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Jasmine's Dogtag Necklaces are BACK! New Original Autumn Chickadee....

Two items of news for you today! Firstly - a new original painting called "Autumn Chickadee." And secondly - DOGTAGS ARE BACK! Some of you will be over the moon about this - you may remember I used to have time to make loads of these and then as things started getting more busy for me I kinda put them on the back burner. No longer! My sister Amber and her husband Chris at our eBay store Magical_Figurines will be stocking and shipping all my dogtags! Yay! And guess what? We have tons of new designs and tons more are in the works, including those of my most recent paintings. Yay! More info below.

New Painting - Autumn Chickadee

Autumn Chickadee" is a lovely ORIGINAL PAINTING! It's been many years since I have done one of my "log slice" paintings, but I found thought it would rather suit my idea for an autumn fairy and her chickadee birdie friend - it turned out really pretty! She is painted on one of those log slices (environmentally selected) - a smooth wooden panel edged with its natural bark. Ready-to-hang (hanger on back) - she measures 12.5" high by 8.5" wide and 1" deep. (the panel itself is a naturally varying oval so those are approximate dimensions taken at the widest parts). She is available for purchase up for an auction on eBay starting at just ONE PENNY - a 10 day auction ending the evening of Saturday, September 24th at 7:27PM Central Time and you can see her with all the details & photos below:

"Autumn Chickadee" ORIGINAL PAINTING is HERE

To see my other CURRENTLY available original paintings (some for auction ending soon!) up at eBay, click HERE - Jasmine's Originals And to see my original paintings currently available at the Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney at the Walt Disney Resort here in Florida - click HERE - Jasmine's Gallery Originals

Dogtags are BACK! Yes, you can once again buy my dogtag/ID necklaces online - yay!

Yes - dogtags are back! And back to stay! As some of you may remember from years past, these tend to SELL OUT QUICKLY, so go grab them if you see one you want. Each is DOUBLE SIDE with two different pictures - be sure to click on the individual eBay listings to see which paintings are on the backsides of each necklace! Now - I realize that these are already starting to sell out as I am literally typing this. But don't worry if you miss out - we are making more RIGHT NOW and will be adding more all the time - new designs, too! Click HERE to see the currently available Dogtag Necklaces!

These are gorgeous METAL dogtags - the image is actually sublimated into the aluminum itself, so there is never any cracking, peeling, or fading - these are solidly aluminum with a nice glossy finish. No paper or plastic, but actual metal - waterproof and tough. They are the standard military/ID size: 2"x1.25" in size and DOUBLE SIDED - which means it is like getting two necklaces in one - completely reversible. For example "Portrait of Ophelia" is on one side, and "Microcosm: Fawn" is on the other side, but you only need to buy one necklace! =) Each listing up at eBay will clearly show which two images you get. We are adding more all the time, so be sure to FAVOURITE/BOOKMARK this link to check back every day to see what's new: Favourite/Bookmark This Link To Always See What's NEW!!

Since Matt & I have our hands too busy already with processing & shipping art prints & original paintings every day, our assistants Amber & Chris will be handling the orders, payments & shipping from our Midwest Shipping Location through our store Magical_Figurines on eBay. Amber is my sister, Chris is her husband - they are also our employees (and parents of baby Willow and Fox!). As always you can expect the same great service, packaging & fast shipping you get from my art prints/original painting eBay store (Strangeling) - but if you have questions about Dogtags or have special requests, etc. you will need to contact Chris directly at celpainting@hotmail.com since he'll be processing & shipping orders.

Figurines, Oracle Decks, Faces of Faery Prints & MORE

You can find a lot of other products of mine at our Magical_Figurines store now too - including SIGNED Oracle of the Shapeshifters Decks, Limited Edition Statues with signed CoAs, even the occasional signed ornaments & figurines, the exclusive Faces of Faery Prints, Limited Edition canvases and more. Click HERE to see everything at Magical_Figurines

Like with our usual eBay store, auctions usually start at just one penny! The only difference is that they ship out from our midwest location and Chris & Amber handle the processing & shipping. They always are also happy to ship worldwide! New stuff added DAILY!

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