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Amara & The Book - New Original - Grimm's Fairytales Village - Alchemical Angel IV

Tonight I have a brand new original painting for sale featuring my "Amara" character! This painting will appear in an upcoming book with short stories, and is very lovely. Also tonight I have "Alchemical Angel IV" to show you, as well as a brand new "Grimm's Fairytales Village" statue collection from Hawthorne Village (and it's already available to order online!). Neat stuff!

The first painting is "Amara and the Book" - Amara returns! This is a very special painting, as she's going to be featured in an upcoming book of short stories. This is a portrait of Amara, a Polynesian / Hawaiian type of fairy creature - also known as a Menehune - Amara is a name meaning "Paradise". Here she is in the tropical forest, tiki gods blazing, with a sacred book.... you'll have to wait until the story is published before you'll know what's in there! This is the original 12"x16" acrylic painting on 2" deep craded masonite, ready to HANG! She is up for an auction starting at ONE PENNY for the original painting - a ten day auction ending Saturday, April 30 at 5:34PM Central Time. You can see the original painting with closeup details, etc. below:

"Amara and the Book" ORIGINAL PAINTING

You can see "Amara and the Book" with details, closeups & order prints, etc. on ZAZZLE HERE

The second painting is "Alchemical Angel IV" - another piece that sold at my show, but luckily I scanned it in and have prints, etc. available. The fourth in my series of paintings called "Alchemical Angels" - this is Alchemical Angel IV. This divine spirit clutches the ornate Philosopher's Egg to her, imbued with an All Seeing Eye.
You can see Alchemical Angel IV with details, closeups & order prints, etc. HERE

To see my other CURRENTLY available original paintings (some for auction ending soon!) up at eBay, click HERE - Jasmine's Originals

I'm very pleased to present - "Jasmine Becket-Griffith's Enchanted Grimm's Fairy Tales Village Collection"

Item Number: # 917587 Available online NOW! (and by phone)- click below to order/reserve yours:

Grimm's Fairy Tales Village ONLINE at BradfordExchange.com

A fairy tale village inspired by my artwork! I don't yet have the finished photos, but - don't be dismayed - the good folks at Hawthorne Village have ALREADY made this available for pre-order/reservation today! So you can get your reservation in and be among the very first people in line to get yours (ie, the earlier you get in, the less likely you are to be on those looong back-order waitlists, or to miss out on the limited edition entirely).

So - look at the illustration above, and use your imagination ;)

This is a COLLECTIBLE VILLAGE! Introducing the "Jasmine Becket-Griffith Enchanted Grimm's Fairy Tales Village Collection" collection - featuring my characters in an adorable Hawthorne Village setting:

"Slip inside the magical world of The Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s Enchanted Grimm’s Fairy Tales Collection, available only from Hawthorne Village. Hand-painted illuminated sculptures, hand-crafted with such fine detail— it MUST be magic! Beginning with the Premiere Edition, “Little Red Riding Hood,” each issue in this exclusive collection, inspired by the art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith, features a fully sculpted, hand-painted fairy tale heroine posed in front of an illuminated cottage. Peek inside that cottage and see something special, such as other characters from each fairy tale and more—illuminated to add a magical glow to your collection.
You won’t want to wait for “Happily Ever After!” Don’t miss a single story in The Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s Enchanted Grimm’s Fairy Tales Collection—order your collection today!"

Order online HERE

Or simply CALL TOLL-FREE and ask for Jasmine Becket-Griffith's "Enchanted Grimm's Fairy Tales Village Collection" - the Item Number is # 917587


As I mentioned - these are available for pre-order/pre-production reservations. What does this mean? It means that if you think that you would be interested in collecting my Enchanted Grimm's Fairy Tales Village, you can put your reservation in NOW, right away, without paying ANY money, just to make sure that you will have reserved yours ahead of time and you won't miss out. And if you change your mind later, it is very easy to cancel, and with their 100% guarantee you can even send yours back (gasp!) for a full refund if you aren't completely thrilled. So it's definitely a "NO RISK" sort of reservation.

As this is still in the works, I do not have a lot of the item specifics yet for my little village. Obviously I, as the concept artist and character designer, know what all I've approved and what will be coming down the road, sketches, etc. - but as far as product specifics, timeline, etc. - you will need to check with the Hawthorne Village/ Collectibles Today people with questions. Here is what I know so far:

*6.5"-7" high

*each has a fairytale theme - first is Red Riding Hood - next installment is Snow White!

*These are illuminated - that means they "light up"!

*Each sculpted edition features a favorite fairy tale heroine in front of a “peek-inside” cottage with a detailed interior & exterior

*There may be up to 20 different issues in this village, but you can just order one, or pick & choose which ones you want to keep/send back, etc.

*When put together, the buildings will make a wonderful fairytale village specifically scaled to be shown as a set (or individually).

*Each issue is only $39.99 - and you can do it in Two Installments of $20 if you prefer!

*Pre-ordering is starting now it is in pre-production, you can reserve yours NOW and you will NOT be charged any money until your first Village issue has actually shipped!

* As always there is a 365-day guarantee on these, guaranteeing your 100% satisfaction. You can cancel at any time and they have a very easy return policy if you aren't 100% happy.
These are in pre-production, so if you want to be part of the initial test market - get your reserveration in!! These are Limited Edition!!

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