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Jasmine's New Original for Japan Charity Relief, new ACEO cards, Shows!

Hi everyone!

I have a new original painting to show you today - it is a 100% CHARITY auction up for Earthquake/Tsunami Relief in Japan. In addition I have simultaenously listed the ACEO card of the same painting, also at a 100% charity auction. Both start at a penny! I have some other great ACEO cards up now too! Mostly this week I'm getting ready for MegaCon this weekend - hope to see some of you there!

One quick head's up too - for the past few weeks and the next few weeks, you may notice I haven't been sending out mailing updates for a lot of my new original paintings. Reason being - most of them are "secret" pieces, dozens of them actually, that I will be debuting at my upcoming shows this month. Don't worry, you will get to see them all after the shows have all passed, I won't forget my online fans! In fact - if you are curious - I have been posting a lot of Work-In-Progress sneak peeks of many of the show debut original paintings up at my Facebook page - just look through my photos here & choose the "Jasmine's Works in Progress" album) and stay tuned for more:

Jasmine's Facebook - Works in Progress, more!

Firstly - YES I'm definitely going to be at MegaCon this year, same booth as always - #812 - 20 feet long - all of me & my artwork! I'll have a new I Vampiri original painting as well as original Faces of Faery pieces, other originals, canvas prints, and tons of other prints of all shapes & sizes (from just $3.00). I will also have copies of all four of my books, my Oracle of Shadows & Light deck, and lots of new Hamilton Collection statues for you to see & buy in person! MegaCon is in Orlando, Florida and starts this Friday the 25th - through Sunday the 27th. I'll be there all day every day, ready to sign whatever you bring or buy, and I just might be painting, too. Come say hi! To read more about MegaCon visit:

All About MegaCon

I actually have art shows EACH weekend for the next three weeks (phew!) - MegaCon in Orlando this weekend, then the Celebration Spring Art Festival here in Celebration next weekend (April 2-3) and finally my very first gallery show - Alchemy Unleashed - on April 9th at Cloudspace in Orlando. To see more about these and other upcoming art shows visit:

Jasmine's Upcoming Shows

Now - the new original painting - ***100% of ALL money goes directly to Japan's earthquake/tsunami relief via "Hands On Tokyo" through eBay's MissionFish Program. Every single penny.*** This is a lovely little springtime/ Easter scene with a glorious ornate egg and a very cute little bunny. With a fairy friend (of course!). Now that eBay has set up a way for us to do charity auctions to help out folks in Japan, I have decided that 100% of all money raised from this painting will go directly to Hands On Tokyo for earthquake/tsunami relief. So - bid high and help them out! (And get a cute painting, of course!). Like all of my Faces of Faery she is 6" high by 6" wide, on gallery-cradled masonite that is 2" deep - sides are painted black - no need for a frame - ready to hang! And yes - this original painting starts at just ONE PENNY up for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Monday, March 28th at 6:00 PM Central Time - you can see the original piece below here:

"Faces of Faery 150" ORIGINAL PAINTING 6"x6" 100% CHARITY AUCTION

To see all of my currently available original paintings, some ending soon, CLICK HERE!

I have decided to also simultaneously auction off the ACEO card version of the same painting, also with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Japan's relief effort through Hands On Tokyo. To see the ACEO card of "Faces of Faery 150" - click below:

"Faces of Faery 150" ACEO CARD

Now for the other new ACEOs - for more info about ACEO cards, how I make them & what they are (basically tiny hand embellished one of a kind canvas prints, trading card sized and highly collectable), consult the individual auction descriptions - they are each one of a kind, hand-painted with accents by me, the artist, and are awesome! All are each starting at a penny, with no reserve for ten-day auctions ending on the evening of Thursday, March 31st at 6:00PM- 6:12 PM Central Time

To see them ALL together !

To see them ALL together visit the ACEO section of my store HERE!

Or individually:

"Faces of Faery 147" ACEO (this was a custom painting you haven't seen - a Bride/wedding themed fairy!)

"Angel with Emeralds" ACEO

"Faces of Faery 148" ACEO (she is the one with cute little Daffodils!)

"Faces of Faery 149" ACEO (the one with Snowie and her Snowy Owl)

Also - be sure to check up at my brother-in-law/assistant Chris' eBay store - Magical_Figurines - he has some stretched canvas prints, new Hamilton Collection figurines, and other limited edition items (all either signed by me or with certificates signed by me) - Chris always has these physically at his house, no back-orders, no waiting. All auctions on eBay starting at just ONE PENNY - click below to see:

New Stuff at Magical_Figurines


Until next time...


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