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Daffodil Fairy Painting, Red Maple, Irish/St. Patrick's Day Collection, Mushrooms & more!

Hi everyone!

Two paintings up for auction today (a daffodil Faces of Faery original and the FRAMED original of "Red Maple Fairy" both up for a penny) as well as TWO new figurine collections to tell you about - "A Wee Bit of Luck" - Irish/St. Patrick's theme with Leprechauns - and also "Legend of the Mushroom Fairies" - a collection with fairies & different mushrooms!

Also if the links do not appear to be clickable, simply copy & paste the full link text into the URL field of your browser!

All righty! Since I need to open up some wall space for the pieces I'll be showing at this spring's art shows, I've decided to put up the ORIGINAL FRAMED "Red Maple Fairy" for auction - starting at just a penny! Part of my "Flowers" series, this lovely big eyed fairy portrait is accented with beautiful red maple leaves! There are also some of the red flowers that pop up occasionally on maple trees, and those little seed pod doo-dads that flutter down (we used to call them "helicopters"). A nice autumn-y feel to this one. You can see her with all the lovely detail photos below. This is the ORIGINAL ACRYLIC PAINTING and yes she is FRAMED - framed she measures 19" high by 16" wide - an original acrylic painting on masonite panel - all ready to hang - the frame is RESIN with a dark woodsy-ish finish reminiscent of wood & autumn leaves that really sets off the beautiful piece. She's up on eBay starting at ONE PENNY for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Tuesday, March 15th at 6:12 PM Central Time :


Next up is the new original painting - Faces of Faery #148 - having just visited the Flower & Garden Festival yesterday, I came home wanting to paint flowers! This cutie is slightly grumpy about being discovered hiding amongst the daffodils....She is on GALLERY STYLE CRADLED MASONITE - 6"x6" in size (like all Faces of Faery) - Matt has added a hanger on the back, so it is READY TO HANG! No frame needed! She's up on eBay starting at ONE PENNY for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Saturday, March 13th at 6:51 PM Central Time :

"Faces of Faery #148" Daffodil Fairy ORIGINAL PAINTING

To see all of my currently available original paintings, some ending very soon - click below:

All Jasmine's Originals Up For Sale

And now for my new figurine collection projects! The first one has a St. Patrick's Day feel to it - "A Wee Bit of Luck" - from the Bradford Exchange - I'm excited that I'm able to promote this one seeing as St. Patrick's Day is coming up! Being part Irish myself, hehe, I have a soft spot for this type of thing. This series is absolutely ADORABLE and features all the shamrocks & leprechauns & emeralds you could possibly want! Vibrant greens and pots of gold, and LUCK aplenty. I'm rather obsessed with tokens & charms for good luck, and the good luck really shines in this new series. These are from the Bradford Exchange - "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" (of course!) is the first issue in the new collection - if you look in the image above you'll also see a sneak preview of the second issue concept art - "My Lucky Charm" (so cute). The little leprechaun guy will make a return appearance (Matt thinks that he's the leprechaun, and I'm the fairy, hehe). Lovely statues, about 4.5" high and only $24.99 each. To see the pictures of the new figurine, all the details about the new collection, and ordering info - check it out here:

Jasmine's "A Wee Bit of Luck" Figurine Collection HERE

To pre-order the collection, just call: 1-877-268-6638 tollfree and ask for the "Jasmine's "A Wee Bit of Luck" Collection, starting with "Kiss Me, I'm Irish!" - the Item Number is: 01-13326-001. This is a fan-only preview ONLY available currently by phone (be sure to have the item number handy!).

The next new collection features the "Legend of the Mushroom Fairies" - What is more perfect than fairies with mushrooms? I can hardly see a mushroom in the wild without thinking of fairies.... These are from the Hamilton Collection - "Faylinn" is the first issue in the new collection - these are really lovely and quite different than a lot of my collections, with elaborate bases of mushrooms. Elbows comfortably propped on a mushroom cap, “Faylinn” gazes at you curiously with her wide, lavender eyes. The mushrooms are gorgeous and sparkly (highly magical no doubt, DON'T EAT THESE!).

Lovely statues, she is laying on her belly with her little feet kicking up behind her - about 3.5" high - and only $29.99 each. You can see "Legend of the Mushroom Fairies" first statue here:

Jasmine's Legend fo the Mushroom Fairies Collection

And again, these are a fan-only pre-order so you will need to order by phone to reserve yours (be sure to have the item number!)- the ITEM NUMBER is 09-04549-001 or ask for Jasmine Becket-Griffith's "Legend of the Mushroom Fairies" statue collection! The first statue is named "Faylinn!".

Until next time...

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