little clockwork dragon). Possibly my favourite of all the Hamilton Collection series, this one is one of the most unique and detailed projects we've worked on so far. I can't wait to show her off! And YES - get your pre-orders in. The sooner you call, the quicker this will get out of test market and go into production with no backorders or long waits.

Also - a reminder to you Florida folks that THIS WEEKEND - Saturday night - is the September Celebration Art & Wine Stroll! I'll be there of course, with loads of artwork - it's absolutely free to attend and should be a lovely evening. You can bring your kids & pets too - stop by and say hi, and see some great art from tons of local artists! Right here along Market Street & Front Street in my hometown of Celebration, Florida (right across 192 from Disney World) from 6pm-10pm this Saturday the 24th - food & wine & art & music!

New Steampunk Statue Collection to pre-order: Jasmine's "Mechanical Dragon Fairies" figurines!

I'm very pleased to introduce Victoria and Spindle!

The Mechanical Dragon Fairies statue series begins with "Victoria and Spindle" $39.99 item #09-04824-001

Just call: 1-877-268-6638 tollfree and ask for Jasmine's "Mechanical Dragon Fairies" Collection: item #09-04824-001

This is only way to make sure you can reserve yours, ensure the success of the collection, and not have long crazy back-orders or delays, etc.

These are NOT yet available online or anywhere else, so telephone ONLY on these, this is a fans-only test-market, so it is now the time to get in on the pre-orders.

I think this new statue series is tied now for my FAVOURITE Hamilton Collection yet. I am so excited & proud of this series in particular, I hope you guys enjoy it too! Truly a collection after my own heart, there is a lot of "me" in this one! A truly detailed and unique series unlike any others I have done before. Steampunk, faeries, dragons - what's not to like? >^___^< This is the initial test market - here is the 3-d concept art (the finished statues will look even cooler, believe me!) so act ASAP if you want to get in on these, we suspect these might be one of those collections that goes quickly. You can pre-order today - Details below with all the important information about the series and the story behind it!

Just call: 1-877-268-6638 tollfree and ask for Jasmine's "Mechanical Dragon Fairies" Collection: item #09-04824-001

From Hamilton: "Welcome into Jasmine’s Mechanical Dragon Fairies’ workshop and meet “Victoria & Spindle,” the first pair in the collection. As you can see, they’ve formed quite a bond — as Victoria grabs her wrench to make a final adjustment to Spindle. Intricate handcrafting and hand-painting brings this steampunk duo to life. The exceptional details handcrafted and hand-painted into this brand-new figurine from Jasmine are simply remarkable — from the intricate “workings” of the dragon’s structure, complete with gears, flashings and fastenings, to the fairy’s riveted wings and retro goggles. Shiny metallic accents complete their early mechanical, steampunk style.
More beautiful steampunk fairies & their mechanical dragons are in the works! Reserve yours NOW to start the collection with "Victoria and Spindle"!

*"Victoria and Spindle" comes first, with more mechanical dragon fairies to come!

*Intricate mechanical/clockwork details

*Hand-painted with metallic accents, goggles & gears

*Only $39.99 for this amazingly detailed fairy/dragon statue

*Finely detailed at 4" high

*Great for anybody who loves steampunk, dragons, mechanics, faeries, fantasy, neo-Victorian gadgets, etc!

*Each hand painted and Limited Edition

*New awesome mechanical dragon/clockwork themed JBG - Jasmine Becket-Griffith remarque logo exclusively for this series!

*365 Day Guarantee

*Hand Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Just call:

1-877-268-6638 tollfree

- the ITEM NUMBER is 09-04824-001 - and ask for Jasmine Becket-Griffith's "Mechanical Dragon Fairies" statue collection beginning with "Victoria and Spindle"! Calling & pre-ordering now by phone will reserve your statues - you don't have to pay until they ship and you have had 30 days to evaluate them, with a 365-day guarantee!

This is a SNEAK PREVIEW and only fans who see this can pre-order now! These are not online or for sale anywhere else yet, you need to call by phone to reserve yours (no money now, of course!). . It's completely free to reserve by phone, they do not charge you until they've shipped your statue, and they have a 100% happiness guarantee (and very easy return policy if you are unhappy in any way). Zero risk to you =)

These are in pre-production, so if you want to be part of the initial test market - get your reservation in sometime this week if you can -these are Limited Edition!!

**Please note - I do not work for Hamilton Collection, nor do I stock the collectibles, ship them, nor do I have any inside info regarding orders placed, billing, shipping, timelines, policies, or ANYTHING like that. Basically I just do the original artwork that inspire the collectibles! SO - if you have questions regarding Hamilton policies, questions about your order, product info, shipping info, timelines, billing, availability, etc. - don't ask me, instead ask the customer service folks up at Bradford Exchange! You can call them at 1-877-268-6638. Or contact them through


If you have questions regarding non-US availability (Canada, UK, Australia - anywhere else in this great planet!) - please read:


Don't worry, I'm sure that as these go into production you'll be able to get them from the international outlets as well!

September 24th is the next Celebration Art & Wine Stroll

It's getting to be that time again! It's back! This September 24th is the next Celebration Art & Wine Stroll! I'll be at the next Celebration Art & Wine Stroll on September 24th! It's in my beautiful hometown of Celebration, Florida! It is Saturday night from 6:30-10:00pm. Right in the middle of town - "Downtown Celebration" right up and down and around Market Street, the lake, all the shops, bars and restaurants.

... ...FREE ADMISSION FOR ALL - I'll be there at my tent with an assortment of new original paintings, canvas prints, photo prints, merchandise (including my new Oracle of the Shapeshifters!) & books! Celebration is one of the most beautiful towns in the world, built and designed by the Walt Disney Company, and a great place to visit (and hey - it borders Walt Disney World property - can't beat that!). Probably around 30-60 artists, live music, great restaurants, wine available, palm trees - come out and see me!

Celebration is right off 192 by Disney, just MapQuest it or click on the links above. Then stay on Celebration Avenue and follow the signs to downtown Market Street! Can't miss! GPS Location: Celebration, Florida 701 Front Street 34747
While you're here, why not also stop by Downtown Disney across the street and see my exclusives at Pop Gallery and Hoypoloi Gallery - both at Downtown Disney West Side. So much Jasmine art in such a close area!

I will of course be happy to pose for pictures, sign anything you'd like to bring with you, chat about art & just hang out in a lovely setting. Come by & say hi!!

The show is SATURDAY September 24th from 6:00pm until 10:00pm. It is an evening/nighttime event.

Children are welcome! Dogs are too!

For more info, feel free to email me at JasmineToad@aol.com (for example if you'd like me to bring some specific prints you really want and I can have them set aside for you, etc. ahead of time!).

PLEASE NOTE: this is an OUTDOOR event, so it is contingent upon not having inclement weather (tropical storms, high winds, heavy rain, etc.) (we don't want soggy tents blowing away, with priceless artwork at the bottom of the lake, after all)
For loads of more info or to RSVP or to get maps, links, etc. visit my offical Celebration Art Stroll Event page at Facebook below:

Jasmine's Official Celebration Art Stroll September 2011 Event Page at Facebook

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