Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

A brief update

Let me see - right now I'm preparing a layout sketch for my "Snow White" painting that I will probably begin painting tomorrow. I've been reading the Grimm's Fairy Tale and looking online about assorted interpretations for inspiration. I want to do a very detailed piece, so it will probably be a 14"x18" at least!

I'm almost finished with a new little painting called "Jade" which features an adorable fairy (each time I look at her I think "Damn, that is too cute!") with a Chinese flavour to her. She has a little cheongsam outfit on, too cute! I only need maybe an hour or so left to finish her.

Amber is coming to pick me up in a few minutes to take me to my mother's place so Kachina, her and I can work on preparations for her bridal shower! After that we are going to Kachina's house for the evening. I probably won't get any more painting done until tomorrow afternoon after I go to the post office and stuff.

I am debating on what to show in my "Snow White" painting. I might end up doing a few different paintings. I'd like to do a nice forest-y one showing the cottage (without it looking too Thomas Kinkade, lol). I'd also like to do a scary one with the old Hag, and the apple, or maybe something with the box that the hunter fellow is supposed to bring her Snow White's heart in. I want it cute, but a little gothic. I love the Disney version, but I don't want it to reflect that so much. Any suggestions?

I'm also thinking about my new Alice in Wonderland (or perhaps Through the Looking Glass)piece - I can't decide which scene to show next. There are so many I'd like to paint! Does anybody have any favourite scenes or characters?

Hehe, I'd better get back before Amber shows up. I did wade through all of my email this morning, so I did something productive!
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