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eBay SALE, Zazzle SALE, new stuff coming to Pop Gallery!

Today's newsletter is aimed at the bargain-hunters. Firstly - I'm running a 3-DAY-ONLY eBay sale on prints for some of my newest paintings! Only $9.99! In addition on eBay I have special 5-pack sets of my "Alchemical Angels" - all 5 prints together in one set. Secondly - Zazzle also happens to be running a sale on prints & posters. So if you have been holding off on buying one of your favourites, between the eBay sale & the Zazzle sale, I should have you covered!

eBay SALE prints & Alchemical Angels Sale Set

This is pretty cool - ALL FIVE of my "Alchemical Angels" series - the complete set of all five prints - only $50 right now on sale at eBay! Yes, you get one of each 8x10" print all together. They look great displayed together or individually - lovely little sisters!

Alchemical Angels FULL SET of 5 is HERE!

Now - for THREE DAYS ONLY - I also have several of my other new paintings up as Sale prints on eBay! $9.99 for the small prints, $20 for the large prints. Alice in a Brueghel Vision, Water Elementals, Wicked Witch and Glinda, Amara and the Book, Backyard Birds, I Vampiri: Lucrezia Borgia - all on sale right now! Again, this sale ends in three days, so get your ordering done early.

To see all of the SALE prints up on eBay, Click HERE!

Again - see them all & just Click HERE!

Prefer the original paintings themselves? To see my other CURRENTLY available original paintings (some for auction ending soon!) up at eBay, click HERE - Jasmine's Originals

Zazzle Poster Sale - also More New Stuff at Pop Gallery in Downtown Disney®

At the same time - Zazzle is running a 12% off sale on all my posters & prints up in my Zazzle store! So - if you are looking for larger posters or images I don't have on sale on eBay, definitely check out my Zazzle poster store HERE and enter Coupon Code: POSTERSALE12 when checking out, you'll get an automatic 12% off!

More New Stuff at Pop Gallery in Downtown Disney®

Some of you local and/or visiting folks may have noticed that things are selling out quickly at Pop Gallery. Never fear though - we are re-stocking tomorrow with a ton of new artwork - including a new painting I will debuting there probably this weekend! So if you are in the area and want something fun to do this weekend, definitely head over to Downtown Disney West Side® and visit the Pop Gallery. (Ahem - we are right next to the AMC theatre and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN ON STRANGER TIDES is coming out this weekend, in case you forgot!).

All the news & info can be found in the new Pop Gallery section of my website - just CLICK HERE!

Pop Gallery is now my venue for the occasional special original painting, higher end "fine art" large limited editions, special events & signings, and Gallery Exclusives.

Pop Gallery is open EVERY DAY ALL DAY - 365 days a year (even Christmas!). Their hours are:

Sunday - Thursday: 10:30 am - 11:00 pm

Friday - Saturday: 10:30 am - 12:00 am

Admission is FREE at Downtown Disney® and to the gallery - no tickets needed - absolutely free to come & look! Also... parking is FREE too! Just park in Downtown Disney's parking lot and head towards West Side. Again - WEST SIDE (it's a big place!)

Questions for Pop Gallery? Wanna buy something from them but live too far away? Just call them at (407)827-8200 - they ship anywhere in the world!

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