Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Stopping for the day/Random thoughts

Argh, I've waded through a ton of email, hehe. I started a new painting, painted for a little while on it and then I started getting "email guilt" where I know I need to answer everbody who took the time to email me and it starts making my belly hurt! I then proceeded to spend the next couple of hours doing that and kept meaning to get back to painting, but now it's late and I'm hungry. I apologize to all of you (well it looks like six of you) who stayed tuned to my forgotten webcam focused on my painting whilst I was answering email, lol. I know - you guys just thought that I was moving too fast for the webcam to capture my movement! Um, yeah. I'll be painting all weekend though - plenty of time to watch =)

I got my paintings up on eBay - and they already have some bids - that's a pleasant surprise for a Friday night! Fridays are always so dead on eBay it seems. I always make sure that my auctions don't end on a Friday or Saturday night - I did that a few times when I first started selling many years ago, and I had very bad luck. Hehe - I often forget that the weekends are when most folks leave their homes and go out. Since Matt works every weekend I've gotten used to being home working on those days.

I think I'll probably put away everything for the day now. I haven't had anything to eat all day. I think I will have some wine from my wine-in-a-box too. Actually, I'll wait for Matt to come home and see what he wants to do about food.

Daddy called this morning - apparently he and Robin are going on vacation (lol, I think that makes like 5 vacations since January) to South Dakota for a few days. After they get back he is going to help Matt fix up our apartment in preparation for our move. My dad is a painter (by trade - like houses and buildings and stuff, not art. But he is a very good artist too!) and he knows a lot about fixing walls that have had nails in them and that sort of thing. He's also going to help Matt paint our van - there are a few spots on it that need touching up.

Ok - I need to get away from the glow of my computer for at least a few minutes =)
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