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New Zeus & Europa Original! New Faces of Faery, Spotlight on The Raven....

Today I have two new original paintings to show you! One is a large framed new painting inspired by Greek mythology called "Zeus and Europa" and is absolutely lovely!
The other is the latest in my Faces of Faery - #159 - an original painting featuring a blonde fairy with a rare smile.... and both pieces are up on eBay NOW!

Also today - Spotlight on the Ravens! With this new segment I'm showing off actual photographs of various Hamilton Collection statues - including upcoming issues - to see the actual statues themselves, today's collection shows many of pieces from my "Once Upon a Midnight Dreary".

"Zeus and Europa" Original Painting & "Faces of Faery #159" Original Painting

I've always loved the story of Zeus & Europa, and since it's been portrayed throughout the centuries (millennia even) in many forms of artwork, I thought I'd like to paint my own! Zeus (the god) fell in love with a Phoenician beauty named Europa. So - he does the sensible thing, turning himself into a bull and tricking her into sit on his back so that he could run into the sea and seduce her (but of course!). I went with a painting with a more sweet version reminiscent of the Rococo depictions. Also, I think cows are beautiful when decorated with flowers You can see it with all the lovely detail photos below. This is the ORIGINAL ACRYLIC PAINTING and yes it is FRAMED - and what a GORGEOUS oval frame - antique finish - framed it measures 22.5" wide by 18.5" tall - an original acrylic painting on masonite panel - all ready to hang - the frame really sets off the beautiful piece!
"Zeus and Europa" is up in my eBay store where it will remain until purchased, or else brought to one of my upcoming art shows - so if you are interested, definitely snap her up now:


If the original painting is not in your budget, no worries - the prints & posters are already up for sale on Zazzle! All sizes from 11x14 ($13.90) all the way up to 65"x52" and you can even add on custom framing, matting, etc. or just have her as a poster! You can see her below:

"Zeus and Europa" Prints & Posters are HERE

"Faces of Faery #159" is the other lovely original painting I have to show you today! This is an ORIGINAL PAINTING (not a print of any kind). This is the 159th in the series. Faces of Faery all feature beautiful faery-inspired creatures, and she is no exception. Rather rare for one of my faeries - this beauty has a bit of a smile on her face! She is an original acrylic painting on a 6"x6" masonite panel with 2" deep gallery cradling - ready to hang - no framing needed - hanger is already on the back and the sides are painted a glossy black! She's up on eBay starting at ONE PENNY for a 10-day auction ending the evening of 10-day Friday, June 3rd at 5:29PM Central Time and you can see her below:

"Faces of Faery #159" ORIGINAL PAINTING is HERE

To see my other CURRENTLY available original paintings (some for auction ending soon!) up at eBay, click HERE - Jasmine's Originals

Also you can see my currently available original paintings at Pop Gallery Orlando at Downtown Disney® at the Walt Disney World Resort® in person, or on their website here:

Jasmine's Exclusive Original Paintings at Pop Gallery are HERE

You can purchase my artwork from Pop Gallery via telephone (407)827-8200 or also via email: popgallery@mac.com or of course in person - they're open 365 days a year, just hop on down to Disney World!

Spotlight on the RAVEN!

Now it's time for..... Spotlight on the Raven!

Since typically the Hamilton Collection only shows the first issue in a collection (and often just the concept/ad art, rather than the actual photos!) of many of my figurines online or in ads, I thought it might be a good idea to "show off" what the actual statues & further issues in a series actually look like! I plan on doing this from time to time, both to inform and also just to provide additional eye candy.

Today I'd like to spotlight one of my series that have already gone into production - some of you may already have some of these of your own at home, but here are the first several statues from my "Once Upon a Midnight Dreary" Collection! These are inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe poem, "The Raven." Each comes with a parchment scroll featuring the poem, and each statue is titled after a different line in the poem. One of my favourite series so far! Again - these are available to the public already and these are actual photos of the Limited Edition finished pieces that the public receives (I took these photos myself around my house).

If you live in the US you can order the whole collection by CLICKING HERE at the Bradford Exchange Website

Or if you'd like to buy them one by one, or if you live outside the USA, you can order from The Realm! They will literally ship ANYWHERE in the world! Click HERE to see my figurines at The Realm (there are a lot of them, including all of these Ravens!)

The first of the Ravens is "Once Upon a Midnight Dreary":

The second of the Ravens is "Darkness There and Nothing More":

The third of the Ravens is "The Whispered Word, 'Lenore!'":

The fourth of the Ravens is "Perched and Sat and Nothing More":

(Pssst - the original painting of "Perched and Sat and Nothing More" is currently available up at eBay HERE!

The fifth of the Ravens is "Meaning of Nevermore":

The sixth of the Ravens is "Forget the Lost Lenore":

The seventh of the Ravens is "Sign of Parting":

The eighth of the Ravens is "Quoth the Raven":

Again - you can order the entire collection at the Bradford Exchange website (they send you a new one each month!) - the statue collection is availaible immediately through the Hamilton Collection's website here:

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary Collection

Basically the collection starts with Once Upon a Midnight Dreary, and then each month you get a new Raven statue in the mail - only $24.99 each (cancel at any time).

(As you can see, they still just have the computer virtual ad drawing on the website, but the actual statues are those in the photos I've posted here!). It's one of my favourite collections so far!

Or Click HERE to see my figurines at The Realm if you live outside the US
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