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Jasmine's I Vampiri Original Auction, New ACEOs, New at Pop Gallery!

Let me see - several items of news for you today! Firstly - my original painting "I Vampiri: Angelo della Morte" is up for an auction at eBay, starting at just a penny! She may be of particular note to collectors because of her publication history - she has been selected to appear in the book "Spectrum 18" best of fantastic art, and also she is currently gracing the back cover of Gothic Beauty Magazine. Here's your chance to own the actual original painting (in a gorgeous gothic altarpiece frame by Matt). In other news - I have a ton of brand new ACEO cards up on eBay - one of a kind trading card sized pieces of art - some paintings you have never seen before. And in more news - Matt has just dropped off a bunch of NEW artworks of mine at the Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney® (the new physical home for my artwork!) - if you're not doing anything else this weekend definitely stop by and see - a lot of fine art items of mine that are exclusive to Pop Gallery - available nowhere else in the world (also Disney is doing their "Cars" weekend right in front of it - it's pretty cool!).

Up For Auction - "I Vampiri" Angelo della Morte"

Please note: This painting may be of particular importance to collectors as it was selected to appear in the book "Spectrum 18" - the best in fantasy art! It also graces the back cover of the current issue of Gothic Beauty Magazine! "I Vampiri: Angelo della Morte" is the title - and it's another fun collaboration between me & my husband Matt. The seventh in my series of paintings called "I Vampiri " (which is Italian for The Vampires) - a new line of paintings that feature vampire beauties inspired by Italian Baroque & Renaissance themes and aesthetics (many of which I have been hired to create for my upcoming Vampire Tarot/Oracle Deck). This seventh painting is called "I Vampiri: Angelo della Morte" (which means "Angel of Death" in Italian) a beautiful, slightly creepy, but very stately painting. Referencing icons such as Petrus Christus (though not Italian, helped introduce many integral aspects of renaissance painting to Italy). The bones in this piece are made up of various critters, with eerily lifelike eyes.... The frame makes this piece particularly cool - a gothic altarpiece panel style with delicate tracery - the frame was cut & carved by my lovely husband Matt - with a golden finish. Then the painting itself is an original acrylic painting on a masonite panel - it is a very unique shape and it is HUGE - framed it is 42" high by 19" wide, and about an inch thick, very proud of this one! Matt has added a hanger on the back, so it is READY TO HANG! She is up for a 10 day auction starting at one penny ending the evening of Tuesday, May 24th at 6:06PM Central Time here:

I Vampiri: Angelo della Morte 42"x19" ORIGINAL PAINTING AUCTION is HERE

I Vampiri: Angelo della Morte 42"x19" ORIGINAL PAINTING

Good news though - I have the PRINTS & POSTERS for Angelo della Morte up on Zazzle now too, starting at $13.90. You can see them below:

"I Vampiri: Angelo della Morte" posters & prints, etc. HERE

To see my other CURRENTLY available original paintings (some for auction ending soon!) up at eBay, click HERE - Jasmine's Originals

New ACEO Cards up on eBay now! New stuff at Pop Gallery!

New ACEO Cards

Next up on eBay - each starting at just one penny - my new ACEO Cards! For more information on what ACEO cards are, please refer to the auction =) Basically they are tiny trading card-sized one of a kind canvases made from my original paintings that I have hand embellished in acrylic paints, signed, dated, and numbered #1/1. And yes - that means I only ever make ONE ACEO card of each, truly one of a kind! There are EIGHT new ACEO cards up on eBay now - Amara and the Book, Daydreams and Frogs, Backyard Birds, Faces of Faery #155 (big purple eyes!), Serena (you have probably never seen her before!!!), Alice in a Brueghel Vision, Faces of Faery #156 (a silver haired beauty), Little Dolphin Fish! The ACEO cards are up for 10 day auctions also ending the evening of Sunday, May 22nd between 6:00pm - 6:21pm Central Time. Click below to see them all!

Click HERE to see all of the new ACEO Cards up on eBay!

New Jasmine art at Pop Gallery in Downtown Disney®

Since you guys keep buying stuff, we've been making a lot of new things to put up Pop Gallery here at Downtown Disney® - Matt has just dropped off a lot of new stuff!

As I announced a few days ago, am very pleased to announce that I am now at Pop Gallery here at Downtown Disney®! I have always wanted to have a gallery that is open all day, every day, that features my artwork - both for local Floridians as well as for all of you who come to vacation or visit at Disney World®! From now on you will be able to come see my artwork in person - original paintings that are available NOWHERE else, huge gallery-wrapped fine art canvases and even Limited Edition hand embellished giclees thare are completely exclusive to Pop Gallery! And yes, they have a champagne bar!

We've just added the giant new Limited Editions (about 4x times larger and twice as deep as my usual canvases you've seen before) of "Daydreams and Frogs" - a Pop Gallery Exclusive - they look phenomenal, and I have have painted a special unique buttterfly on each and every one.

All the news & info can be found in the new Pop Gallery section of my website - just CLICK HERE!

Pop Gallery is open EVERY DAY ALL DAY - 365 days a year (even Christmas!). Their hours are:

Sunday - Thursday: 10:30 am - 11:00 pm

Friday - Saturday: 10:30 am - 12:00 am

Now - I already have art hanging up now - you could go there today - they are open LATE every night! Check it out! This weekend they're having a special "Cars" event at Downtown Disney so if you're not doing anything else today, bring the kids - the weather should be good! =)

Pop Gallery is located at Downtown Disney®, right here in the Walt Disney World Resort® in Orlando, Florida! Specifically, it is on Downtown Disney's West Side (ie, the side by House of Blues & Cirque du Soleil). We are RIGHT next to the AMC Theatres and right across from Wolfgang Puck's Restaurant - you can't miss it! Just look at any of the posted Disney maps at Downtown Disney or resort brochures if you need help!. Supervised children are welcome, and encouraged! If you are staying at a Disney Resort or anywhere on Disney property, just take Disney Transportation/buses to Downtown Disney's® West Side stop.

Admission is FREE at Downtown Disney® and to the gallery - no tickets needed - absolutely free to come & look! Also... parking is FREE too! Just park in Downtown Disney's parking lot and head towards West Side. Again - WEST SIDE (it's a big place!)

Questions for Pop Gallery? Wanna buy something from them but live too far away? Just call them at (407)827-8200 - they ship anywhere in the world!
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