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New Backyard Birds Painting - also WIN AN ORIGINAL PAINTING - New Contest

I hope you like the new, much easier-to-read email update format today! You may need to change your email browser to "display images" if you are unable to see the pictures.

Two items of news for you today! Firstly - a brand new original painting is available called "Backyard Birds" - a bird fairy! Secondly - yes, as promised - I am GIVING AWAY AN ORIGINAL PAINTING in a new contest! Yes, absolutely free - I am giving away a small painting called "Eyes of Midnight" - details & entry form are below.

"Backyard Birds" is the title - I have been striving to make my backyard a very nice habitat for wild birds (and am succeeding immensely!), they bring so much joy to my life. Sometimes I think some of the most "common" birds are so beautiful and often overlooked, so I decided to honour them with this painting. A cardinal, a blue jay, a nuthatch, a sparrow and a chickadee! And a fairy friend - of course! You can see it with all the lovely detail photos below. This is the ORIGINAL ACRYLIC PAINTING and yes it is FRAMED - a lovely ornate resin frame very reminiscent of woods & bark colour - naturey - framed it measures 19" wide by 16" tall - an original acrylic painting on masonite panel - all ready to hang - the frame really sets off the beautiful piece. All ready to hang! Original acrylic painting masonite with a lovely frame which suits the theme of the painting very nicely! Matt has added a hanger on the back, so it is READY TO HANG! "Backyard Birds" is up for sale in my eBay store where it will remain until purchased or brought to my next art show (so if you want it, grab it soon!)-
you can see her below:


And yes - I have the PRINTS & POSTERS for Backyard Birds up on Zazzle now too, from little $13.90 small prints up to huge 45" big prints. You can see them below:

Backyard Birds posters & prints, etc. HERE

To see my other CURRENTLY available original paintings (some for auction ending soon!) up at eBay, click HERE - Jasmine's Originals

Yes - the rumours are true - I'm giving away an original painting!

Her name is "Eyes of Midnight" and she is an actual original acrylic painting on masonite, with a dainty little frame measuring 4"x5". She can be hung on the wall, or stood up on a desk/mantlepiece (easel back as well!).

It is very simple to enter the contest - winner is chosen by a random number generator! The contest will run until midnight next Sunday (at 11:55pm, Sunday May 8th). There is only ONE entry allowed per person! However...... if you are one of my Facebook Fans, you automatically get entered TWICE. So - if you are already a fan of my Facebook page - after you enter, we will enter you again automatically! BUT if you are not yet a fan of my Facebook page - never fear - all you need to do is CLICK HERE and once you are at my Facebook page click the "Like" button at the top, and voila - you will now double your chances at winning the original painting!

CLICK HERE and then click "Like" to become a fan!

To enter the Contest, simply CLICK HERE

Or go to strangeling.com and click the link under news on the main page! There are a few simple questions (be sure to give me your email address when filling out the form - that is how I will contact you!) and then hit "Submit" - you are now entered! (And entered twice automatically if you are a Fan of my Facebook page!).
Again, to enter the Contest, simply CLICK HERE

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