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"Moon Phases" & "Alchemical Seas" New ORIGINAL paintings unveiled! UK Fan news too!

Hi everyone!

Thank you to all who came to my gallery show "Alchemy Unleashed" last night! You guys made it a smashing success! I sold 17 of the new original paintings there at the show, but as promised over the next weeks I will be offering the remainders for sale online as well as showing you the paintings you missed out on - I'll be sure to have prints available for them all. Tonight I have TWO NEW original paintings to show you - one is a gorgeous framed original painting up on eBay now called "Moon Phases" (prints up on Zazzle, original painting auction starts at just one penny!) and then one of the other Alchemy showpieces - "Alchemical Seas"! (The original of Alchemical Seas sold at the show itself, but I have prints up now!). Also - good news for my UK fans - at the bottom of this email! ;)

Also - I've posted some photos from the show last night up in my Facebook, definitely check them out (in the "photos" section):

Photos from Jasmine's Show are up at Facebook

All right, the first new original painting! ""Moon Phases" is one of the centerpiece paintings I created for my first gallery show - Alchemy Unleashed! The original painting itself is available now for those of you who weren't able to come out to the show - she really is a lovely painting! Part of the collection focusing on mystical/alchemy themes, this celestial beauty is surrounded by the phases of the moon while she peers from the heavens. In alchemy and other magic, moon phases often dictated the development of various processes and powers. This piece was painted on a round, circular panel which accented the moon/rotation feel of the theme. My own original acrylic painting (the moons are done in metallic gold). She is already FRAMED and measures 16" in a very unique golden circular frame about 2" deep. Matt has added a hanger on the back, so it is READY TO HANG! It truly can be the focus of any room. She is up for an auction starting at just ONE PENNY ending the evning of Wednesday, April 20th at 6:00 PM Central Time - you can see the original piece below here:


I'm making the "Moon Phases" prints available NOW on Zazzle - If the original isn't in your budget, grab one of these! All sizes from 11" ($13.90) all the way up to 54" can be found below:

"Moon Phases" Prints & Posters are HERE

And one more for tonight - the majestic "Alchemical Seas" is another one of the centerpiece paintings I created for the show last night. The original painting itself SOLD there at the show, but luckily I scanned her in and have prints, etc. available. A sea maiden with the spirits of sea monsters (inspired by ancient maps) and classical dolphin fish - she carries the Staff of Mercury as well as a jeweled globe symbolizing the Earth, as the sun streams behind her! Again, the original painting itself sold at the gallery, but I have prints & posters available - All sizes from 11x14 ($13.90) all the way up to 52"x77" and you can even add on custom framing, matting, etc. or just have her as a poster! You can see her below:

"Alchemical Seas" - brand new painting HERE

To see any other original paintings of mine (and I will be adding many more soon!!), just click below::

Currently Available Original Paintings are HERE

Also - my brother-in-law Chris over at Magical_Figurines has yet more wonderful auctions up - all starting at a penny - for some unique limited edition Jasmine collectibles, hand embellished stretched canvas prints, my Ashton-Drake dolls & more! In addition - he has the COMPLETE SET of my Bradford Exchange Plates (including the gorgeous sculptural rose frame holder) up for auction and he ships ALL OVER THE WORLD! Very nice and extremely new stuff up right now - check everything out at Magical_Figurines here:

New Stuff (figurines, dolls, collector plates) at Magical_Figurines

And finally - for my UK fans - Paul over at StrangelingUK has now added a printshop where you can order my posters & prints with tons of framing other options - very nicely done - huge selection - right there in the UK! Not only that, he is offering free shipping in the UK for orders over £30 , and for the rest of April you can enter coupon code FACE10J and get 10% off! - Paul is a great guy and does a great job, definitely check it all out

StrangelingUK.com (Just click on the PrintShop!)

Until next time...

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