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Happy Fairy Day! Strangeling.com UPDATED & 2012 Calendars!

Happy Fairy Day!!

After a few days of sitting at the computer (blah!) - strangeling.com has been updated! I've added 20-30 NEW prints, including all the pieces from my Alchemy Unleashed show, and many new pieces such as "Alice in Fragonard's Swing," "Wicked Witch and Glinda," "Zeus and Europa" - dozens more!

And in other news my 2012 calendar is now available to order/pre-order! It is my very first ever published calendar and I am insanely proud of it. It's available as 12"x12" wall calendars as well as 5"x3.5" Pocket Calendars too. Priced at only $11.16 at Amazon for the wall calendars and only $7.95 for the pocket calendars - can't be beat!

Strangeling.com has been updated!

Yes - after a few months of time slipping away from me, I finally got around to updating the print galleries at Strangeling.com with the new prints! There are 25-30 new pieces in all! Open edition glossy prints are available on ALL of my new paintings, many are also up on in the Lt. Ed. Canvas format directly at strangeling.com, and those that are Pop Gallery Exclusives have information available to contact Pop Gallery in case you want Lt. Ed.s or Canvases of those. And there are Zazzle links for the prints that also are concurrently at Zazzle, for big posters, etc. So no matter what you're looking for - it should be up there now at strangeling.com!

To browse through the print galleries at the site, just click below (or go to strangeling.com and click on the GALLERY tab on your left)

Print Galleries at Strangeling.com

I have also put a page together that is a one-stop-shop to track down my currently available original paintings (whether they're on eBay or at Pop Gallery) - the perfect page to bookmark/favourite and check in on now and then if you're in the market for an original:

click HERE - Jasmine's Originals Page at strangeling.com

For those who have questions about Pop Gallery Exclusives - I have put up a new page that has an FAQ about that:

FAQ About Pop Gallery Exclusives & Editions

And the page about Pop Gallery in general is here:

Jasmine & Pop Gallery

I think that is mostly all the new stuff I added....except for...my new calendars! More below!

Jasmine's 2012 Calendars

For the first time ever, I have an actual published calendar! In the past I've always just made them myself with Zazzle, etc. but this year I actually have a published calendar with the publishers Brush Dance. I just got mine in the mail and it is beyond gorgeous!! 12"x12" is the wall calendar and on Amazon right now you can pre-order it for only $11.16. - Awesome deal! To read more about the calendar or to order or for other info on the calendars, click below:

Jasmine's 2011 Calendar is HERE

Extra cool too is that they have a pocket sized / appointment book sized version of the 2012 calendar too! And it's only $7.95!

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